Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

As Squonking becomes more and more mainstream, manufacturers are working hard to catch your eye. With their latest take on the classic Squonker design and the strangely named ‘Anita’ mod certainly catches your eye. The Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk Mod has modern curves and stunning interchangeable panels.

Arctic Dophin Anita Squonk Mod Introduction 

The Arctic Dolphin Anita 100W Squonk Mod is a newly-designed squonk mod which is both exquisite to look at and durable. Powered by a choice 18650/20700/21700 types battery and powering the 0.96 inch OLED white screen for the top-of-the-line ergonomic form factor.

The Anita Squonk mod has a high-performance full power output with Temperature Control. Also features a standard output range of 5 to 100W. With an excellent performance range and unprecedented customization features with squonk capability. A beautiful finely-tuned chassis, the Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk BF mod also has an additional panel without the bottle hole to enable it to be used as a Mod with an RTA on the top.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk Specification:

  • Size: 91 x 57.46 x 30mm
  • Material: Plastic/Stainless steel
  • Temp Control: 200°F-600°F(93°C-343°C)
  • Watts Value: 5-100W
  • TC Resistance Range: 0.06-1.0ohm
  • Watts Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm
  • Colour: Black, Grey or Silver Frame with Numerous Panel Colour Choices

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk Package Includes:

  • Anita 100W BF Mod
  • Use Cable
  • User Manual
  • Extra Panel
  • 18650 battery Adaptor

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewUp Close and Personal with the Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk

The Anita’s main Chassis is machined out of a very lightweight alloy which has then been coated with plastic.  Which then comes powder coated in a choice of either the silver, which I have, Gun Metal grey or the matt black finish. The curved edges of the external Chassis, run seamlessly around the outer edge of the device. Curving inwards, to allow the placement of the engraved nameplate, on both the front and the rear section. These curves are a nice addition to the overall design and give it a distinctive look and feel.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewArctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewThe branding on the device is kept to a minimum. Giving it a premium, Apple-esk look. To the point where the rest of the branding is hidden behind the panel, only to be revealed, once the front panel is removed.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

The firmly set 510 connection is held in place by two fat grub screws that sit either side of the connection. Which is housed in a sizeable Stainless Steel top plate, with air slots running around the hollowed out 510 squonk pin.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewThe side panel of the chassis houses the nicely sized fire button. Which has a satisfying ‘Click’ to it when pressed, although does feel a bit plasticky.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewThe fire button below is the 0.96 inches OLED white screen. Which is well proportioned. It has a bright screen, which can be easily seen, both inside and out.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

The Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk

Also displaying a small battery indicator bar at the top, followed by the mode you are running it in. POWER, SS, VPC and Bypass Above an oversized Wattage or Temp settings. The bottom section of the screen displays in equal size, resistance, drawn voltage and amp.

The Modes can be easily changed by simply clicking the fire button 3 times. Each time you click it, it moves to a different mode.

The modes can then be adjusted by using the + & – buttons located underneath the screen.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewFinally, below the control buttons, is the micro USB socket. This allows charging via the port. Although I would always recommend charging your batteries externally, with a regulated battery charger.

The front panel can easily be removed by pulling from within the Squonk hole. This is securely held in place by magnets at the top and bottom of the panel.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

Once removed, you have access to the well laid out internal compartment. Compared to other squonkers, this compartment is clear and uncluttered. The left-hand side of the tray houses the high-grade soft squeeze silicone.

This can be easily removed by simply pulling the feed tube from the brass squonk pipe.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewThe squonk bottle is of good quality. Although I do find the threading on the stainless steel bottle cap to be a bit short, and it can become a bit fiddly to screw back on when the bottle is full of juice.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewOnce the bottle and battery have been removed, you can get access to the back panel, which can be removed by simply pressing your finger through the holes on the back of the mod.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewThe rear panel, as with the front, is held on with small magnets at the top and bottom of the panel.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewArctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

Choice of Batteries

The Anita will run of a selection of batteries allowing to switch out to suit. The 20700 batteries fit straight into the battery tray and can be easily removed by pulling on the battery tab.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewDue to the size difference, the 18650 batteries require the additional adaptor that comes included in the kit. You simply insert the battery into the sleeve and then it will fit snugly into the tray, with no battery rattle.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

More About Batteries

With the 18650 sleeve, I found that is a snug fit, so won’t fit a battery that has been wrapped, with some of the thicker materials on the market. Whichever battery you choose they are held firmly in place with the spring-loaded, silver plated – battery contacts, at either end of the tray, the + and – indicators are clearly shown, printed into the plastic.

The 20700 battery defiantly gives a longer vaping experience, but even with the 20700, you will need to take spare batteries with you, as when vaping at 45w, it soon drains your battery down. but at least with the OLED display, you can see when you are running low.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod ReviewChoice of Panels.

One of the massive USP’s of the Anita mod is its high level of customisation, achieved by simply switching to the front and rear panels, you can literally give you mod a whole new look at feel.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk TC Mod Review

I’m sure that Arctic Dolphin, will continue to bring out loads more panels for the Anita, I have seen on Facebook, some of the camo panels, which look cool.

I really like this level of customisation, meaning that you can change them out to match you Atty or drip tip, or just change them out as the mood takes you.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk Performance 

I have been using the Anita mod as my every Squonker for the last couple of weeks and paired it up with the Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA. What really impressed not only by it sexy looks, but by its Stella performance, the chipset installed in the Anita, performed faultlessly, with virtually no ramp up, squeeze your Squonk bottle, wet your wicks, and press the fire button, for instant gratification.

Whilst Vaping at around 45w I got a good two to three hours Quality Vaping, with a 20700 battery, after that, as the battery bar indicator shows about a quarter full, the performance seems to drop right off, and it is defiantly time to swap your battery out.


The only time it suffered from any leakage issues was when I filled the bottle up, and had to re-install it. It was a little fiddly to feed the short tube up onto the brass feeder tube. Especially compared with the tube system on something like the Geekvape GBOX, which allows for easier change outs.

I would definitely recommend getting your self one of the Silicone Squonk fills bottles, which basically has a 510 connection on the top. Allowing you to undo your atty and replace it with the full bottle. You can squeeze your empty Squonk bottle and attach your feeder bottle. Turn it back the right way up, and let the vacuum in you bottle, suck in the juice.

Arctic Dolphin Anita Squonk Final Thoughts

Looking at getting into Squonking? I would always recommend going for a regulated device, such as the Anita. It will offer you that added level safety and protection. And priced just over £40 is amazing value for money. I love the ability to change out your panels to suit your every mood.

I think my only niggle with the Anita is it does feel a bit light, and plasticity. But I suppose not everyone wants a heavy mod to cart around, so you could see it as a pro.

But all in all, I absolutely love this little Squonker. I’ll defiantly stay on my side table, as to one of my go-to mods.

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