5 innovations that might change vaping in 2018

Subohm tanks for 2 flavours, news modes to achieve better flavour and flat coils could change the way we vape

5 innovations that might change vaping in 2018

If you like vaping, then you possibly know that vape manufacturers launch loads of new products every year. There are so many it’s difficult to catch up… But let’s face it, only those vape products that are really innovative normally hit the shelves of most vape shops. In this article, I would like to take a guess and list 5 vape innovations that well might become trendy in 2018.

1. Replay Mode, the TC Mode Killer

You possibly know Evolv for their DNA chips. What you possibly did not know yet is that they are about to release a new technology called Replay Mode. “We want to launch a very simple technology that simplifies everything”, says Brandon, the owner of Evolv. This technology allows you to save that one tasty puff you wish you always would get and replay it over and over. Users simply have to press a button when they find the one. “We decided to head in a direction that will preserve the flavor. Only 10% of Evolv users are actually using temperature control and we wondered why… We’ve got 2 answers: Juice doesn’t taste right and temperature control is fiddly”, concludes Brandon. The Replay mode simplifies the temperature control mode for everyone and “keeps the flavor exactly the same as the last puff. So whatever puff you save, it looks at different parameters and it takes over”

2. Diamond-Shaped and Honeycomb Mods

New textures and shapes are the keys for a successful good-looking mod. If black resin mods were hot as hell in 2017 (the Voopoo Drag is a good example of it), then I would say that honeycomb resin mods will be the next hit. Wismec just launched a BF mod using this beautiful pattern and I would say many other manufacturers will fly to it like bees to honey!

5 innovations that might change vaping in 2018Textures make mods sexy. But shapes give them that special personality we are after. If you already own some mods, then you are possibly like me and you are trying to find something different from the conventional square and cylinder shapes. This is possibly what IJOY had in mind when they came up with the Diamond PD270. Yes, I know… It does not look very practical but this design is certainly liked by many.

IJOY Diamond PD2703. Vaping Accessories for Squonk Mods

Squonk Genius

The squonk mod fever hit really hard in 2017. Squeezing e-juice into your RDA has something that most advanced vapers can’t resist! Some vape manufacturers noticed it and they are already developing vape accessories for squonk mods. This is the case of the Squonk Genius, an accessory to turn any mod into a squonker. I am not sure if we can list this adapter as a trendy vape innovation, but I am certain vape manufacturers will develop more accessories for squonking in 2018.

4. Two Flavour Tanks & Radial Coils

Do you remember those 5 color pens we used to have back in the school? With a simple click, those pens used to let us switch between different colours. How handy is that! Well, that’s the idea behind the Qtank Gyrate, an innovative tank that allows you to switch between 2 different flavors with just one click. Let’s be honest, this subohm tank looks a bit tacky, but the concept might appeal to many vapers. Vaping the same flavour all day long can get so boring. I don’t feel like vaping the same juice when I have my first coffee in the morning than in the evening when I am having a cheeky drink. Some vape manufacturers have identified this trend and will head in this direction to keep working on this innovative idea. We will see more tanks with dual or even triple flavors in 2018!

Another vape innovation that will have a great future is radial coils. Aspire launched at the beginning of 2018 the Revvo Tank, the first subohm tank that uses a flat coil. This technology is already being used by other vape manufacturers such as Ample. They just launched the Mace Tank, a subohm tank with disc-shape coils. I have the feeling that the future of sub ohm tanks will go in this direction as flat or disc coil heads expand the heating element hence providing a bigger and more stable surface to vaporize e-liquid. Those who tested this type of coil already know that it does not only produce bigger clouds but also outstanding flavour. And that’s what really matters!

5. Nicotine Salt Liquids and Pod Mods

Nicotine salt is not completely new but I think this year it will increase its popularity thanks to pod mods, the perfect device for vaping this type of e-juice. This form of nicotine is the same that is found in tobacco leaves, and it provides a closer experience to nicotine delivery in regular cigarettes.

Nicotine salt e-liquid brings a very fulfilling vape experience and reduces the harsher throat hit of freebase nicotine. At higher concentrations, the feeling of satisfaction is achieved more efficiently. In addition, users save money as they don’t have to pull the vape so often. Pod mods are very easy to use, discreet and affordable. Both nicotine salt and pod mods are the perfect couple. I am sure we will see them the most in 2018.

Alfonso Melero

Content creator and marketer. Originally from Spain, I lived a few years in Scotland and China where I started to work for the vaping industry. Vaping is not only a profession for me but also a passion. I quit smoking thanks to vaping almost 3 years ago. I helped many smokers to switch to vaping since as I am convinced vaping is a much healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.