Beginners Guide to Vaping Devices


Beginners Guide to Vaping Devices

When you first make the switch from smoking to vaping, the wide range of equipment and devices can seem a little overwhelming. That’s the reason I’ve written this beginners guide to vaping devices. After reading this article, you guys should have a better understanding.

As with any new venture or hobby, there is always the urge to go out and buy the biggest and the best. Which equals a bit of an ‘All the Gear – But No Idea’. My advice to any new vaper, is to start with a very basic setup. Resist the temptation to buy the latest bit of kit. Trust me, we all started the same way.

I would also recommend visiting your local Bricks & Mortar Vape Shops. They are always staffed with like-minded vapers, who will set up with the right starter kit. Plus guiding you through your journey as you move to your next step. They will normally make recommendations as time goes by too which is super handy!

In the article of beginners guide to vaping devices. You can find four main types of vaping devices, each one will appeal to a different type of vaper.

Guide to CE4 Kit

Beginners Guide to Vaping DevicesCompact, basic and a cheaper option. Usually used by beginner vapers. Better with thinner 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids that give less vapour production. Seen less nowadays as Vape Pens have become more affordable. These are the style of devices that most vapers started out with, but not something you could stick with long term. The CE4 normally comes with a single button. With a lower output battery.

Guide to Vape Pen

Beginners Guide to Vaping DevicesSlightly bigger and still inexpensive, vape pens come with options that have seen great improvement over the original CE4 devices. Usually with bigger, better and lower ohm coils to give more flavour and a bigger hit. E-liquids with a higher VG content can usually be used. As with the CE4’s, Vape Pens tend to come in a kit format. They include everything you are going to need; charging cables for the internal battery and a more advanced tank with interchangeable coils. They are also very simple to use with one button. Used to turn it on and off, as well as the fire the device. Normally with some kind of LED system, to indicate functions.

Guide to Regulated Mods

Beginners Guide to Vaping DevicesRegulated Mod or Box Mods have grown in popularity over the last few years. Basically, a Mod is the device that powers your vaping and will always feature a rechargeable battery. All regulated Mods, due to the circuitry and regulated chips, offer a safe vaping experience. Protecting you from issues that may occur from short circuits, low resistance and putting your batteries in the wrong way.

They come in all shapes a sizes to suit your style and desired vaping experience. From devices aimed more at the beginner coming up from CE4 and Vape Pens, which tend to have inbuilt battery cells, and normally paired up with a matching atomiser, and come with charging cables and everything you may need. All the way up to more advanced regulated devices that have removable 18650 – 20700 battery cells. They can be charged either internally, (not recommended) or in an external charger, which will need to be purchased separately. The more advanced devices normally feature a fire button, control buttons and screen. And allow you to run in either power or temperature modes. To suit your desired Vaping experience.

These more powerful devices can easily be paired up with rebuildable atomisers, to extend your vaping experience.

Guide to Mech Mods

Beginners Guide to Vaping DevicesMechanical Mods or Mech Mods have no circuitry and use a firing pin that allows for the current in the battery to reach the attached atomiser directly. Originating from vapers who modified flashlights, the design and manufacturing techniques have changed and the name has sort of just stuck. Today they come in all shapes and sizes. With the of lack circuitry – comes a lack of regulation. The performance of these devices vastly depends on the type of battery used and the build that is attached. Due to a lack of safety and protection, these devices are only to be used by advanced vapers, who have a good understanding of battery safety and Ohms Law. With the growing market of regulated devices, Mech Mods are now mainly used by Vaping enthusiasts and collectors.

Hope this beginner’s guide to vaping devices has been helpful to you. If you have any problem or any question during your vape journey, just leave and comment below and we will try our best to help you.

Dan Pierce

I’m a Blogger based in UK. I stopped smoking in October 2013, at which point I set up my own Vaping review blog, to help me record and share my Vaping journey. A real hobbiest Vapor, who not only enjoy the Vaping experience, but love the technology and design behind it.