Best DNA Box Mods for 2019 | Top 5 DNA Box Mods You Can Find on the Market Today

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019
Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

How important is a DNA box mod? What role does it perform when delivering the good vaping experience? Well, these two questions, among others, are the reasons why this article was written – so you can see for yourself which is the best DNA box mod and the box that has had the most significant impact on the vaping experience for most vapers.

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019
Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

We want to dive into the topic, right away! But, first, you should be informed that there are different generations of box mods in the market and they all have different capabilities and modes of operation. Some of them have been discontinued, thereby paving way for better ones.

We have the likes of the following DNA:

  • 60 Box Mods
  • 75 Box Mods
  • GO Mods
  • 133 Box Mods
  • 167 Box Mods
  • 200 Box Mods
  • 250C Box Mods

As mentioned above, there are different types, of various capacity and strength, but common purpose-pleasurable vaping.

Of all the mods listed above, we would be focusing on the DNA 200 Box Mods and the DNA 250C Box Mod. These two have revolutionized the vaping industry and has brought style in the way DNA Box Mods are designed and package.

Below are the names of the best DNA Box Mods for vaping in 2019.

Best DNA Box Mods – 1. Lavabox DNA 200

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019
Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

Volcano manufactures this product and it is known among vapers to be one of the best DNA Box Mods. The Lavabox Mods have been around for a long time and was designed to give that great vaping experience.

It has a unique appearance, with a frame that is boxy, and a section to hold it at the back, which is made of rubber. It also has buttons on the front that are easily adjustable and a fire button laid out in a standard form.

This device comes with a battery of 900 mAh capacity that can be removed, even though it was included and there is also an option of extenders to a size of 1300 mAh. You can quickly charge it via the USB port on the edge of the front part of the device.

This beautiful Mod can give you a powerful vaping experience of up to 200W, which makes it an excellent option for both the newbies and cloud chasers.

And it has, with it, 510 threading that is plated with gold and loaded with a spring. The device gives you the ability to control its temperature via its coils that are either made of titanium or nickel.

Thus, this DNA Box Mod is one of the Mods that would be your expectations, so don’t fail to check it out.

Best DNA Box Mods – 2. Lost Vape Paranormal 166

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019
Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

This device is a sound 250 chipset and comes with two powerful 18650 batteries that can be bought separately.

The edge of the back part is texturized and has two panels made out of wood. This makes it an attractive device to use. It has an OLED screen, two buttons on the front that can be adjusted and a fire button to kick off good vaping time.

With a wattage of 166W, it safely operates with the two 18650 batteries and works with a wide range of coil resistance, even down to 0.08 ohms for TC vaping and 0.1 ohms resistance.

This Mod charged at an exceptional 2A, which gives it an edge over other products, in that it can be quickly charged up and you can return to vaping, as soon as possible.

We would advise that you check this device out, as we can guarantee you that it is worth every penny or cent.

Best DNA Box Mods – 3. Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250 TC

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019
Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

This device is beautifully designed with a bronze touch to its appearance and a polygon shape. Its performance can hardly be rivaled as it gives its users the best vape experience.

There is the texturized feel on the front screen and at the back panel. It also has an OLED display with the vaping functions that can be easily operated with the three buttons.

You can vape with different types of wires and wattage power of 250W. Plus its stunning ability to take up to three 18650 batteries at once.

The Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250 TC has its 510 connection made out of stainless steel. Plus the device is also spring loaded, so you can never have any issue with connectivity when vaping. It lowest resistance is 0.1 ohms in VW and TC 0.08 ohms so that you can use it with any tank of your choice.

Best DNA Box Mods – 4. Vapour Shark DNA 250

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019
Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

This DNA Box Mods had offered a lot to vapers out there. With its 10 hours wattage power, and a battery pack of 3s LiPo. This product is a standard choice for any vaper that wants to enjoy great and long vaping time.

There is also the opportunity to recharge efficiently, with its 2A charging mode and has the offer of vaping at 250 wattages. It also has the features that enable the vaper to regulate its temperature efficiently.

This DNA Box mod is a standard choice for any vaper. Try it out and you would not regret it.

Best DNA Box Mods – 5. Think Vape Finder DNA250C

Best DNA Box Mods for 2019
Best DNA Box Mods for 2019

This DNA box mod comes with a power capacity of 300 W and can fit up to three 18650 (3) batteries. Making it an excellent choice for your vaping pleasure.

Think Vape Finder DNA250C is made from a zinc alloy material that is durable and comfortable to handle. This Mods also has a battery cover that is made of leather, giving it an elegant appearance. This would be a good choice to any vaper that wants to enjoy vaping comfortably.


There you have it, the list of the best DNA box mods you should check out in 2019. Maybe you do not agree with my list or have better ones to recommend. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to let us know. Thank you!

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