Hello everyone, Dan Pierce here. Today we will talk about AUGVAPE BTFC RDA – a master piece of vaping engineering by AUGVAPE and VapnFagan.

Introduction to the AUGVAPE BTFC RDA

The BTFC RDA is 25mm in diameter, providing a spacious deck for easy building.

The BTFC RDA features adjustable double airflow system – top airflow and bottom airflow, with the bottom airflow used purely for flavor, and the top airflow for clouds.

The dual-post deck is very easy to install coils. The air holes on the build deck bring direct airflow underneath the coil to maximize flavor.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDAThe AUGVAPE BTFC RDA is switchable between the 810 Delrin drip tip and 510 drip tip with an adapter included. The pack also comes with a BF pin for squonker MODs.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDA Specifications

  • A Collaborated Project with Vapnfagan
  • B FOR Bottom Airflow, T FOR Top Airflow, F FOR Flavor, C FOR Clouds
  • Super Easy to build
  • Flavor Chasing and Clouds Chasing
  • Peek Insulator
  • Derlin Drip Tip & Frosted Long Drip Tip
  • 304 SS
  • 25MM Diameter

The Kit Includes

  • 810 Drip Tip
  • Allen Key
  • Bag Accessories


A close up of the BTFC RDA

The AUGVAPE BTFC RDA comes complete. But it is easily broken down into its component parts, for cleaning in and maintenance. The base section features the Stainless steel 510 connection, housing the gold-plated center pin, which as required can be switched out for the gold-plated squonk pin.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDAAround the center pin, the featured branding high lights the collaboration between AUGVAPE and the VapnFagan.

The thick base section encloses the cleverly designed airflow system, which runs through the large slots on either side, up through the base, then channeled up through the coil posts, to allow the airflow to hit directly under the coils.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDAThe vertical post design allows for plenty of space on the build deck and sits between two deep juice well either side.

A close up of the BTFC RDA Continued 

The posts have been cleverly designed to allow the coil tails to be fed in through the front of the post,  and held in place by the 45 degree set grub screws. You can then cut off the excess tail, at the back of the post.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDAThe post holes sit directly above the two sets of airflow holes. Allowing you to get the full flavor from the coils.

The snug fitting outer chamber has the stylish BTFC logo printed on one side on the chamber. The design of the chamber always for you to choose your desired airflow. The bottom slots are for the flavor, with the air hitting directly onto the coil, delivering a warm flavorsome vape. Whilst the top smaller pair of holes allow for great clouds. Or as I did you can, have a little of both, having one air hole at the top and half a slot at the bottom.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDAThe adjustment of both air sources is achieved by simply rotating the changer and top cap, to achieve the desired combination of flavor and Vapor.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDAThe top cap is machined out of a thick piece of stainless steel, which allows the choice drip tips to fit snugly. You have the choice of the Delrin wide bore chuff cap or the frosted acrylic drip tip.


Style, Design & Build Quality

The BTFC RDA has a classic uncluttered design, with its hard lines, and stepped to the cap. With its 25mm width chunky design, it looks great on even some of the bigger mods.


It has machined to a very high standard. I love the tolerances of the machining, allowing you to pull the chamber off with ease to allow you to drip. Whilst not allowing it to just fall off. The top cap, on the other hand, is a little loose and could have done with being a little tighter.

AUGVAPE BTFC RDA Performance & Vaping Experience

My fondness for the BTFC starts with the ease of the build. It is super simple, even with a fat alien build, simply snip the tails to length and insert them and tighten them up, and the deep sided juice wells mean there is plenty of room loads of cotton.


The deep juice well also means there are more Vaping and less dripping.

The multiple airflow options mean that there is an airflow option for everyone, for full on flavor, with plenty of warmth, then just have the bottom slots open with the top ones closed off.


And opening up the top slot allows for double the air flow, and trust me, double the clouds. Personally, I like half the bottom open and half the top, which delivers plenty of flavors but a bit of a cooler vape.


Final Thoughts on the BTFC RDA

I have been so impressed with this AUGVAPE BTFC RDA, which is machined to a high standard, with a super easy build deck and air flow option for everyone.

Dan Pierce

I’m a Blogger based in UK. I stopped smoking in October 2013, at which point I set up my own Vaping review blog, to help me record and share my Vaping journey. A real hobbiest Vapor, who not only enjoy the Vaping experience, but love the technology and design behind it.

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