Artery PAL vs Artery PAL Mini

Two all-in-one kits from Artery face to face

Artery PAL vs Artery PAL Mini

After launching the Artery PAL AIO, the vape manufacturer Artery is now back with a MINI version! Both Artery PAL and Artery PAL MINI look almost identical but Artery made the new version even smaller for you to enjoy a super compact size. The new PAL MINI is 7.1 mm in height and 3.8 mm in length. But if compact size is not what you really look for, then I have to tell you the Artery PAL Mini has much more to offer.

Artery PAL vs Artery PAL MiniArtery Mini Ceramic wickFollowing the idea that started with the PAL AIO, the mini version also comes with two pod mods for high and low nicotine ranges. However, the Artery PAL Mini has slightly higher coils in ohms. The Artery MINI comes with one 1.6ohm ceramic wicked pod, which is perfect for high nicotine e-juice and a 1.0ohm organic cotton wicked pod for regular liquid. The 1.6ohm ceramic coil is perfect for nicotine salt e-juice. It is important to highlight, that these coils are smaller in size than the pre-made coils of the previous version, which makes them no compatible.

Artery PAL vs Artery PAL MiniThese coils are inserted into a PP food grade material that you can pull out for easy refilling. Both the refilling system and the coils were different in the previous version.

Side Filling vs Pull-out Filling System

This new refilling system also allows you to see the liquid capacity on one side of your pod. However, the PAL AIO version had a side refilling system covered by a magnetic door. I personally find that a bit more convenient than the refilling option. Nonetheless, the tank capacity is considerably smaller. The PAL AIO had 3 ml capacity (also available in a 2 ml TPD version) while the PAL Mini only has just 1.1 ml.

Artery PAL Mini Video 

Reducing the size to an extreme obviously has some disadvantages. The Artery really did a great effort when trying to keep a similar battery capacity in such a compact device. The new PAL Mini has 1000mAh built-in battery. Only 200 mAh less than the original version which is not a significant change!

Both the Artery PAL AIO and the Artery PAL MINI are charged via USB cable. They both also include all the safety features you might expect from a pod mod: overcharge protection, overheat protection, cut-off at 8 seconds and short circuit protection.

Artery PAL vs Artery PAL MiniArtery PAL vs Artery PAL Mini Conclusion

All in all, I think the Artery PAL Mini is a good choice for people looking for a compact size vape. One able to handle different nicotine ranges and e-liquid densities. If you had a chance to try the original version and you liked it, then the MINI version will not disappoint you. It is a light and super compact pod mod. It allows you to switch between salt nicotine and regular e-juice (not too high in VG).

Artery PAL MiniThe original version had exchangeable magnetic cover and many funky colours available. This is something we cannot enjoy in the Mini version. Yet you have 4 colours to choose from: black, gun metal,  blue and gold. I am pretty sure Artery will launch more colour options too. Now, which one would you choose? The PAL AIO or the PAL Mini? Leave a comment below if you have any question!

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