5 Best Drip Tips For Vaping in 2018

5 Best Drip Tips For Vaping in 2018

No one wants to use the included drip tip that comes with your vape anymore. It’s a good thing that there are so many options out there for you to customize your vape to match your personality, but finding the best drip tips is never an easy thing.

We are going to look at 5 tip makers that I personally use to upgrade my vape game. These drip tip manufacturers are all located in the USA, but most have international shipping.  Here are our picks for the best drip tips in the industry.

Top 5 Best Drip Tips

1.Crispy Caps

Crispy Caps comes first in my best drip tips list. Chris P is the sole proprietor of Crispy Caps. He offers tips for many different applications. 510, 810 (goon), Recoil and some tips for older attys like the Anarchist, Atlantis, Goblin, and others. He is primarily an Acrylic drip tip maker with some amazingly complex designs.  Crispy Caps offers 3 major sizes of drip tips. The aforementioned 510 and an 810 multi-fit and wideboy (My Favorite).

5 Best Drip Tips For Vaping in 2018The colors of the caps are split into choices in different color schemes. Blue, Earth Tones, Green, Multicolor, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow.  Each color has at least 10 different color variations to fit your vape perfectly. These tips have a retail value of only $10.99! He also creates Xtra Crispy caps that are extremely unique. Acrylic and stabwood mixes and elaborate color designs are only $12.99 up to $29.99 depending on the color chosen.  This is my go-to tip maker for all my drip tip needs.

2.Double Helix Designs

Jess Marie is the sole proprietor of DHD Accessories. She has an amazingly vast inventory for every application.  There are almost too many to list but I will provide an overview.  She sells 810 drip tips, (goon) 510, Comp caps, Recoil, Trickster, Cleito, Twisted Messes, Velocity,  Jewelry, Knives, and clothing. I have barely touched the tip of items she offers on her site. Her Recoil caps are seen in the industry as some of, if not the most popular for that atomizer. She also has many different designs that are unique to DHD Accessories.  She has no less than 20 colors of each drip tip so there is something unique in your preferred shade there for you to find.

5 Best Drip Tips For Vaping in 2018If you are looking at her site give yourself some time because there are just so many options you will find yourself losing at least an hour just looking at all the products. The prices vary greatly for her accessories.  From $10 all the way up to $18 for a drip tip depending on the type and color you choose.

3.Suck It Drip Tips

Dr. Handcrafted is a tip maker from the USA. He used to be based in Northern Europe but last year relocated to the states. His drip tips are extremely limited. Each drip tip is handmade and no design is the same tip to tip. They come mainly in 810 (goon) variants and fit almost all 810 atomizers. They feature a wide bore design and will definitely start a conversation. His handmade drip tips normally carry a retail price of $25. They are some of the more expensive tips on the market but you will receive an actual piece of art.

5 Best Drip Tips For Vaping in 2018If you haven’t investigated Dr. Handcrafted I really recommend looking at his site. The designs and colors will wow you. There is no doubt that Suck It Drip Tips deserves a place in this best drip tips list.

4. Half Moon Mods

Half Moon Mods has a vast array of drip tips for almost any RDA, RTA, Subohm tank, or MTL atomizer.  All their tips except for a couple metal varieties are all acrylic with feature striking designs. They have over 80 different colors!! That is amazing!  Ok, are you sitting down? Here is the list: 510, Apocalypse, Baby Beast, Cleito, Elite V2, Exo, Fatbastahd, Pangea, Rapture/Redemption, Roughneck V2, Stubby, Tall Boy, TFV8/V12, and X1.  You are sure to find the right tip for any color combination at Half Moon Mods.  The drip tips are $14.99 no matter which style or color you purchase. They have a very helpful fitment guide to make sure the tip you buy will fit your favorite atomizer.

5 Best Drip Tips For Vaping in 2018So, if you do not see your atomizer in the list they will make sure the tip you want will fit the topper you are looking to bling out. They also sell mods and other accessories on their site. If you buy a mod from them they will have a drip tip to match it perfectly. They have mechanical squonkers and tube mech sleeves which are just stunning.

5. JusThaTip

I know it is a funny name, but they make some really great drip tips.  Their catalog of available tips is amazing.  I haven’t purchased from their online store before. I have only in person and at my local vape shop, but I have to say the only bad thing about them is their website is somewhat difficult to navigate. If there are any web designers out there that want to lend them a hand that would be great! The cool thing about Justhatip is their tip designer options. Click on the link for the tip you would like to create and it will bring you to the next page where you can pick the color.  That seems easy enough!

5 Best Drip Tips For Vaping in 2018The price is a little higher at $20 per accessory but the few I do own are very well made and have a very unique color pattern. They have 55 colors for the Goon tip I looked up while further researching their website. They have 33 different atomizers listed on their homepage and most of those can be cross-platformed to another type of device. The options are almost endless.


These are just 5 of the different drip tip manufacturers that I use and have used in the past. I know there are literally hundreds of different companies that make drip tips. A lot of the device manufacturers are also including specialty drip tips with the atomizers right out of the box. Wotofo, Hellvape, Smok, and others are all including colored acrylic drip tips with most atomizers these days.  Having a growing collection of drip tips has not stopped me from placing an order with Crispy Caps from time to time to fill out the color profiles so I always have a drip tip to suit my mood.

Finding the best drip tips isn’t as important as finding the best box mod or the best sub-ohm tank, but it’s still an essential part of vaping. Remember that vaping isn’t just a healthier way of life it can also be a fun hobby. Spruce it up and show your unique style with your vape!

Jess Hawkins

My name is Jess Hawkins, a YouTube reviewer (Coyote Vapor Works) and an advocate for vaping. I have been smoke-free since 2014 and love educating people on the advantages of vaping over smoking. I have a passion for converting smokers to vaping and educating them on the health benefits of switching. Thanks for reading and keep chasing those clouds!