Best Coffee E-Juice 2018

Best Coffee E-Juice 2018


When it comes to Coffee E-Juice, there can only be one. This E-Juice combines two of my favorite things; coffee and doughnuts. Not any doughnut, but a Coffee Dunked Donut. Yes, it is true…..Coffee Dunked Doughnuts!

The guys over at Herbal Tides never seem to rest. Constantly trying to bring the best possible tasting E-liquids to vapors at the prices you can afford. Whilst managing to bring out new flavors every month.

The new Gotcha range comes in a 100ml shortfall, chubby bottle, with an inclusive Nic Shot. These, as with all HT shortfalls comes with standard extra strong flavoring. For the Nic Shot to take it up to the pre-designed 70/30 blend. With no dilution. For only £15, yes that’s £15 for 100ml of premium e-juice.

Best Coffee E-Juice 2018

The Gotcha Coffee Dunked Donut is described on the Herbal Tides website as follows:

“Take a bite out of a sugar glazed, bakery fresh doughnut dipped into rich and full-bodied milky latte style Italian coffee. Superbly creamy, each element comes through in this expertly blended juice. Also… doubles up as a great reason to punch your mates in the arm! (re the circle game). Dominant Flavors Coffee • Doughnut • Cream”

On Vaping Coffee Dunked Donut ?

I have got say having vaped this coffee e-juice for the last week, it is without a doubt one of the best coffee vapes I have tried. Not only have they totally nailed the ultra-realistic creamy intense coffee, but they have managed to infuse it with a stunningly moorish sweet classic donut ?.

The inhaler delivers a tongue-tingling-taste creamy coffee, that has been blended to perfection, with all of the full-bodied flavour, but with none of the traditional coffee harshness. It has an unbelievable level of sweet creaminess, reminiscent of the creamy topping of a well-made latte. This creamy coffee sensation seems to leave you with a virtual creamy coffee moustache, lip lick required.

The exhale brings a continuation of heavenly, creamy coffee sensation. But perfectly aligned with bakery fresh circle Donut, Dipped Dunked and popped in your Month. The bakery batter has a real lightness to it, but Donut through and through. It’s frosted topping, adds an intense sweetness to the exhale. That works perfectly with the creamy coffee.

Conclusion on the Best Coffee E-Juice in 2018

Coffee and donuts are a match made in heaven, total vaping perfection. At a price, you can afford to vape all day long. Don’t miss out, head over to Herbal Tides a grab a bottle and get dunking!

The first hundred orders from the Herbal Tides website will get a FREE Limited Edition Gotcha Dunked Donut Mug. What are you waiting for? You won’t be disappointed.

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