Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank

I’m back with another review today. This time we are gonna be taking a look at the new Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank. Advken made the very popular Manta RTA. Now they have taken that platform and created a sub-ohm version. Let’s break it down and see how it vapes.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank Specs

  • Size: 24mm x 45.7mm (Tips Included)
  • Tube Size: 13mm x 30mm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Coil Head: Mesh Coil (0.16Ω/0.2Ω)
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel & Resin & Pyrex Glass
  • Color options: Black, SS
  • Thread: 510 Thread

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank

Advken Manta Contents List

  • Manta Tank
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • Spare Mesh Coil Head
  • Bag of Spare O-rings
  • Wiping Cloth

So the Advken Manta Sub-Ohm tank comes in a very nice box. Some people don’t care about packaging but it shows more attention to detail to me and I appreciate it.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm TankThe box comes with a nice sleeve around it that blue with a little honeycomb graphics and a Manta on the front. Slide that off and you have a nice black box with a magnet flap on the front. I love magnet flaps, lol.

Once you open that, your o-rings and wiping cloth accessories are sitting on top and below that is your Manta Sub-Ohm tank, an extra iridescent bubble glass in case you don’t like the resin bubble glass. An extra mesh coil is also beside the spare glass.

The Manta Sub-Ohm Tank

The first thing you’ll notice about this Sub-Ohm tank is the very unique bubble glass. It is short and super wide. It’s also made of resin and matches the drip tip perfectly. The glass being wider allows the tank to be shorter but it’s a 24mm tank that sticks out, so I’m guessing 28mm with that glass.

The drip tip is 810/Goon style meaning the top cap has an embedded o-ring that holds the drip tip in place. The top has a cool knurled design and a marking on one side that you push to side the cap open to refill.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm TankThe top cap has a nice resistance to it and doesn’t feel like it could open on its own in your pocket. Moving downwards you can select the resin tank that matches the drip tip or the iridescent glass tank, both being the same capacity and holding 5ml of e-juice.

A 0.16-ohm coil mesh coil comes pre-installed and the spare is a 0.20-ohm mesh coil. They seem to be the standard size that the majority of Sub-Ohm tank coil is right now.

On the base, you have two airflow holes and the airflow adjustment ring has three holes on each side instead of the usual one hole. So, instead of making the airflow hole the size you want to adjust the amount of airflow, you select between three, two or one hole on each side. The very bottom says Advken, Manta Tank.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank Performance

So, in using the Advken Manta Sub-Ohm tank I’ve found the Advken mesh coils produce plenty of flavor and great vapor production. Nothing wrong with the coils at all.

Using the top fill is easy and I like the amount of resistance that holds it closed. The first problem I encountered is the resin glass. Don’t get me wrong, I think the tank and drip tip are well made and beautiful but I had trouble seeing my liquid level in the tank. Even holding it up to the light I couldn’t tell. I had times when I thought it was empty, started filling it and juice ran out. I had times when I thought it had juice and I got a dry hit.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm TankLuckily, I can detect hot dry hits and stopped before I fried the coil. As beautiful as that tank section is, you gotta vape at your own risk of not knowing the amount of juice in the tank. I was surprised at how impossible it is to see through it. You can use the iridescent glass and it fixes the issue but the resin tank and tip look great together.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank Continued

The tank has large amounts of airflow wide open which is good because you can dial it down where you want. Problem with that is turbulent noise that happens every time you vape. It’s not quite a whistle but turbulent noise. The airflow was wide open so I went to cut the airflow down and see if it got smooth.

You have to twist the airflow ring counter-clockwise to reduce the airflow and every time I tried, it would unscrew the tank before the airflow ring would spin. This may loosen up over time but for me, I had to screw the tank off my mod, adjust it then screw it back on.

With three holes or two holes on each side, I was getting the turbulent sounds and figure it was the posts that separate the holes. So, I expected with only one hole on each side the sound would go away. That was not the case. The sound changed but, it didn’t go away, unfortunately.

Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank Video Review


So, I’ve used the Advken Manta Sub-Ohm tank extensively and despite its slick looks, that tank section makes it about impossible to determine your level of liquid in the tank. I overfilled it thinking it was empty and got dry hits when I thought I had juice in the tank.

It has a spare glass but it just doesn’t look as cool as that sweet resin tank matching that drip tip. The coils produce great flavor and vapor. Also, the coils seem pretty durable because I got it very dry a few different times and once I put juice in it, it tastes fine.

I really wanted this tank to work out because it looks so unique and beautiful with its resin tank and perfectly matching drip tip but the airflow ring, noisy airflow and hard to monitor juice levels make it too much trouble for me.

Thanks for reading everyone. I really appreciate it. The Advken Manta RTA was a very popular powerhouse of an RTA but I wish a little more design had gone into the Advken Manta Sub-Ohm tank. I liked the outside design but while using the tank, I encountered a few issues that would be enough to drive me crazy on a daily basis.

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