Auro Salt Tank Review | A Nicotine Salt Tank?

Auro Salt Tank Review

Auro Salt Tank Review

The Auro Salt Tank is the first tank from new manufacturer Auro. They aren’t completely new per se, however, but are a new brand from Kangertech who used to be very popular many years ago but has kind of fallen out of being popular over the past few years. The Salt Tank is a simple MTL tank with 2 coil options and a 2ml capacity.  It’s available in 1 color only SS. Looking around online, I see it under 20 USD on a few sites in China and the US.

Auro Salt Tank Review
Auro Salt Tank

Auro Salt Tank Specs:

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • 2mL capacity
  • Triple bottom airflow
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Stainless steel construction

Auro Salt Tank Packing List:

  • Kanger Auro Salt Tank
  • Auro ST 1.50 ohm Replacement Coil
  • ST 1.80 ohm Replacement Coil

Looks and Design of Auro Salt Tank

Auro Salt Tank Review
Auro Salt Tank

The Auro Salt Tank is a pretty standard looking MTL tank though it’s smaller than many MTL tanks on the market as it’s only 22mm. That’s rare to see these days as most have gone bigger than that, like the Zenith.

It comes in 1 size capacity which is 2ml and a spare glass. Outside of that, it’s a standard looking metal tank and has some nice knurling and cutouts on the bottom for design. I have the SS one which is apparently the only color I see available. The included metal drip tip is a tall 510 tip but matches the tank well. Overall, a nice looking tank.

Auro Salt Tank Features and Functions

The Auro Salt Tank uses a standard 510 drip tip so you can also use your own if you’d like. It requires the use of an o-ring to fit 510 tips but all the ones I tried fit fine. However, I like it with the original one it comes with a disposable pod device.

The drip tip is a basic metal tall one and the only option in the package. A 2nd drip tip would have been nice too. All the threading on this tank is excellent. It’s a very nicely built tank with good quality.

Auro Salt Tank Review
Auro Salt Tank

The coil system is a screw in type into the base, much like most tanks on the market. Since it’s a bottom fill tank, you can replace the coils with a full tank. Airflow is 3 sided, spaced equally apart and requires 1 hole to be open on each side always. So there are 3 air options that always have 3 holes open just different sizes. There are 3 size holes that range from a semi-tight MTL to a loose MTL vape.

There is a slight whistle on the tightest setting. The AFC is smooth and easy to adjust even on mod thanks to some cutouts as well and it’s on a stopper. Filling it felt like a blast from the past. Not sure why they didn’t include a top fill for this but to fill you have to unscrew the base with the coil in it, then fill directly in the glass tank around through some large holes in the chamber, so you have to be careful not to overfill. Not a fan of the bottom fill method at all.

Coil Performance of Auro Salt Tank

Now to the important stuff. How does it vape? There are 2 coil options in total which are the 1.5 ohm and 1.8-ohm coils. Both are Ni80 (Nichrome) coils.

Auro Salt Tank ReviewI started with the 1.5-ohm coil and the flavor was ok for what it is which is a low watt MTL tank with pre-made coils nothing great but acceptable. It’s rated at 8-10 watts and I found it best around 9 watts so good rating there. The coil life was pretty bad only lasting for around 4-6 ml. For low watt MTL coils, I usually look for 10ml minimum and have gotten that from other MTL tanks and pod systems.

Then the 1.8-ohm coil. Again the flavor was acceptable, not bad but not good. Not much of a difference if any between this and the 1.5-ohm coil really. It’s rated at 7-9 watts and I found it best in the 7-watt range so good rating there. The life again was pretty bad too. It only lasted 2-4 ml so again.

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with the performance of the coils.

Auro Salt Tank Pros & Cons


  • Build quality
  • Looks
  • No leaks
  • Standard metal 510 tip
  • AFC adjustable easily on the mod
  • Thread quality
  • Good capacity for MTL tank (2ml)
  • Spare glass tank included


  • Flavor is just acceptable
  • Poor coil life
  • No RBA deck option
  • Bottom fill method is old and outdated
  • Lack of color options

Auro Salt Tank Video Review 


So with all that said, do I recommend the Auro Salt Tank or not? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, but I’m going to have to just say no here. When they contacted me, I was hoping for something to rival the zenith as it’s a good tank but there are no other options really in the past year, but sadly this one doesn’t stack up.

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