Best Premium E-Juice/E-Liquid 2019 | Top 4 Premium E-Liquids on the Market Now

Best Premium E-Juice 2019

Best Premium E-Juice 2019

Hey there guys. Today we’re going to talk about the best premium e-juice available on the market now. Why is the word “premium” added to some e-juice products? What makes it special?

Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019
Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019

The word “premium” is a word used in the vaping industry to reflect the price of that product. If you purchase any premium e-juice, you should know that you will be spending more cash than you would when buying regular e-juice.

The high quality and taste from premium e-juice are usually noticeable. They have extra details added to the way they were designed and the contents in them are unique.

They usually have the following features:

  • A rare blend of flavors
  • Special tasting
  • Made with recipes that are accurate and diverse.
  • It is more difficult to clone them.
  • You are sure of getting a taste that is consistent.

With these qualities, it is quite apparent that they are not made in a regular way. They are usually certified by the International Organization of standardization. Thus, they are not made in the typical local way of making the regular e-juice. They are all manufactured in labs that must be certified by the ISO.

This type of e-liquid is tested by labs that use gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). This action guarantees the quality of the brand by making sure that the e-juice is not traceable.

There’s more

The ingredients used in this type of e-juice are not the once seen in the regular e-juice, as the manufacturers of this product usually contract any top rated chemist to produce unique flavors that are different from the rest.

The amount for vaping premium e-juice is usually between 0.70 to 1.00 dollars per ml. The exact amount of money you would spend would directly vary with the quantity of vape juice you use daily. But if you are worried for your pocket, then you should know that you can still vape premium e-liquids without spending too much cash by using mouth-to-lung tanks, which would provide the optimal flavor experience that you seek.

Thus we always advise getting these products at shops that would provide it for you at a bargained price, thereby providing you the opportunity to vape without worries of cash.

Below are the names of the best premium e-juice that you should get in 2019.

Best Premium E-juice – 1. Black Note E-juice

Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019
Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019

This brand offers premium e-juices that are made from real tobacco, which is done through a natural extraction procedure. They provide vast range flavors that are original, from the bold ones to the sweetened flavored ones. You can also have flavors that are made from peppermint extract to give menthol effect. The blend contains 50% for VG and PG, each.

Best Premium E-juice – 2. Glas E-juice

Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019
Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019

This company has gained the reputation of proving flavors that are top-notch and unique. You should check out their Glazed and Pound Cake, which are part of the original flavors, with a new line which offers super premium vaping experience at an affordable price.  You can also purchase the Dunk, Fizzy Lemonade and their Butterscotch Reserve.  Each of the products has a 70/30 ratio of VG and PG respectively.

Best Premium E-juice – 3. Bear Vape Co. E-juice

Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019
Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019

They have been around for a long time and gained the reputation of providing high-quality premium e-juice. Offering a wide range of flavors from their unique savory desserts to the beverages that are delicious and unique.

They come in 70% to 30% of VG/PG ratio and are you are sure of getting that tasty clouds whenever you purchase this product.

Best Premium E-juice – 4. Naked 100 E-juice 

Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019
Best Premium E-Juice for Vaping in 2019

They offer e-juice that has that tropical feeling to it as you are sure of getting their best flavor to form their stock of premium e-juice. Check out their famous Hawaiian POG, Lava Flow, and Maui Sun. These are among their best e-juice. They also offer sour-sweet, American Patriot and Berry Belts. This top-notch e-juice is readily available for purchase at 70/30 blend of VG and PG respectively.


Thank you for reading dear vapers and we truly appreciate! We were sure of providing you with enough information to quench any thought of you not being able to get the best premium e-juice. Thus, for 2019, we would advise that you should stick with these products, or if you want any other one, specifically on your mind, don’t fail to notify us. Keep calm and vape on!

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