Best Mech Mod for 2018

Best Mech Mod for 2018

Mechanical mod, or mech mod comes a variety of shapes and sizes. Because of its simplistic design, mech mod’s performance can vary greatly depending on the type of battery used. Similarly, when using mechanical mods, the type of build in your atomizer will have a great effect on your vaping experience. Today, mech mods are mostly used by seasoned vapers and they are not for beginner vapers. In the world of mechanical mods, they are so many brands and types for vapers to choose from. Today we will take a look at the best mech mods available in the market of 2018. Maybe you do not agree with our opinion or have used mech mods which are much better than the ones in the list. Just leave a comment below and let us know and we will add them to the list.

Best Mech Mod VGOD Elite

We recently tested several good mech mods. After a few weeks of heavy use, we found that VGOD Elite is the best of them.

Once you received it, you will be impressed by the appearance of the VGOD Elite. The mechanical mod is an elegant 24mm hybrid tube. It is characterized by an awesome VGOD engraving and emboldened flag crest logo. It has a unique bowed design, which tapers down on the bottom. It’s glossy in polished, very beautiful.

Best Mech Mod VGOD EliteIts carbon fiber button has a nice texture and comfortable touches. In addition, the button is recessed so you can sit on a table and needn’t worry about that it will fire automatically. As the performance, this VGOD Elite mech mod delivers tons of power like a beast. It almost does everything you could possibly expect a mod to do.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the performance of the VGOD Elite mech mod. With study structure, cool looking, solid switch and complete connections, it is a must have for seasoned vapers.

Best Mech Mod VGOD Elite Features

VGOD Elite Crest Design
Deep Set VGOD Engraving
510 Hybrid Connection
Floating Battery Adjustment
Copper Contact
Aerospace Carbon Fiber Switch
Plastic Tube Insert for Battery Protection

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Best Mech Mod WISMEC Noisy Cricket

Wismec Noisy Cricket is a fashionable, authentic mechanical mod. It has six glossy colors and looks elegant. Besides, the mech mod features aluminum alloy body and a surface brushed treatment, which looks very classic. In addition to series connection plus high power output, the special linkage set as well as ventilation hole design, which makes the mech mod more adaptable and popular among seasoned vapers.

Best Mech Mod WISMEC Noisy CricketWith changeable batteries, Wismec Noisy Cricket mod is safer and more convenient. The power output depends on the level of the battery and the resistance of the coil. However, you will definitely get an extreme vaping experience. The device has a fire button at the top, which greatly improves the contact efficiency and convenient operation.

Wismic seems to have put some ideas into safety. At the bottom of the fire button, the device has an insulation ring to protect the circuit. Big vent holes at the bottom prevent the battery from overheating. But it has no reverse battery protection, so be careful when inserting a battery.

Best Mech Mod WISMEC Noisy Cricket

WISMEC Noisy Cricket Features

A special linkage set: At the baseboard, near the hybrid adapter, is a linkage that can perfectly work with 510 connectors of dissimilar lengths. This boosts the suitability of the unit.
Bottom ventilation holes: The six ventilation holes located at the bottom of mod body help dissipate the extra heat.
SMPL style button, unique linkage set, and bottom ventilation holes
Recommended resistance range is 0.25 – 0.5ohm
Dimensions: 79mm x 40mm x 22mm
Works with two 18650 batteries in series

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Best Mech Mod Geekvape Mech Pro Mod

Geekvape Mech Pro is an advanced, unregulated mechanical box mod. It features a gold-plated brass hardwired circuit system. The mech mod is not just a typical box mod like other dual-cell mech mods. This device can use single or dual 18650 batteries, specifically designed for seasoned vapers.

Best Mech Mod Geekvape Mech Pro ModThis well-constructed mech mod measures about 96mm in height by 53mm in length by 25.5mm in width. Geekvape Mech Pro is made from zinc alloy and also features interchangeable cover plate.

It weighs 371g, which is quite heavy. You can really feel the weight of this device even without batteries. To lock or unlock the device, there is an inner switch hedge inside the battery casket. This can disable the firing button from firing accidentally.

Best Mech Mod Geekvape Mech Pro ModThis mod is very good to hold even with its weight. Geekvape Mech Pro is one of those mech mods with battery reversal protection, so you needn’t worry about battery explosion. Just make sure you have good batteries and don’t put cheap batteries in this mod.

Geekvape Mech Pro has a maximum output of 30Amp and can be vaped from 0.1 to 3 ohms, which is enough for most users. Please note that for safety reasons, Geekvape doesn’t recommend users to push below 0.1ohm.

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