Best E-juice and Vape Juice for 2018

Best E-juice and Vape Juice for 2018

Today there are so many e-liquids and vape juices, how can you tell which one is top quality and which one is not? In this article, we will introduce some premium quality e-juice brands to you. More best e-juice brands will be added to this article later. Maybe you do not agree with me or you have some top vape juice brand to recommend. Just leave a comment and let me know. Thank you!

Best E-juice Halo E-liquid

In 2009, three hard-working people created Halo. They committed to transforming an industry filled with poor quality products. From the very beginning, the entire focus of Halo has been providing vapers with high quality e-juices made to the highest standards — from conception to research and development, to refinement, to production and packaging. Vapers deserve nothing less. Before Halo e-juice is ever made available to vapers, it is tested in an independent laboratory to make sure that it has no unnecessary ingredients. Then it is blended by trained chemists in a clean room. After that, it is put through proprietary steeping process to allow the ingredients to marry and reach peak flavor. Finally, it is labeled with dates and track numbers to ensure you get the finest product possible. Moreover, the e-juice is equipped with an industry-leading child-resistant cap.

Best E-juice, E-liquid and Vape Juice in the Market

Best E-liquid Naked 100

Naked 100 e-juice is a brand made by the Schwartz E-liquid Group. They pride themselves on simple, fruity flavors with no fuss or hype. Their focus is on clean and unprocessed ingredients to produce a quality vape.

Best E-liquid Naked 100Naked 100 becomes famous quickly in the vaping industry, and it is very easy to see why. Naked 100 e-liquid offers a clean, yet natural tasting vaping experience which is hard to beat. With excellent fruit flavors, candy-sweet options that manage to avoid too much sweetness and menthols that pack a punch but have more complex elements layered in, every single e-juice they offer is really enjoyable. If you like fruits, candy or menthol e-juices, it’s definitely worth picking up a selection. Once you try them, you’ll see why Naked 100 is on this best e-juice list.

Best E-juice Naked 100 Video Review

Best E-juice Back Note E-liquid

Best E-juice Back Note E-liquid

The Black Note e-liquids is one of the best-tasting tobacco e-liquids on the market. The tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves. The liquids do not contain diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, ethylene glycol diethylene glycol, acrolein, acetoin and any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or chemical additives. Black Note uses a six-week cold maceration process, which is the best method of extracting delicate tobacco essences. Black Note e-liquids are coil-friendly, which means that they do not degrade replaceable coils as quickly as synthetic ones. The lab report of Back Note is completed by an independent American laboratory. Besides, Black Note deliberately stayed away from flavors FDA considers appealing to minors. It crafted tobacco-only liquid lineup to appeal to adult smokers and vapors, and no one else.

Best E-juice Charlie’s Chalk Dust

The name of Charlie’s Chalk Dust may be a mouthful, but the e-liquids are definitely among the best in the market. Vapers worldwide are crazy about this brand’s unique flavors, which come from the mind of some crazy chemists. They feature elegant and smooth blends of savory and sweet flavors. Charlie’s Chalkdust is best known for its class black and white bottles. The juice lives up to its name and its flavors are rich in sophistication, without being overly pretentious. No matter you are looking for a nice sour apple candy flavor, or a rich vanilla cream, Charlie is your best choice. Their white label line focuses on sweet candy flavors, while their black label line focuses on the dessert lovers. If you are drawn in by its name like Wonder Worm and Trueberry Sugar & Knife, don’t worry. You are not the first person to be drawn in by its name, whatever that means!

Best E-juice Charlie's Chalk Dust


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