Best Mini Box Mods/Vape Mods 2019 | Top 4 Mini Vape Mods on the Market Now

Best Mini Box Mods 2019

Hello everyone. Today we are going to talk about the best mini box mods that you can find on the market. Mini box mods are usually the best option for newbies or for vapers that love vaping discreetly.

Best Mini Box Mods 2019
Best Mini Box Mods 2019

Although there have been some limitations concerning what they can offer to their users. They are mostly small-sized vaping devices, with advanced chip and battery tech. The power produced by these batteries has been developed to give enough strength to the device, which has ensured that vapers can vape for a long time. Making them as powerful as their bigger counterpart.

Best Mini Box Mods 2019

In this article are the top brands that have invested a lot into producing top-notch mini box mods, which come in various battery capacities. These products have been designed to work perfectly for a great vaping experience.

Here are the best mini box mods that have gained the trust of most stealth vapers, and also by our team of trained workers. Who has taken their time to test this product by tasting it themselves?

Best Mini Box Mods – 1. Eleaf Basal

Best Mini Box Mods 2019
Best Mini Box Mods 2019

This mini box mod is different from other mini vapes out there. It is designed to fit any newbie that wants to vape a slim and compact mouth to lung device.

Eleaf Basal also comes with clean edges that give it a simple, yet beautiful look. You should make sure that you use the tank that comes in the kit. As it is only compatible with its parts. If you use any other part from other devices, the functionality would be affected and the overall appearance would look distorted, due to its small size.

But one thing is sure that this product’s tank is a high performing device. So there’s no need to be exchanging it with another.

This mod has an inbuilt battery of 1500 mah capacity, which can be recharged via the USB port on it. The resistance of its coil is from 0.6 ohms to 3.0 ohms and has a 2A quick charging feature, making it easy to recharge.

This slim mod has a weight of 136 g with the tank intact, and 120 g without the tank. Making it a good option for vapers that love to keep their device with them.

Best Mini Box Mods – 2. Innokin CoolFire Mini

Best Mini Box Mods 2019
Best Mini Box Mods 2019

This mini box mod can fit into your hand quickly and can be carried anywhere comfortably. It is one of the best mini vape mods that have been used, widely, in 2018, and would continue to remain so in 2019.

This beauty comes with a battery of 1300 mah capacity, has a power of 40w and fires down to 0.2 ohms. The battery can be recharged via its USB port and a pass-through charging feature is supported.

Best Mini Box Mods – 3. Smok AL85 Mod (Alien Mini)

Best Mini Box Mods 2019
Best Mini Box Mods 2019

This box mod is one of the most powerful brands that have gained the trust of its users and have been around for a long time. They are called the baby sibling to the bigger Alien mods. It is ideal to take this beauty around in your pocket.

One of its unique features is that it has a trigger fire bar. Which is located at the bottom of the mod and can be operated by pushing it gently. It is essential to buy a 18650 battery, which is usually not included. It can quickly charge up your device for a long vaping experience.

The power output is 85w and has a coil resistance of 0.1 ohms. This machine also has a chip that enables it to handle the Ni200 Stainless Steel and Titanium wires when used in temperature control mode.

Best Mini Box Mods – 4. Wismec RX Mini

Best Mini Box Mods 2019
Best Mini Box Mods 2019

This company is known for producing active vaping devices and their mini box mods are no exception. They provide one of the best, high-quality tools that can be comfortably held, due to its small size.

Though this vaping device is the smallest in our list, we want to mention that it is arguably the most potent item, in that is offers a power output of 80w and has an included battery of 2100 mah capacity.

This device is powerful enough for any vaper and is part of the list of the mod made by RX Mini that can satisfy all vapers.

When compared to what it can do, you would be amazed by the fact that this device is small for such features. It also has a temperature control feature and its firmware is ungradable.


Of all the mini box mods out there, there are a couple of them that are worth your time and money. These are at the top of the list that can bring your vaping experience to its peak.

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