5 Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

5 Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes in 2019

There are a lot of E-Cigs out there and you might be confused about the best and which one would suit you. We have come up with a list of best E-Cigs that have gained the trust of vapers and have remained in the business because they have been satisfying their customers.

5 Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019
Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

Before we dive into the best E-Cigs, let’s clarify any questions regarding the component of a standard E-Cig. We intend to get both the beginner and expert educated in the product they plan to use.

Parts of E-cig

They’re usually made up of four parts: the mouthpiece, the cartridge, the battery, and a heating substance. So, it is normal and expected to see these parts in an E-Cig, though, they all vary regarding battery strength and design appearance.

So, you have found it difficult to choose which E-Cig to use? The disposable E-Cig and gas station E-Cig has gained fame among most vapers, and they have attracted new users more than ever. The e-cigs are rolling out, with each brand trying to keep itself relevant in the market by making sure that customer satisfaction is a top priority.

We would be sharing the specs and features of the best e-cigs that would remain relevant in the market, come 2019.

Here Are Five Best E-Cigs for 2019

1. XVX APEX Starter Kit   

Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019
Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

The design layout of this product is clean and superb. It comes with a clearomizer of 0.5 ohms made for an optimal vaping experience.

This is awesomely designed by the manufacturer, focusing on flavors and cloud production. It has a tank capacity of 1.6 ml and you are sure to get two pieces of clearomizers when you purchase this product.

This e-cig, which is entirely reliable, comes with a battery of 1100 mAh capacity that can give you up to 1300 puffs, making it better than most e-cig product.

It is easy to use and has a single button click. Although you cannot regulate the temperature, it guarantees continuous heating, ensuring a longer life, which is as a result of the two clearomizers. This products has a TPD compliment and gives you great vapor.

2. Vape ONE II 40W Starter Kit

Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019
Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

This kit is neatly designed and can be carried anywhere comfortably. The features of this kit is made to fit the vaper that wants the best out of his/her purchased product.

It is very light, compact and can be carried while you are doing something else. Just place it in your pocket.

The battery capacity is 1600 mAh. Ensuring a long vaping period: a day for a stealth vaper, and several hours for a chain vaper.

The coil, which is 0.3hm in capacity, is made to give awesome clouds and flavors that would suit you.

The powerful battery of this product fits tightly to the tank. This makes it easier to operate and maintain. It is a product that would last longer and serve you well. And because of the 12 months warranty on it, you can be sure to ask for a replacement if any issues comes up. This e-cig product is affordable and can be filled, easily.

3. Vapour2 Standard Starter Pack

Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019
Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

With the occasional oil leakage that is common with many e-cigs, this starter pack guarantees a vaping experience with no fear of leakage.

This starter kit, which is a cig-alike electronic cigarette, comes with two batteries, a manual battery, and an automatic battery. It also comes with a charger and a wall adapter.

This brand has won the heart of most vapers and has a universal appeal.

It has awesome flavor verities: a collection of 5 flavors with two cartridges or two sets with six cartridges each.

Although this e-cig brand is one of the most expensive c-cig in the market, the overall performance of the package is worth every penny. It would be a good choice for any vaper that doesn’t mind spending big for good product.

The quality is top-notch, a perfect functionality and customer satisfaction is at the peak.

4. Vapour2 EX Series Starter Pack

Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019
Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

This pack comes with two batteries that you can choose from: a manual battery and an automatic battery. So you can either go for the manual or the automatic, depending on your choice. But if you are already using the manual battery, we would suggest that you keep using it.

It is mind mind-blowing to know that this brand is designed to prevent any occurrence of leakage. Thus, there is the airtight seal, which prevents oil leakage.

This pack is one of the best e-cig brands and would give you a long vaping session, which is secured by the presence of a reliable battery that works perfectly with the tank to provide you with a vaping period of 400 puffs. This gives the best experience when compared to other brands out there.

5. Social E-cig Starter Kit

5 Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019
5 Best E-Cigs & Electronic Cigarettes 2019

This is the last e-cig brand on our list. But it does not mean that it is of lesser importance, in terms of its design, and overall functionality.

This E-cig kit is one of the best, yet cheap, e-cigs, and would remain so in 2019. It focuses on ease and it is lightweight: it is easy to use and can be carried anywhere, because of its portability.

It has just one battery- the V3i automatic battery, which is 65 mm in size. The battery can last you for close to 2 hours when fully charged, and can be charged with it battery charger, easily.

The mouthpiece of the social e-cig starter kit is transparent and it has color bungs that can be used to change the looks of the kit.

The cartomizer and battery are refillable, can be charged efficiently, and the e-liquids can be used at any other times that suits you. And ensure that you don’t use a high VG mix because this e-cig is not meant for hard vaping.

It is user-friendly and provides many customizable options. This product would be an excellent option for beginners.


We advise that you take your time to browse through our best e-cigs list: this would ensure that you make an informed decision.

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