Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Review

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Review

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Introduction

A sub-ohm tank with a difference? Once I started using RDAs, I wasn’t particularly fussed when it came to sub-ohm tanks as I believe the better flavour came directly from an RDA until I used Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank. This sub-ohm tank along with 2 other well-known brands is using the new radial coil heads…flat coil heads to you and me.

Ample has released this feature as it’s believed the wider surface area of the coil head will produce better flavour and vapour production. They weren’t wrong. The first inhale was smooth with the flavours mixed in. The vapour production was ample and almost immediately I was satisfied. I inhaled a few more times and from there on I used this continuously for almost 2 weeks straight. The bottom of the deck does get warm when you over vape but this is to be expected with the coil head being so small.

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Review

The radial coil heads come in 2 variations which are unique in themselves:

AHC- Ample Hive Coil

ADC- Ample Dish Coil

Breakdown and Wattage for Each Coil Variation:

The AHC coil comes in 2 versions – F1 – 0.24-0.3ohm and the S1 – 0.18-0.23ohm average specs. The ADC coil comes in 2 versions the F1 – 0.27-0.32 and the S1 – 0.15-0.2ohm. You get the ADC and AHC F1 versions in the box.

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Packaging List

  • Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank
  • ADC-F1 coil head (pre-installed)
  • AHC-F1 coil
  • Extra glass
  • Extendable connector for the larger glass

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Review

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Color Variation

  • Black (the one I have)
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Rainbow

Now I have the black version which also comes with eye-catching yellow seals within the tank which in itself sets the tank off nice with the yellow 810 drip tip. The other colour variations are eye-catching and really do stand out well.

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Specs

  • Constructed from Stainless Steel
  • Height 37mm
  • Width 24mm
  • Juice Capacity 2ml and 4.5ml with the extra glass
  • Radial coil system ( flat coil heads )
  • Top fill

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Coil Situ

Changing the coil heads is easy, situated at the base of the tank. As Ample beliefs and I quote; “there is less distance for the electricity to travel and therefore more efficient power use.” The coil heads themselves are held in place by a domed flat head gold plated screw. Twist this out and the coil comes away from the base = easy.

Now although 2 other brands have used these coil heads. The coils simply didn’t last long enough for me. I used this with a 70/30 e-juice for 9 days and then the coil burnt out. If this managed 14 days, I would have been happy. As this managed just over a week, this was a let down for me.

Breakdown of and cleaning of this tank is easy. Twist and unscrew and each piece pops out. Coil head change as discussed above is a little pain but this isn’t difficult providing you have the tools with you.

The price point for this Ample Mace Sub-ohm tank is fair as discussed below.

Who would I recommend this to? All vapers is the answer. New to the scene and you will have a lovely experience using this. Experienced vapers alike will enjoy this refreshing change from an RDA as this does produce flavour and you can chase the clouds with this beauty.

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Pros and Cons

Price point, I’ve seen this between £26-£35 which for a sub-ohm tank is pretty reasonable. I don’t mind paying for quality. The tank is built-well, definitely one that will last you. The coil heads weren’t lasting long enough for me. Change the coil heads while you’re out and about is no problem with this tank especially as not many people carry screwdrivers around. This makes the Mace unique. Other tanks have either push fit or twist in coils.

Ample Mace Sub-ohm Tank Video Review

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