Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA Review

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA

Let me start by saying I love this Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA!! Yes, I really do. Ok, so now I’ve confessed my love for this handsome beast. Lets continue. A chunky goon style RDA with a host of surprises, whether it is the smiley face on the air flow or the clamp style deck, or the removable 810 custom drip tip there really is a variety of surprises with this beauty.

Taking inspiration from the Goon RDA, this is styled very similar to that with the clamp style deck and the chunky top cap, the clamp style deck with a difference being you screw from the center to raise up the 2 individual clamps situated on the bottom of the posts.

The deck itself is machined very well to a clean finish with the big 6mm ejuice well. Although you do need to be aware of overdripping or over squonking as yes the deck is 6mm deep, it is too easy to leak with this deck as the airflow slots are slightly angled and the excess juice will run down the sides, 1 con being the posts itself appear to be slightly wobbly as they are constructed very thinly.

With the additional squonk pin included, this just gives the added bonus to being appealing to squonk lovers, the deep juice wells being convenient for this. The squonk pin has a flat head screw top to it making it easier to change over with the original 510 pin. So lets kick this off with a look at the contents of the box/plastic case.

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA Packaging List

  • Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA
  • 510 solid connector pin (pre-installed)
  • 510 bottom feed squonk pin
  • Resin 510 drip tip
  • 510 drip tip adaptor
  • User manual
  • Spare parts including ‘o’ rings and screws
  • 1 x Large Screwdriver
  • 2 x Fused clapton coils

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDASo as you can see there is lots of goodies which come spare with this Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA and the inclusion of clapton coils is an added bonus which is always nice to see. I just wish they would have added some cotton and the kit would be complete and ready to build on the go. The small bags of organic cotton would have been ideal.

So building on this can be tricky as you have to precut your coils before install to make it a lot easier but once you have done this it’s relatibely simple to build. The added clamp from the bottom makes the coils nice and secure once you inserted them, placing the screwdriver down the centre of the deck to then raise both clamps into place and tightening as you screw them into place.

That added feature was a bonus for me as I’ve always favoured the clamp style decks over simple post designs as I find clamps are more secure. Once the coils are in place you can then begin to wick. With the nice deep juice well there is room for lots of wick to be inserted making sure you don’t cover the airflow.

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA Key Specs

  • Size: 24 wide by 38mm high
  • Single screw clamp post system
  • Dual coil gold plated build deck
  • Bottom deck airflow outlet
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 510 resin drip tip
  • Squonk pin and standard 510 pin included
  • Side airflow intake with the smiley face

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDAThe adjustable airflow for me personally is too loose. The top cap swivels to easily and this is with 2 ‘o’ rings already in place, but regardless the flavor from this is insane.. cloud production is off the chart and I really have enjoyed testing and having good use of this beast, as mentioned before it is chunky but it also looks incredible.

I paired mine with 2 x dual aliens and had this running at 70w. The air intake was ample and being angled made a nice difference and the smiley face design only added to the character, airflow being adjustable but your unable to adjust this for single coil mode. This is a dual coil mode deck only as the airflow adjusts to only close off one way partly and not one way to enable single coil mode.

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA Color Options

  • Stainless Steel- yellow drip tip
  • Black- red drip tip
  • Limited edition blue with black/blue drip tip

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA Video

Avidvape Ghost Inhale RDA Final Thoughts

Now price point for this RDA is high but you are paying for quality, prices ranging from £18.99 to £29.99. Yes this is on the higher end scale of RDAs but you are paying for pure quality and this really is worth every penny possible. The limited edition blue version is what I’ll be setting my sights on for my next purchase as that looks rather nice indeed. Avidvape were the creators of this incredible Rda and all credit to them for a top job, check them out on Instagram.

Matt Francis

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