Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019 | 4 Best AIO Vapes on the Market Right Now

Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019

Best AIO Vapes 2019

There is always a general feeling of wanting the best. Customers wish to get the best of the product they bought, ensuring that they invested in the right one. Seeking optimal satisfaction from it. With many AIO (All-In-One) vapes out there, you are probably thinking of the best AIO vapes – the vapes that would stand out from the crowd in 2019.

Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019
Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019

In order not to lose your hard earned money and help you answer the question on your mind: which AIO vape would be good for me in 2019? And with one thing on most vapers’ mind: simplicity- easy way to vape.

Here are some AIO vapes. That would not only be a top trend in 2019 but would be worth your money.

Best AIO Vapes – 1. Kanger Togo mini starter Kit

Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019
Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019

This Kanger Togo mini starter kit has a capacity of 1600Mah, which enables it to work for a whole day. It is designed for stealth vapers, as its function does not suit a continuous vaping style.

This all in one vape has an e-juice capacity of 3.8 ml, which can be filled in at your comfort time, for it is easy to operate its top fill system.

Its airflow control is at the anterior portion and there is no need to modify its automatic power outburst.

Best AIO Vapes – 2. VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit Bundle

Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019
Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019

This all-in-one vape is an excellent choice for all the stealth vapers out there and same for a beginner. This vape comes with all the asset needed for vaping. Thus it would not be difficult to use when bought immediately.

It is excellently built, has strong battery capacity, excellent flavor, easy to smoke, and a perfect match for an all-day vaper.

Battery capacity of 1000 mAh (a Pro battery), a Pro 3 tank that is suitable for AIO vape mod kit – completely built to handle the load and also has an atomizer of 2.0-ohm capacity.

The tank capacity is 2.5ml, which suits its nature of being used regularly. With an easy to use top-filling system, refilling your juice would not be an issue.

It also comes with a 30ML Blend bottle that is customized, a charging adapter, additional atomizers (5, precisely).

Although it is expensive, this all in one vape is easy to use (comes with a Manual), and worth the money.

Best AIO Vapes – 3. Joyetech Penguin SE All-in-One Vape Kit

Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019
Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019

It has a superb exterior design, durable, USB port, an ATOPACK cartridge and two atomizer heads (one for MTL and the other for DTL vaping). It has a power capacity of 50w that ensures that you experience vaping in a whole new way.

The USB port is placed at its side: this feature allows you to recharge the batteries easily. The battery capacity is mind-blowing. With a capacity of 2000 mAh, you are sure of getting a full day vaping and more than a day for stealth vaping.

The ATOPACK cartridge has a vape juice capacity of 8.8 ml, thereby preventing a consistent vape juice refilling and gives you a comfortable vaping experience.

Best AIO Vapes – 4. Eleaf iJustX All-In-One Starter Kit

Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019
Best AIO Vapes (All-In-One) and Mods 2019

This all in one vape would be an excellent choice in 2019 because it is a non-regulated vape and made suitable for you to enjoy long vaping.

The tank, which is inbuilt, has a capacity of 7 ml vape juice, a perfect match for chain vapers. This vape has a battery of 3000 mAh capacity, which stands it out from its rivals, in that it can guarantee a long vaping session. The battery can be charged with the included USB cord.

It has a 50w wattage output and resistance that ranges from 0.15 ohm to 3.0 ohm. It also comes with a 0.5-ohm head and one ijust X, which has an EC 0.3 ohm head. Although it consumes a lot of juice, it is light to handle. Plus easy to operate (a user manual), has a wide range of flavor, and the price is okay.


These product mentioned above are among the numerous vapes out there, but ultimately stands out, and they are the best AIO vapes for 2019 in my opinion.

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