Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USA

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USA


E-liquids shopping can be an eye-straining task when you’re looking for the “best” affordable e-juice brands. Since the rise in vaping over the last 5 years, thousands of new e-juice companies have come about. Many of them advertising “cheap” or “affordable” solutions. In reality, the cost of production for a bottle of e-juice is relatively low but larger companies have much larger overhead costs. While there are definitely larger companies offering budget friendly liquid options, smaller business’ with low to no overhead costs are offering up “premium” affordable and budget-friendly e-juice options. Today we will take a look at a select few of the most affordable, yet best quality cheap e-juice. This will take a look at the best cheap e-juice brands both in Canada as well as the USA.

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada

Bargain E-Juice

Location: Ontario

Cost: $15-$25 dollars/120ml

Flavour Options

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USABargain e-juice started a few short years ago, offering a select few different budget-friendly liquids that quickly caught on among the vapers in Canada. Their prices are some of the lowest in the country and since their inception, the selection has expanded greatly.

They cover a wide range of single flavour fruits to complex fruit mixes, custards, creams and more. The more “premium” flavours do carry a higher price tag but compared to other “budget” lines, Bargain e-juice still comes in as the most affordable.

The company is owned and operated by the same individual who owns ‘The Vaporist e-liquids’, so rest assured that even though these liquids are budget-friendly, they’re also expertly crafted.


Location: Alberta

Price: $11.99/60ML

Flavors and Information

V-Juice started as an individual selling his DIY e-juice online within the reddit forums. That was roughly 4 years ago. People began to demand more of his product and within a few months of selling through online forums, V-Juice launched the official business. Since then, the flavor options have not changed in the slightest and no new flavors have been added.

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USAThere is a saying that goes something like “don’t fix what isn’t broke” and what V-Juice offers up is fantastic. Fan favorites like Barrys Cream, Dragon Toast, and Midnight Blues are a must try for any vaper and at $11.99/60ml the price is right on the mark.

Honorable Mentions

While the two listed vendors above are by far the cheapest option which can be purchased online, many other vendors are known to have exceptional sale prices from time to time and we wanted to list those vendors as well.

  • Vapor Junkie
  • The Vaporist
  • Northern Nectar
  • Evaperated
  • SZ Vapor
  • Vapor North

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in the USA

The USA is a much larger market and e-juice prices tend to be fairly low anyway but there are still plenty of budget vendors available countrywide. Some vendors offer sale prices that fall well below the budget line and can be very, very affordable so we will look at a couple USA based vendors that offer great prices via regular cost or sales.

The Sauce LA

Location: California

Prices: 120ml as low as $8.99 with regular discount code

Flavors and Information

The SauceLA is not technically a budget vendor but at the same time, they sort of are. The regular selling price of their 120ml is $29.99 but usually every week they post a discount code “JuceDB70” which will net vapers 70% off their order. This brings the cost of a 120ml down to $8.99 which is pretty unheard of.

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USANot only does the discount code work on 120ml, it works on 60ml as well as 30. This discount is very high and vapers on a budget would do well to monitor when this code goes live each week.

The SauceLA covers the entire gammit on flavors, from fruit blends to cerelas, breakfasts and creams.

TSLA offers free USA based shipping after $30.00 which should be very easy to achieve.

Blue Dot Vapors

Location: California

Prices: $3.49-$17.99

Flavors and Information

Blue Dot Vapors has been around the vaping world for many years. They started small like most but have grown to be a massive giant in the industry. The actually cover all bases when it comes to affordability but also offer more premium flavors for people who are not as concerned with money.

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USABDV offers their regular unsteeped eliquids for $3.49-$17.99 depending on bottle sizes. They also offer a 0.1c sample options with each order so you get a chance to try something perhaps you didn’t opt for when making the purchase.

Flavor-wise, Blue Dot has basically everything. No matter what your flavor profile preference is, there is almost a guaranteed chance that they have exactly what you are looking for, or at least something close.

Honorable Mentions

Like we did for the Canadian section, there are some other vendors that deserve an honorable mention as they offer a great, affordable product.

  • Pope Juice
  • Vapor In A Bottle
  • Mitten Vapors
  • Golden State Vapor
  • Kite in Cloud
  • Bombies (new pricing structure)


There are thousands of budget vendors and it is impossible to list them all. While I am located in Canada, I am only familiar with the vendors both in Canada and the USA. You can find an excellent resource for finding juice deals, budget vendors and review for those juice here. We hope that you find the right cheap e-juice to suit your tastes and needs while also keeping your wallet full.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.