Artery PAL AIO Starter Kit Review

Artery PAL AIO Starter Kit Review

Artery PAL AIO Starter Kit Introduction

AIO (all-in-one) starter kits come in many shapes and sizes. Some are as small as a lighter, some cylindrical and some boxy. The demand for AIO starter kits and starter kits in general increases day by day. There are a couple factors that have created this new part of the market. One such factor correlates with the introduction of nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are a great tool for both quitting cigarettes and complimenting a vapers collection. These devices paired with nicotine salts can deliver a great deal of nicotine to the user without any adverse effects.

Another reason the demand has increased is simply that more and more smokers are converting each day. Vaping is bigger now than it has ever been and as the popularity in safer alternatives continues to grow, innovation and market change will always be present. One new device, the Artery PAL AIO Starter Kit ticks every box in both innovation, effective functionality and stylish looks. Read on to find out all about the Artery PAL.

Artery Pal AIO Starter Kit Specs

  • Size: 91 x 47 x 19.4mm
  • Material: Aluminum 6063
  • Battery: Built-in 1200mAh battery
  • Coil Resistance: 0.7ohm LQC coil(15-25W)
    1.8ohm Ceramic coil(5-9W)
  • Juice Capacity: 3ml
  • Standard Version)/ 2ml(TPD Version)
  • Unique slide refilling system
  • Changeable covers for more fun(sold separately)
  • Unique LQC coil and Ceramic coil
  • Compact and portable design
  • Built-in 1200mAh battery via USB charging

Artery PAL AIO Starter Kit Packaging List

  • PAL Kit
  • Extra Coil(0.7ohm, 15-25W)
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Replacement Glass
  • O-rings
  • Warranty Card
  • Certification

Artery PAL AIO Starter KitDesign, Look and Feel

The Artery PAL AIO Starter Kit aims to be both functional and attractive. Without any doubt, it achieves this. The PAL is said to be designed from the look of a deck of playing cards, so you can expect it to be of a comfortable size and feel good in the hand.

The Artery Pal is available to purchase in a variety of colours with some customization options to go along with it. Optionally, users can purchase swappable covers for both sides of the device should they desire more colour options aside from the primary colour purchased.

Out of the box the PAL is equipped with a 1200mAh internal battery which can be charged with a USB cable included with the kit. Taking into consideration the resistance and power requirements of the included coils, the PAL at a full charge should last several hours or even a day or two depending on the frequency of use.

One nice design feature of the PAL is the placement of the firing button. Rather than the normal side placement, it is located on the front panel of the device. This is different yet functional and also should prevent accidental misfires.

Typical AIO kits require users to remove either the mouthpiece or a chamber in order to fill the device with e-liquid. The PAL takes a new and different approach to this method. Located underneath the removable panel is a chamber for e-liquid that rather than filling from the top, fills from the side.

Artery PAL AIO Starter KitThis feature will do well to prevent overfilling and messy situations making filling on the go much easier for device owners.

Performance and Coil System

Considering the PAL is an AIO system with no control functions, the performance of the device is limited to the internal computer chip. With these types of devices, the internal chip has the ability to detect the total resistance of whatever coil is used. Once it detects this the device will proceed to fire at its programmed power setting for that resistance.

There are two coils available for the PAL Aio and each will have its own set of advantages. The first coil that is part of this system is the 0.7ohm LQC Coil. The LQC coil was first introduced with the Artery Lady Q kit. This coil is going to produce a great deal more vapour than the 1.8ohm Ceramic coil also included.

The LQC coil is going to work very well with higher VG blends of e-juice and will allow the device to cater to experienced vapers looking for a portable solution for their vaping needs.

Users can expect te LQC coil to put out great flavour and an adequate amount of vapour.

The other included coil is a 1.8ohm ceramic coil. This is going to be best suited for high nicotine vaping or salt nicotine vaping. This coil can cater to either new vapers or experienced. As it only fires at around 5-9 watts, the vapour production is going to be much less than the other coil.

Both coils work for both new and experienced vapers so it goes without saying this is a very versatile device that will work in many situations.

Artery PAL AIO Starter Kit Video Review


Without question, the AIO market is growing every day and it is nice to see companies placing a good amount of thought into design and functionality. For a short span of time starter kits shifted to “sum ohm” starter kits and traditional pen system or AIO systems fell by the wayside. Now, with devices like the PAL AIO, new vapers have a much better chance to quit smoking and transition to vaping.

With so many companies making AIO devices, the quality of starter kits has grown exponentially. Reliability in a small package is not difficult to come across anymore and the PAL AIO fits into that category.

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