Joyetech Exceed D19 Starter Kit Review


Joyetech Exceed D19 First Impression

So, where can I even start with this starter kit? I was super excited when Joyetech Exceed D19   turned up and got all giddy when I first opened the box! What a beauty this Exceed kit is! It’s really stylish and just so happened to match my favourite trainers so it was winning already with me! I have always used these ‘pen style’ devices so I was right in my comfort zone with this kit and thought I knew exactly what to expect…Or so I thought!

Joyetech Exceed D19 First Impression

Joyetech Exceed D19 Specs and Features

There were two coils supplied with it. One was silver and the other Gold (Always believe in your soul! Sorry I couldn’t resist!). I like my vaping to be like a cigarette. Therefore, I opt for the 1.2ohm as this was the one meant for this kind of experience.

After ‘priming’ the coil and making sure everything was ready, I took my first vape. Oh, wow! What in the heck was that? The flavour came through pretty much instantly and it was so intense, like I was actually eating my mango & raspberry ice cream liquid but in vape form! Unbelievable how it highlighted just how much I was missing out on from other daily vaping devices. I think it only took me about an hour to completely drain my tank and I was already eagerly filling it back up to carry on! Definitely the best flavour I have had so far in an e-cig.

The airflow has two different settings as well which I was not expecting. There is a large hole which lets you take in more air. And there are three much smaller holes which I used for that more traditional draw simulating a cigarette. It’s a great extra that I thought adding something new to cater for those people who like a different vaping style, kudos Joyetech!

You fill the device from the top which is a new feature to me. It really made it easy to top up when I was out and about without having to actually take the tank off and faff about with all those separate pieces that somehow end up all over the place!

I also loved this little light ring that seemed to surround the tank. It made the Exceed kit look really cool and absolutely appealed to me. The battery worked great too and seemed to be consistent throughout the full charge! You can change the way it outputs power as well so it makes the vape more intense if it’s on ‘unregulated’ mode (which has a nice Amber light). This is helpful for the morning time when I get that ultimate cigarette craving!

Joyetech Exceed D19 Final Thoughts

I mentioned it earlier. However, I just wanted to reiterate just how nice this device looks and feels. The size is just right and it is not bulky at all, perfect for pockets! I would recommend this to anyone who wants something that delivers unbelievable flavour. Truly you would not be disappointed. It is compact, stylish and just plain awesome! I will be using the Exceed kit for a long time to come. It is my favourite e-cig without a doubt, and without trying to sound too cheesy, it absolutely does EXCEED all expectations!


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