Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MOD Review

This Dolphin is a BEAST!

Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MOD Review

Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MOD Intro

Hello and welcome back to another review with Travis from OverDoseVapes! Today we are looking at the hard-hitting, high wattage Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MOD. I have to say that going into this review I did not expect much from the Arctic Dolphin, I figured we would just be looking at another run of the mill high wattage dual battery box mod. No frills, no thrills, however, almost immediately after powering up I realized that this little box was full of surprises.

What is it?

The Arctic Dolphin is a new regulated mod that runs on dual 18650 battery cells and can output up to 210 watts of power! It can operate in variable wattage mode between 5-210 watts with a resistance range of 0.06-2.5. It also operates in Bypass mode giving the full power of both batteries straight to your atomizer! Of course last but not least the Arctic Dolphin features fully functional Temperature Control settings that allow you to use nickel, stainless steel and titanium wire coils to keep the temp from 200–650℉ / 95–345℃.

Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MODArctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MOD

Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W Specifications:

Dimensions: 91 x 54 x 25mm
Temperature Range: 200–650℉ / 95–345℃
Wattage Range: 5–210W
Resistance Range: 0.06-2.5ohm(BYPASS/VW), 0.06-1.0ohm(TC)
Screen: 0.96-inch OLED
Max Output Current: 45A
Batteries Type: 2 x 18650 battery
Thread: 510 thread

Is that a Dolphin in Your Pocket?!

I have been using the Arctic Dolphin every day for the last couple weeks and I have to say that I am very impressed with this device! Of course it is not perfect but it’s pros far outweigh any cons that it may have, bear in mind that this is coming from a guy that very rarely chooses to use regulated mods, favoring unregulated mechanical mods normally. However this Arctic Dolphin is no average regulated mod, it is responsive, powerful, comfortable and rugged.


This mod hits hard! Really hard. Surprisingly hard. I am not sure exactly what the deal is with this but it is absolutely giving you every bit of the power it promises. When I have it set at 150 watts I know I am getting a rock steady 150 watts. It is responsive as well, it doesn’t suffer from the delay that I associate with regulated devices. When I press the extremely comfortable and well placed button I am getting power delivered to my coils immediately. Most regulated mods that I have used have a noticeable delay from the moment I press the fire button to the actual delivery of power. Its a frustrating problem inherent with regulation that has kept me on mech mods over the years. The different modes function flawlessly and are easily accessed with three clicks of the fire button. Temp control works well and was quite a robust vape experience at moderate temps all while throttling back when needed to keep the cotton safe from dry hits. Bypass mode is absolutely beast with eight volts pumping direct to your atomizer!

Like I was saying before I really enjoy the design, placement and materials of the buttons. They are tactile and give good feedback without being obnoxious which is actually fairly uncommon in today’s marketplace. The screen is bright and clear, easy to read and understand. The menu is simple yet gives you lots of options and tons of information. It feels good in the hand. It has that sturdy well built feel to it and I enjoy using it.

Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MOD ReviewArctic Dolphin ALFA 210W TC Box MOD


So I only have a few complaints here, they are all pretty minor except one but even that is not a deal killer. First problem is that I just personally do not care for the resin side panel that has the lumps jutting out, I find it unappealing and actually a little obtrusive. Second, the threading on the 510 is a little tight and it requires a bit more force than I would like to apply to get your atomizer screwed on and sitting flush. Last the battery compartment is very tight and getting batteries in and out is always a struggle. This is my biggest complaint as I could see the potential for battery wraps getting damaged in the process.

Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W Video

Arctic Dolphin ALFA 210W Conclusion

All in all I absolutely LOVE this box mod and it will be in my regular rotation moving forward. If you are looking for a hard hitting workhorse regulated mod for a decent price then look no further the Arctic Dolphin Alfa 210 TC Box Mod is the one! I will give it a 4 out of 5! Its a total beast and I like it like that!


Travis Meeks
After more than a decade of smoking cigarettes I found the power to quit through vaping! I have been vaping since 2011 and have been running the YouTube channel OverDoseVapes since 2014. I want to help the consumer make informed decisions when purchasing the latest devices or liquids and help new vapers find the right products to keep them smoke free!