Best Pod Vape for 2018

Best Pod Vape for 2018

Pod vape is small in size, light in weight and easy to operate, which makes it ideal for smokers to make the switch to vaping. Pod mod is also a perfect device to carry around when you’re on the go. We have tested quite a few pod vapes on the market and make this list. If you do not agree with us or have better devices to recommend, just leave a comment bellow and let us know.

Best Pod Vape – Aspire Breeze

The Aspire Breeze is an all-in-one device with a compact and ergonomic design. It feels good in the hand no matter how you hold or grip it. It employs a built-in refillable tank which holds 2ml e-juice and is compliant with TPD requirements. The Breeze employs U-tech coils, a 0.6 ohm coil for advanced flavor and vapor production, the other 1.2 ohm coil designed specifically to work perfectly with high nicotine e-juice.

Best Pod Vape Aspire Breeze

In addition to its simplicity and good-looking design, the Breeze is also super easy to use. Its auto-fire feature adds more convenience to your daily vaping. You needn’t press the fire button. It will work for you as long as you inhale through the drip tip. You can fill the Breeze from the top. Just pull off the drip tip section, unscrew and remove the chimney unit, then you can add your preferred e-juice into the tank. The Breeze can be charged from its Micro-USB charging port. The maximum charging current can reach 800mA. You can also charge the Breeze by using the charging dock, which is more convenience.

Aspire Breeze Features

  • Automatic on/off
  • Top filling
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • 2ml tank and 650mAh battery
  • U-tech coil for flavorful vape

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Best Pod Vape – Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop is an ultra-compact pod vape designed for vapers looking for an easy-to-use device. Shaped like a water drop, it comes with 2 ml empty pods for refilling. It has a 300 mAh internal battery and uses 1.3 Ohm coils. It offers a tight draw, which works exceptionally well for MTL vaping. The Suorin Drop measures a mere 73 mm x 49 mm x 12 mm, which makes it suitable for even the smallest pocket. Although the Suorin Drop is small in size, with a full pod, it has a notable heft and at 65 grams.

Drop offers a flavorful vape, devoid of spit back and hot-pops. That is the reason why it is on to our list. The pods are easy to fill with a needle-tip dropper, to use any juice you choose. The coils have a short break in time, you can vape it while charging. More importantly, the cartridges don’t leak. We recommend Suorin Drop if you are a pod chaser and also a big fan of a tight MTL draw.

Suorin Drop Features

  • Water-drop design with portable size
  • Air switch for easy vaping and operation
  • 300mAh battery with 2ml cartridge
  • Micro USB charging

Suorin Drop Video Reviews

Best Pod Vape – JUUL

JUUL paved the way for pod vape revolution. It is one of the best pod vapes you can buy to this day. The assembled device is only a few inches long and weighs just a few grams. However, if you compare it to other similar products, JUUL may be the most comfortable to use. JUUL has a very ergonomic design. You can clip it between your fingers like a real cigarette. It is so light that you can hold it between your lips when taking a drag.

If you take a close look at the device, you will find a small LED light. When you plug a JUUL pod into the battery and take a pull, it will light up. You can also use it to check the battery life of the device. Just tap the area below the LED light twice, and it will flash in either one of three colors: green means it is fully charged, yellow battery life in half, and red no power left.

Best Pod Vape for 2018The one-piece structure of the JUUL battery and device is spectacular. Unlike other e-cigarettes, the finish of JUUL is sturdy. You will not even see nor feel any seams. JUUL put much thought into making the device because even the magnetic charging dock is of top quality. You just need to place the JUUL into the slot, and it will start charging immediately, much more convenient than other e-cigarettes.

It works very well with a fresh pod until the last hit. With JUUL, you will not experience any dry or burnt-tasting puff. It works every time. Even a small pull can bring you pure satisfaction. JUUL is a must have for any smoker who wants to make the switch. Also, it is a perfect device for any vaper who needs stealthy vaping. It employs 0.7 mL pods, which are prefilled with 5% salt-based nicotine. JUUL also adopts a patented temperature control system to offer powerful and consistent flavor.

JUUL Features

  • The Juul e-cigarette unit with built-in battery
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • Tiny form factor easily fits in the pocket
  • Tight MTL draw that closely mimics the draw of cigarettes
  • The device has an internal temperature control system; you will not get a dry hit ever
  • It takes an hour to charge fully and will last up to 200 puffs
  • Juul pods use non-tobacco sourced “nicotine salts”

JUUL Video Review

Best Pod Vape – SMPO Kit

SMPO Kit is a well-made AIO Starter Kit with ultra-compact and ergonomic design. It is very easy to put your pocket and carry around. Just plug in a pod, turn it on and inhale. SMPO is draw activated, so you needn’t do anything else besides puff on it. SMPO has a 650mAh built-in battery and uses 1.8 pre-filled and non-refillable nicotine salt based e-juice pod which contains 18 mg or 50 mg nicotine. The pod has three flavors for vapers to choose from. SMPO comes in two colors, blue and back, with a carbon fiber design.

Best Pod Vape SMPO KitSMPO pod adopts magnetic connection which conveniently snaps into the SMPO battery. SMPO uses LED lights to indicate the life of battery. Together with a comfortable mouthpiece, a convenient 5 clicks fire button and a micro-USB port for quick charging, SMPO Kit will be enjoyed by smokers, perfect for veteran stealth vapers.

SMPO Kit Features

  • Ultra-compact and Ergonomic AIO Starter Kit
  • Pre-filled Nicotine Salt E-liquid Made in USA
  • 18mg/ml and 50ml/ml Nicotine Strength Options
  • Uniquely Satisfying Flavor with Great Throat Hit
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece
  • Conveniently Magnetic Connection between Pod and Battery
  • Safe & Convenient 5 Clicks Fire Button
  • Micro USB Quick Charge System
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Low Liquid Detection
  • Patented Porous Ceramic Heating Element

SMPO Kit Features Video Review

Best Pod Vape – VOOPOO Panda 

The VOOPOO Panda Pod Starter Kit is designed for beginners and minimalist vapor users. Inspired by the panda, the starter kit comes with a lovely appearance and ergonomic design. It is so tiny but powerful. Equiped with a built-in 1100mAh battery, the pod starter kit allows you to enjoy a long-lasting vape after 1.5 hour charging.

The panda is made of rubber, which can give you a soft touch feeling. In addition, this starter kit has 5ml pod capacity, and two different pods for nicotine salt and other juices.  Its new vertical juice injection system enables more air to come in to produce larger vapor and better flavor, and its multiple safty protections can avoid all the potential risks. With a lovely appearance, an ergonomic shape, an adequate battery life, and reliable vaping performance, the VOOPOO Panda is no doubt one of the best pod vapes available on the market now.

Best Pod Vape for 2018

VOOPOO Panda Specs

  • Dimensions: 75*47.5*27.4mm
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Wattage: 8W & 12W
  • Resistances: 1.2Ω(8W) & 0.8Ω(12W)
  • Battery capacity: 1100mAh
  • Support to fill E-liquid multiple times
  • Charging method:USB
  • Charging time:1.5H

VOOPOO Panda Video


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