Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018


Regulated box mods are by far the most popular products on the market today. Thanks to the improvements in performance and design by many vape companies, regulated box mods today are better than ever. However, with so many to choose from, it’s hard to tell which one is the best. So if you are shopping for new regulated box mods I have this easy list to get you started!

My list of the best dual 18650 regulated box mods include:

1. Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C comes first in this best dual 18650 regulated box mods list. It is the latest offering from lost vape; known for their high-end mods.  It doesn’t come with a cheap price tag but proves to be worth the money. Sporting the new DNA250C, which is one of the best for temp control on the market and very customizable via PC software DNA chips. They are well loved in the community for these good reasons.

Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018On top of the excellent chip, the mod itself has a nice luxury look to it. The body is very well built with leather and panels that could be wood or carbon fibre or even replaceable depending on your choice of the 15 or so color options available! It’s hard to go wrong with this mod if you have the budget to splurge and the new replay mode makes the TC performance really easy.

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Pros and Cons 

  • Replay feature
  • Boost
  • Evolv software
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 200w
  • Very smart design
  • High-quality build materials
  • Slight carbon fibre replacement panel movement
  • Not all atties sit flush

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Video Review

2. Innokin Proton

Innokin has a long history of making great reliable mods with a very underrated chip in them mostly due to making internal battery mods which aren’t as popular. The Proton is their latest dual 18650 mod and one of the smallest dual 18650 mods on the market. If you want a small one this becomes an easy choice.

Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018It has a large 2-inch color screen, a joystick for easy control and an easy menu system to use. Good temperature control performance and good power mode performance and a nice fire bar make this one of the best. In the kit version, the scion 2 tank is a great tank with the new plexus coils and also has an optional RBA deck available as well.

Innokin Proton Pros and Cons 

  • Power performance and temp performance in TCR mode
  • Accurately rated (wattage / voltage / amperage)
  • Compact size for a dual-18650 mod
  • Watt curve mode
  • No button rattle
  • Large bright color screen
  • The menu system is easy to use.
  • No overhang with 25-mm atomizers
  • Good build quality
  • Uses a boost circuit
  • The instruction manual is simple and easy to understand
  • Firebar has a little play to it
  • Not much variation in the color options

Innokin Proton Video Review 

3. Geekvape Aegis Legend

If you want a small and durable mod, Geekvape has you covered. While it doesn’t do a great job in temp control, it is an excellent power mode mod and extremely durable. It’s IP67 shockproof and waterproof and has a rubberized finish on the outside to protect against dings as well as nice leather and accent colors. Plenty of color options out there too.

Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018If you want a rugged mod you don’t need to baby this one, it is definitely one to look at. There is no doubt that Geekvape Aegis Legend deserves a place in this list of the best dual 18650 regulated box mods.

Geekvape Aegis Legend Pros and Cons 

  • Power performance
  • Accurate wattage output
  • Exceeds voltage rating
  • Water resistant and rugged
  • Wattage curve mode
  • No button rattle
  • Bright 0.91-inch color screen
  • Easy to use menu system
  • Individual battery monitoring
  • Handles 26 mm atomizers without overhang
  • Solid build quality
  • Uses a boost circuit
  • Limited to 40 watts in TC mode
  • The battery door is a little hard to close.

Geekvape Aegis Legend Video Review 

4. Smoant Cylon

The Smoant Cylon offers something that the other mods on this list don’t. And that’s a nice large centered 510 pin that can handle 30mm atomizers without overhang. If you use 30mm atomizers they will look great on this mod. On top of that, it’s a good performer in power and TC modes and has tons of features.

Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018A nice large 1-inch color display and customizable wallpapers make it very unique because you can make your own. It has a nice design, well built and nice leather for style.

Smoant Cylon Pros and Cons 

  • Quality 510
  • Centered 510
  • Big Color Screen
  • High-Quality Leather
  • Fires Fast
  • Great TC
  • Accuracy
  • Curve Modes
  • TCR
  • Does the Full 218 Watts
  • Easy Menu System
  • Beautiful Looks
  • Pocketable
  • 2 amp Charging
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Solid Battery Door
  • Holds 30 mm Atomizers With No Overhang
  • Up and down buttons need to be larger.
  • The screen can’t be customized.

Smoant Cylon Video Review 

5. Modefined Lyra

Much like the proton, this is one of the smaller dual 18650 mods to hit the market. It’s even offered in a unique Ultem colored body. A good performer in power mode and temp mode but it’s a bit basic, lacking some features like preheating or watt curves, but it does a solid job with the features it has, a nice easy to use menu and a nice large color 1-inch screen in a small package.

Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018

With the centered 510 pin and front-facing fire button that makes it very symmetrical and comfy to hold with both hands.

Modefined Lyra Pros and Cons

  • Build quality
  • Nice simple looks and form factor
  • Many color options
  • No button rattle
  • Nice large color screen
  • Power mode performance is good.
  • Nice fire button
  • Mostly accurately rated
  • The battery is easy to get in and out without damaging wraps.
  • Temp Mode performance
  • Nice centered 510 pin
  • Symmetrical design
  • It’s easy to use menu system.
  • Affordable price
  • Battery door can be hard to close and lock.
  • No, preheat or power curve options

Modefined Lyra Video Review

6. Vaporesso Switcher

Vaporesso’s first mod of 2018 came out with a bang. The Vaporesso Switcher is available with or without LEDs and features a removable case so you can color match with your tanks easily with the additional cases for sale. A good performer in both power mode and temp mode, packed to the brim with features too, this is a great choice for any vaper.

Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018Just don’t bother with the kit as there are better tanks than the NRG on the market, but if the price difference is small the NRG is compatible with many coil options from many companies.

Vaporesso Switcher Pros and Cons 

  • Accurate power performance
  • The menu system is easy to use.
  • Temperature control works well.
  • Great build quality
  • Sleek simple design
  • Centered 510 pin
  • Bright screen
  • No button rattle
  • Large fire button
  • Pre-heat options
  • TCR mode
  • Wattage curve mode works really well.
  • The paint job appears durable.
  • Comfortable shape
  • Replaceable cases
  • LED option on the LE edition
  • Boost circuit
  • Temp mode runs a little hot.
  • Slight overhang with 30 mm atomizers

Vaporesso Switcher Video Review 

7. Smoant Charon Mini

Latest mod from Smoant. Good TC and good power mode, basically what you expect from Smoant. Smaller size than the cylon and no leather or anything but a nice mod with a large 2-inch bright screen and every mode you can need in a mod. The nice magnetic backplate for the battery door makes swapping batteries a breeze.

Best Dual 18650 Regulated Box Mods 2018

Smoant Charon Mini Pros and Cons

  • Powerful for its size
  • Instant firing
  • Good/easy menu options
  • Awesome screen
  • Choice of UI
  • Up to 25mm atties/tanks without overhang
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Pass through vaping
  • No battery ribbon and it’s tight in there!

Smoant Charon Mini Video Review 

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