Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018

Nicotine salt ejuice is favored by many people due to its satisfying nature. This processed nicotine is less harsh to the throat than the normal nicotine used in ejuices. A salt-based nicotine ejuice is usually easier to inhale, and the amount of nicotine delivered per puff is higher, which is very satisfying for those who have just begun to explore vaping as an alternative to smoking.

Many popular manufacturers, such as Naked 100, produce high quality nicotine salt ejuice. It has a variety of flavors to satisfy all tastes and personalities. People who use low wattage mods will find the nicotine salt juice particularly satisfying. It is also possible to find these e-liquids in pod form for popular pod vaporizers. We recommend vapers to start with a lower nicotine consistency because the delivery of nicotine from these eliquids is more substantial.

My best nicotine salt ejuice list includes: 

1. Halo Nicotine Salts 

Just one hit of Halo nicotine salts and you will know that you are onto something special, which is so powerful, yet so smooth. You may be surprised at how far it can go. They satisfy your smoker’s craving but you never have to light up. And the flavors you know and love, but like you’ve never experienced them before!

The Halo nicotine salts are made only from quality ingredients which you can trust. Every taste will remind you why you chose them in the first place.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018

2. Naked 100 Salt Eliquid

Naked 100 Salt Eliquid comes first in this list. As one of the most well-known ejuice brands in the industry, Naked 100 now brings vapers its most popular flavors using nicotine salts. Naked 100 Salt E-Liquid is a collection of its most popular e-juice flavors, which include American Patriots, Frost Bite, Lava Flow, Really Berry and Brain Freeze. Each flavor of Naked 100 Salt E-Liquid is packaged in a 30ML glass bottle and available in 35MG and 50MG strengths. American Patriots take a cut from tobacco line of Naked 100 and bring vapers a classic blend of rich tobacco. Frost Bite uses pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew slices with a cooling taste. Lava Flow is made of fresh strawberries, coconut, and pineapple. Really Berry is a complex mixture of blueberries, blackberries, and a lemon sugar drizzle. Brain Freeze is made of strawberries, kiwi, and a hint of pomegranate.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 20183. Yami Vapor Yami Salt

Although there is only one flavor in this series of nicotine salt e-juice, Yami Vapor introduces its third flavor Yami Salt Icy Trio into the Yami Vapor E-Juice line, following the bestseller, Taruto. The Icy Trio flavor offers an incredible “trio” of lychee, kiwi and strawberry with a sweet taste and a hint of cool mint. It is a refreshing flavor, using nicotine salt and fruit to please your taste bud. It is packaged in an attractive box which holds a 30ML chubby gorilla bottle. This ejuice is available in one nicotine strength of 50MG using a salt nicotine.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018

4. Sugoi Vapor Nicotine Salt Eliquid

Sugoi Vapor introduces its Sugoi nicotine salt ejuice collection – RYU and Sakura, which are fruit-flavored eliquids. Both RYU and Sakura use nicotine salts available in a 50MG strength. Each 30ML plastic chubby gorilla bottle is packaged in an attractive box. RYU is a blend of Tropical Fruits of Asia, composing of Lychee, Kiwi and Dragon Fruit. The first thing that you will experience is the sweetness of Dragon fruit combining with the good balance of Lychee percentage, which will be followed up by the hint of Kiwi. This could be the flavor you are looking for if you love sweet fruity flavors for vaping. The Sakura from Sugoi Nic Salt is a blend of three fruity flavors of Peach, Pineapple and Mango. The Mango flavor will be more dominant of these three flavors, a sweet mango and it will be followed up by a hint of Peach. With a good blend of fruity flavors and Nicotine Salts, these two flavors can possibly compete with the Best Nicotine Salte Ejuice of 2018.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 20185. USALT PG+VG Premium Nicotine Salt E-liquid 

USALT premium nicotine salt ejuice not only offers vapers a comparable experience to smoking a real cigarette, but also comes in various delicious flavors, including  Mixed Fruit, Ice Mango, Milk Strawberry, Litchi Grape, Sweet Menthol, Tea Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco, Nutty Tobacco, Original Tobacco and USA Tobacco. 30ml each bottle in 65PG/35VG, with 50mg high nicotine strength options.  If you are looking for the best nicotine salt ejuice to get that cigarette smoking sensation, you’re gonna love this stuff, which will give you a pure flavor with optimal vapor. There is no doubt that USALT premium nicotine salt ejuice deserves a place in this list.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018

6. Mr Salt-E Blood Orange Lemonade

Tantalizingly juicy blood oranges with a traditional tart lemonade taste give this e-liquid a perfect balance of flavors. And an extremely satisfying mouth feel and throat hit will have  nicotine salt lovers puff on their pod mod all day long.

This e-juice is specifically designed for pod devices and other low-output atomizers, so make sure to only use it in pod devices like the Suorin Air, Suorin Drop, Eleaf Icare Solo, or Vapor Zeus Kits.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018

7. Solace Butterscotch

Another very popular nicotine salt e-liquid. Inspired by the flavors of European bakeries, this Butterscotch juice is developed and handcrafted in the heart of Southern California.

It’s rich and creamy with notes of caramel and a distinctive tobacco base. This 50/50 PG/VG e-juice will make you want to hop the next plane to Europe.

Solace Butterscotch is not meant for RDAs or sub-ohm tanks. This e-juice is high in nicotine and  meant only for MTL devices.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018

8. Propaganda Salts Blue Slushee

Propaganda is well-known for producing excellent flavors and its 35 and 50 mg/ml nicotine salt collection hasn’t disappointed its fans.

Refreshing is an understatement when you vape the Blue Slushee e-liquid from the Propaganda Salts Collection! Blitz your taste buds with a blast of cool blue raspberry slushee combined with a touch of nicotine salts to offer you that extra throat hit. Spark refreshment on a hot summer day with Blue Slushee e-liquid by Propaganda Salts for the ultimate laid-back flavor.

Best Nicotine Salt Ejuice/Eliquid 2018Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Koolada

VG/PG Blend: 50%VG – 50%PG

Thank you for reading and I really appreciate! You may don’t agree with me or have used better ones. Please leave a comment below and I’ll add them to this best nicotine salt ejuice list very soon after trying them.


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