Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018

Best DIY E-juice Flavor Companies Introduction

When new mixers first take the plunge into DIY mixing the most asked question is often “What flavors should I buy?” The answer to this question is not simple. Every vaper is different in their preferences and many DIY enthusiasts have spent hundreds of hours testing and mixing with different flavors. Half a decade ago, the selection of flavors was much more limited than it is today. In recent years the number of vapers making their own e-juice at home has exploded. This invited many new flavor companies to the market who cater directly to the e-liquid market. For many years the most widely used flavor companies were The Flavor Apprentice, Capellas and Flavor West. The selection these companies offer is very large and they have some of the most budget-friendly flavorings available to DIY e-juice makers. Stick with me while I discuss the best DIY e-juice flavor companies and the benefits of each.

8 Best DIY E-juice Flavor Companies

1.The Flavor Apprentice(TFA)

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018TFA is one flavor company that fills the shelves of many DIY’ers cabinets as well as the shelves of juice companies across the world. TFA has a very large selection of flavors available ranging from dill pickles to cupcakes.

TFA sits on the more affordable side of the scale, perhaps even half the price of some of the better vaping specific flavor companies.


Best DIY E-Juice Flavor CompaniesCapella(CAP), just like TFA is a popular name among the DIY scene. Capella is priced about the same as TFA and their selection is very large. Commercial juice manufacturers use a great deal of CAP as well as TFA in their recipes.

Capella has been getting used in ejuice making since vaping first started. Some flavors from Capella are better than others while some are going to be dependant on person preference.

3.Flavor West(FW)

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018Flavor West (FW) is not as popular as the TFA and CAP name but in recent years they have gained popularity among the DIY groups. FW offers flavors all very similar to TFA and CAP but some have found that Flavor West sometimes has better variants. FW also has many different flavors that neither TFA or CAP make.

Price wise Flavor West can be a tiny bit more expensive but the quality is fantastic and amongst their giant selection they have some different flavors that others do not. Flavor West has it’s place in any collection.

4.Flavor Art(FA)

We now move into the more expensive side of the DIY flavors. Flavor Art, based out of Italy is a highly regarded manufacturer of high-end flavorings. 

Flavor Art (FA) aims to reproduce flavors as accurately as possible and they do an excellent job of it. Amongst their lineup of flavors, their selection of fruits is exceptional. The flavors offered are quite realistic.

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018The price for Flavor Art is almost double than that of the previous three but for good reason. These flavors are strong, meaning they are almost super concentrated. When mixing with these flavors the required amount of flavoring is almost three to four times less than TFA/CAP/FW.

So even though the price is much higher, the flavors last considerably longer due to their strength.


Inawera lands in the same category as Flavor Art in terms of strength and cost. Inawera is actually a bit more expensive than Favor Art but rightfully so. Inawera is based out of Poland and their flavors are an experience to be had. Fruits from Inawera are ultra-realistic and extremely concentrated. Famous flavors such as Cactus, Biscuit,Pear and many more are staples in most DIY cabinets.

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018Flavor Art is fairly concentrated but Inawera is even further concentrated. Some Inawera flavors require less than 0.1% of flavoring to have an overall taste effect. This makes it so that your flavors stretch very, very far.


Flavorah is a company that was started with vaping in mind. Their flavors are designed for vaping and just like the previous two companies, they are strong.

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018Flavorah, like Inawera, is very very concentrated so they stretch quite far. The price point for Flavorah can either be a bit more or comparable depending on how it is purchased. From Flavorah direct, the bottles are 15ml in size and range anywhere from 10.00-25.00 a bottle.

The wide range of selection from Flavorah covers dozens of fruits, many additives, desserts, drinks, tobaccos and so much more. This company was designed to cater to eliquid making and they make some of the best flavors out there.


Based out of Belgium, FLAVORMONKS was started as an all natural producer of fine flavorings. Never intended for DIY Ejuice, these flavors are used in many alcoholic spirits over the world, even found in some of the worlds finest Gin.

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies 2018Most of FLAVORMONKS flavors are derived 100% naturally with products that are grown right inside of their own production facility. For instance, the orange flavor is made with oranges grown by FLAVORMONKS.

These flavors are very expensive but each of them carries a very natural taste and is not anything like any other flavor of its kind you will try.

8.Wonder Flavors

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor CompaniesStarted just a few years ago, Wonder Flavors is based out of Montreal,Quebec(Canada) and they started with 25 flavors. Since then they have expanded into doing only super concentrated flavorings and they cater directly to the DIY Ejuice market.

Their selection grows regularly and their flavors are quite pleasant. WF sits on the mid range price point, close to the TFA/CAP prices, slightly higher.

While some WF flavors are hit or miss, they are worth trying as there are some real winners in the lineup.

Honorable Mentions

  • Real Flavors
  • Jungle Flavors
  • Vape Train
  • Wrecka
  • Great Lakes Flavor Co(mostly copies of popular TFA/CAP flavors)

Best DIY E-Juice Flavor Companies Conclusion

While there are quite literally dozens more flavor companies out there, these are the ones we believe are the best DIY E-juice flavor companies in terms of price and quality. Mixing with cheaper flavors starting out is always the best option as you will tend to use up flavors pretty quickly. Once you are comfortable with the process and developing recipes, than more complex flavors can be added and worked into recipes.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.