11 Best E-liquid Brands from the UK and the USA


Best E-liquid brands I have tried.

As a reviewer, I have tried a massive amount of e-liquids in my time, some for review and others at expos and stores. I am always being asked what my best e-liquid brands are, so I thought I would share some with you.

This has been a tough list to write overall, there are many fantastic brands out there and many that are no longer with us that would have easily made it onto this list. The lists are compiled in no particular order.

Best E-liquid Brands from the United Kingdom

1. IVG – Apple Berry Crumble

11 Best E-liquid Brands from the UK and the USA

This juice has a flawless ability to take over your senses and capture all of your attention. IVG E-juice is a truly special juice blend that combines high-quality ingredients with the thoughtful product and gives us a winning combination.

You will really look forward to seeing everything they can come up with and making the most of every vape break. Apple Berry Crumble is a stunning mix of apples and berries topped off with a truly authentic crumble topping.

2. T’s Custard Line 

The entire line! This is one of the best custard lines I have ever tried from a UK company hands down! You can purchase the e-liquid from Vivdvapes.co.uk.

3. Momo – Original line

6 equally great flavors + 2 ice variants. You can buy them from the website of Momo.

Momo is one of the most famous e-liquid suppliers in the UK. Momo provides products which are made hygienically and to a high standard. To provide full transparency of ingredients, they have been reviewed and had vital testing.

11 Best E-liquid Brands from the UK and the USA4. Caledonian Vapes – Alba Mist 

Caledonian Vapes is a seriously dedicated company which produce low cost but high-quality e-liquids. Massive selection of flavors is available for you to choose from.

5. Just Jam 

Just Jam is just that sweet and ripe strawberry jam with different and unique variations of this British icon. It’s like a time capsule of summer when you first open the bottle and inhale the sweet aroma, that unforgettable smell of, well, just jam!

4 original jammy flavors that hit the spot every time, a couple of spin-off lines. Well recommended.

11 Best E-liquid Brands from the UK and the USA6. Dr. Vapes 

The Doctor made his first e-juice in 2014. After years of developing special recipes known as ‘All Day Vapes’ he knows has developed ranges available in the market including ‘All Dat Stuff’, ‘The Panther Series’ and much more.

Dat Blue Stuff! Blue Slush no ice – stunning!

Best E-liquid Brands from the United States

1. Ruthless 

Great selection of liquids. A firm favorite from the beginning.

Ruthless Vapor is a sweet candy e-juice manufacturing company from Southern California which has transformed the vaping industry since 2011. Ruthless is dedicated to creating the best e-liquid combinations with the best ingredients.

2. Beard Vape Co. 

Some great flavors including the first US juice I tried – No.64.

Maybe the most layered e-juice on the vaping market, NO. 64 is a unique raspberry hibiscus twist. NO. 64 is a sophisticated yet simple flavor, boasting hints of tart berry and sweet, aromatic hibiscus. Only using the finest ingredients, NO. 64 is one of the best fruit flavors on the market because the flavor is not just a hint of raspberry.

11 Best E-liquid Brands from the UK and the USA3. Loaded

Possibly one of my all time favorites. UK purchasers can visit the Simply Eliquid to purchase.

There are various flavors to choose from including apple fritter, smores, jam donut, lemon bar, melon milkshake, apple and cranberry, cookie butter and of course my favorite glazed donut.

Not only my favorite from the line but also my favorite donut liquid that I have tried.

4. Humble Juice 

Gorgeous flavors. Big Bottles! Vapers from the UK can purchase them from the Simply Eliquid.

I was unsure of these when I first saw them a year or so ago in America due to the pricing of the bottles. There is nothing worse than spending £40 on a bottle and hating it! I wish I had bit the bullet back then though.

11 Best E-liquid Brands from the UK and the USA5. Flawless 

You can find some really great tasting liquids from Flawless and some that I will return to time and time again.

Thanks for reading, dear vapers. I appreciate it! I will come back with more reviews soon. Hope this article can help you find the e-juice that suits you best. You can comment below and share your choice for the best e-liquid brands.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!