Atomizer Stand Gets All Your Tanks and Atomizers Organized

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Atomizer stand is most used by vapers who like to build. They are simple stands for atomizers which are not in use.

Currently I get more vaping stuff so I keep my atomizers which are not in use in a small box. One problem for me is that my atomizers will always fall to one side and get tipped over without me knowing. I’m not a diligent vaper so I tend to put aside atomizers which I haven’t completely cleaned. The e-juice will stay in the atomizer for weeks, even months. All this time the e-juice will settle sideways in my tank or atomizer, and it’s really hard to clean.

Having a tank or atomizer stand upright is always a good way to stop stale e-juice from damaging the tank or atomizer. That is the reason why I intend to use vape stand KIZOKU Cell and recommend it to you. With this vape stand, you can get all your tanks and atomizers organized and avoid accidents with your previous vape gears.

Atomizer Stand KIZOKU Cell

KIZOKU Cell Atomizer Stand, designed by a famous Japanese designer, is a cool, fun and high quality vape stand to help vapers to organize atomizers in order.

Atomizer Stand KIZOKU CellIt is exquisite in design, workmanship and novel in style. In addition, the atomizer stand is also an fun gadget. With a magnetic connection, the atomizer stand is easy to separate and combine with any side, any color and any length. You can assemble them into your favorite shape. With 30 mm in length and 30 mm in width, the vape stand is compatible with atomizers with a maximum diameter of 30 mm.

Atomizer Stand KIZOKU Cell Specs and Features

Size: 30mm x 30mm x 15mm
Material: Polycarbonate and Neodymium Magnet
Quantity: 10pcs/pack
Famous Japanese Brand Funny Toy
Cool and Funny Stand for Easily Organizing Atomizers
Limitless Connection by Strong Magnetic Connection
Extensive Use for Display at Store or Exhibition
Compatible with Maximum 30mm Diameter Atomizers

Atomizer Stand KIZOKU Cell Video


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