3Cvape Sahara RDA Review – An RDA with an Upside-Down Deck

3Cvape Sahara RDA

3Cvape Sahara RDA Review

The 3Cvape Sahara RDA is the latest RDA from the vape manufacturer 3Cvape. It is a 24 mm RDA which features a two-piece top cap design and an interesting upside-down deck.  It’s available in 2 colors; Silver/acrylic and Black/ultem. Now let’s dive in a little bit deeper and find out more about this vape device!

3Cvape Sahara RDA
3Cvape Sahara RDA

3Cvape Sahara RDA Specs

  • 24mm Diameter
  • 4mm Deep Juice Wells
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • U-Shaped Two-Post Build Deck
  • Side Secured via Phillips Screws
  • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
  • Dedicated Airflow Tank Section – Acrylic or ULTEM
  • Four (4) Downward Sloping Fully Closable Air Holes Per Side – 2mm per Hole
  • Double O-Ring Internally Locked & Sealed Tank
  • 810 Wide Bore Resin Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated BF Squonk Pin
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection

3Cvape Sahara RDA Packaging List

  • Sahara 24mm BF RDA
  • 810 Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Spare Parts Pack
  • Gold-Plated Bottom Feed Pin
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Build Deck and Wicking

3Cvape Sahara RDA
3Cvape Sahara RDA

Let’s talk about the build deck now. I’d call it an upside down postless deck where you don’t need to precut leads. That’s essentially how it works. It’s a 2 post deck that’s built up high and your coils go in upside down from most RTAs where the leads face upwards.

Each lead gets its own screw and coils that can be installed one at a time. When you are done it’s easy to clip the excess leads off the top as well. It’s extremely easy to build on the deck. Just place your coil to the height you want it and screw in the leads then clip the excess.

The deck and airflow with it do leave very limited options though as far as coils size. You also can’t position the coils either much so I recommend using a 3mm max. You have limited wraps as well with the negative and positive being very close together but it’s more room than the Engine 2 RTA deck due to being an RDA and not an RTA so it’s slightly bigger.

The post screws are a good enough quality flat head/phillips combo screw though and better than the ones on the Engine 2 RTA. Overall a slightly improved version of the Engine 2 RTA deck.

Wicking on it is quite easy. It’s an RDA so nothing fancy just drop your leads to the bottom.

3Cvape Sahara RDA Performance

3Cvape Sahara RDA
3Cvape Sahara RDA

I used it as a Dual Coil RDA only as intended, no way to really run a single coil effectively anyway. I ran 4 builds in this a fancy 3mm ID builds, a fancy 3.5 mm ID build, a fancy 4mm ID build and 1 simple round 3mm ID build.

For size, I found it worked best with the 3mm ID. The 4mm ID was a really tight squeeze and due to the deck, you can’t really get air under it well as you can’t raise up the coil so I’d stick to 3mm ID personally and as many wraps as you can fit comfortably in it.

The flavor isn’t much with a simple round build and still just mediocre at best with a fancy build. Overall not a bad performer but pretty mediocre and outclassed by many other RDAs on the market currently and very build limited.

Overall Impressions on 3Cvape Sahara RDA

3Cvape Sahara RDALet’s talk about the airflow now. It has side airflow with 4 good sized round holes angled down on each side that you close off by spinning the top part of the top cap as it’s a 2 piece top cap. Here is where they fixed an issue with the Phobia 2 through. The Phobia 2 didn’t allow for much adjustment but the Sahara allows you to close off 1 hole at a time so well done there and how the Phobia 2 should have been.

The top cap o-rings are good and it’s easy to pop off and on both parts of it. There is also a stopper so it lines up the air and locks the bottom part into place like the Phobia 2 should have been and it’s easy to screw on and off your mod as well.

3Cvape Sahara RDA
3Cvape Sahara RDA

It comes with 1 standard 810 friction fit drip tip which on the black one I have is an Ultem one with a metal ring on it. The SS version has a clear PMMA looking one from the pics. It also worked well with other 810 tips I’ve tried including friction fit ones and o-ring ones as well so you should be able to use others you have with no issues. It does not come with a 510 adapter so no 510 option unless you already have an adapter. The drip tip fits very well in the RDA.

Overall Impressions on 3Cvape Sahara RDA Continued

The quality of the 3cvape Sahara RDA is quite nice as well. The o-rings for the top cap onto the base feel right and the top cap is snug but not tight. Very easy to take apart with no issues. The AFC is easy to adjust on or off a mod even with nothing for grip and the o-rings fit just right and everything is nicely done. The top cap does lock into place so also easy to get on and off mods. The post screws are good quality as well and 4 spare screws are included all are flathead/Phillips combo screws. It comes with a standard 510 pin and a BF 510 pin like most RDAs these days as well.

3Cvape Sahara RDA
3Cvape Sahara RDA

The juice well is a good size. Not massive but pretty large. The over squonk protection and over drip protection is pretty good. The side airflow is high enough up that it doesn’t cause any issues leaking when dripping or squonking. I only used it as a dripper as I’m not currently working on a review for any squonk mods but I did put it on a squonk mod just to test it real quick and it worked well.

As a dripper, you can drip right down the drip tip without taking off the top cap. You can basically flood the coils and it won’t leak in normal usage since the coils sit low and the airflow is higher up but be careful not to because nobody likes to vape a coil sitting in e-juice.

It’s a 24mm diameter so should not overhang on most mods on the market today. There is plenty of spare o-rings and 4 spare post screws for it, 1 screwdriver, no 510 tip adapter, no coils, and no cotton, however. Pretty bare amount of accessories which was a little disappointing. They should have included a 510 tip or an extra 810 tip as well as a 510 adapter.

3Cvape Sahara RDA Pros & Cons 


  • Standard 810 tip
  • Standard 510 pin and squonk pin included
  • Plenty of spare o-rings
  • Good quality flathead/Phillips combo screws post screws
  • Good over squonk protection
  • Works well as a dripper or squonker
  • Build deck is easy to build on
  • Nice size juice well
  • Good build quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Top cap locks into place
  • AFC easy to adjust


  • No included coils or cotton
  • Only 1 tip included
  • Lack of standard accessories
  • Flavor is mediocre
  • Lack of color options

3Cvape Sahara RDA Video Review 


So do I recommend this 3Cvape Sahara RDA? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, but this one will lean towards the no. It’s a shame since their first two atomizers were really good but now they took a deck I didn’t like and paired it with the design of a good RDA but missed a lot of what made the Phobia 2 good and the flavor isn’t very good either.

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