8 Craziest Vape Devices

8 Craziest Vape Devices You Cannot Afford to Miss

8 Craziest Vape Devices

Have you ever thought to yourself how cool it would be if your replica light sabre could also double as a vape? Or if only your mod had 24 x 18650 batteries so you could jump start your car with it… So maybe you haven’t, but there are a couple of companies out there that have and the mods are as crazy as they sound. We’ve compiled a list of the 8 Craziest Vape Devices.

These devices are on this list because the idea alone is just crazy, the craftsmanship is like no other, or the cost leaves you scratching your head. Let’s get to it and have a look the 8 Craziest Vape Devices.

1. Dewalt Box – By 252 Box Mods

This is a crazy box mod from 252 Box Mods. They are known for their custom made box mods. This Dewalt Box Mod is powered by 24 x 18650 Batteries! Price information is not available as their work is all custom. If this is a device you might be interested in, you should try to contact 252 Box Mods direct to discuss your custom vape project. There’s got to be enough juice in this mod to jump start a car! Certified crazy.

2. The Deviate – By Madvapes

This crazy looking mod is from Madvapes. The mod has a strong Sci-Fi inspiration which is reminiscent of the Alien movies. The body is powder coated Zinc and it is powered by a DNA40 chipset. The results are incredible. It’s just a gorgeous looking mod and some of the details of the body are just wild. The battery door how it swings down is like the door on a spaceship. These mods were going for $249.99 USD when they came out. You still might be able to find one if you’re lucky.

3. Revolt 18650 – By Phi Mods

8 Craziest Vape Devices You Cannot Afford to MissThis mod is crazy beautiful. The Revolt 18650 is made by Phi Mods. It’s a mechanical mod custom crafted with the customers choice of metal and wood finishes. You can also choose custom engraving, add add diamonds to it and even 18K Gold! You can tell by looking at it that a lot of time and work goes into making this gorgeous mod. This mod goes for $2,800 Euro’s.

4. World Dragon – By Raksasamods

8 Craziest Vape Devices You Cannot Afford to MissThis mod by Raksasamods from Bali is hand crafted by master carver Tegal. Each piece is hand carved from stabilized wood from Bali. The detail that he is able to accomplish in this mod is crazy! It looks like something that should be in a museum and not vaped. The mod is powered by a DNA75 chip and these sell for $750 USD.

5. Sofia by Shisha Sticks 

8 Craziest Vape Devices You Cannot Afford to MissThis vape makes the list for it’s ridiculous price tag. This vape pen is manufactured by the UK company Shisha Sticks costs £550,000. The vape pen is encrusted with 246 two-carat crystal diamonds, features a 24K gold button, hand blown Italian glass and a 6 carat diamond on the base. Crazy town!

This came out a number of years ago and it doesn’t look like the producer Shisha Sticks is even in business anymore. I’m guessing there wasn’t a market for an almost million dollar vape.

6. Megavape by OVT 

This vape in this video is a DIY posted from the youtube channel OVT. They do a lot of crafts and DIY’s on their channel. This Mega Vape is made from a hodge podge of household items to make a Massive Cloud Chucking device.

After seeing how this thing was built you would have to be crazy to try vaping it. This thing is certified crazy dangerous. I’d be so worried of it exploding or catching fire. 

7. Gang Mod by Fumi Vapor

8 Craziest Vape Devices You Cannot Afford to MissThis vape mod is produced by Fumi Vapor and is called the Gang Mod.
It’s a mod that doubles as a set of brass knuckles. The mod looks crazy! Its an 80W VV/VW box mod powered by 1 x 18650. Ergonomically I can see this thing feeling pretty comfortable but I would fear getting arrested while using it.

8. Lightsaber Vape

8 Craziest Vape Devices You Cannot Afford to MissThis custom mod appears to be a replica Darth Vader lightsaber that someone has converted into a vape mod. I wasn’t able to find any more information on who built it. From the numerous forum posts on it, it sounds like it is a one off and not for sale. It’s crazy that someone would take a collectible like this lightsaber and turn it into a vape mod.

I hope you enjoyed the Crazy Vapes from this list. Do you know of any vapes that would be worthy of the Craziest Vape Devices list? Comment below and share your choice for Craziest Vape Devices.

Vapor Mike

My name is Mike Cardeno. I started vaping back in 2010 and have never touched a cigarettes since. I started using 810 devices, to 510’s, eGo’s, Nautilus etc. to the current offerings of Subtanks and RDA’s. I love how far the industry has come and look forward to what’s in the future for vaping. I enjoy collecting new devices and writing reviews to give my feedback on some of the newest gear.