4 Best Vape Communities On the Internet

4 Best Vape Communities On the Internet


Hello dear vapers. John Pietersma is here again. Today we are going to introduce 4 best vape communities on the Internet to you.

Social media plays an important role in the development of the vaping industry. Not only is it a place for vapers to share information, knowledge and tips but it also servers as a place for business.

Companies worldwide have accepted social media as the most successful way to advertise their products and gain followings. By using social media influencers and reviewers worldwide they are able to reach an audience much larger than just going at it alone.

Aside from business, the social vaping scene is huge. Vapers around the world are all interconnected via forums, message boards and image sharing platforms.

4 Best Vape Communities On the InternetThrough these platforms, vapers of all kinds, from beginner to expert, are able to connect together and discuss all things vaping. Often times new vapers find themselves within these places seeking advice, knowledge and general discussion

While there are many places to visit, there are some really large vaping forums and boards that serve hundreds of thousands of readers.

Sorting through all of them can be a bit daunting, some are full of rude, ignorant and unhelpful people while others are more welcoming. Keep reading to find out about some of the best vape communities to visit on the Internet.

My list of best vape communities online includes: 

1. Reddit

Reddit serves millions of users worldwide so it only makes sense that it would be on this list. Reddit is a wealth of information for just about anything you can think of and e-cigarettes just happens to be one of them.

4 Best Vape Communities On the Internet

It is unknown how long the original e-cigarette subreddit has been around for but today it hosts well over 200,000 readers. There is a good deal of information available on Reddit pertaining to vaping, some of it is relevant and some of it is specific to certain products.

New vapers are encouraged to take part in the community and ask questions as they please as long as they follow the posted rules.

Within Reddit there are several vaping subreddits. The largest is /r/electronic_cigarette while there also exists many others for specific countries. /r/canadian_ecigarette for Canadians as well as European forums and more.

If you are a DIY enthusiast the /r/diy_ejuice is one of the biggest DIY communities on the Internet. Home to a user by the name of concrete river. Here you can find thousands of recipes, reviews for almost every flavor concentrate ever made and so much more.

Many e-juice companies have started their business within the confines of Reddit. Over the years Reddit vendors have become intertwined with the community, offering regular exclusive sales to Reddit members.

2. Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF)

ECF is right at the top with Reddit when it comes to popularity. It is a massive forum with hundreds of thousands of members that serves almost every e-cigarette topic you can think of. Just like Reddit there are places for new users as well as experienced users. Following the rules within this forum is highly recommended as users can tend to get a bit rude if they are not.

4 Best Vape Communities On the Internet

Without even making a post, simply searching the forum for questions you have will generally turn up results that will find a solution to what you seek.

ECF has also been a major advertising platform for companies around the world. Some companies even have their own dedicated forums withing the board.

ECF is said to be responsible for the invention of the squonk mod. A certain user came up with the idea for a self feeding RDA type system but apparently it did not work out as well as it was expected, it was only shortly after that someone else created another and the hype took off.

ECF is a great resource for all vapers but the chief complaint from most is that the users can be rude, disrespectful and slightly unwelcoming. Aside from that the knowledge base here is fantastic.

3. facebook

Yes, facebook. When we discuss best vape communities, facebook will always be on the list because it hosts the most users of any website worldwide. Within the facebook framework there are hundreds of vaping groups.

4 Best Vape Communities On the Internet

Some of these groups have between 1000-75000 members. Not as many as Reddit or ECF but combined all groups would total a substantial number. The groups span the entire world and can cover any topics of interest.

There are Squonking groups, Rebuilders groups, DIY groups and so much more.

To find any of these groups you can search for

  • Vaping
  • Ecigarette
  • ECig
  • Electronic Cigarette
  • Squonking
  • DIY Ejuice

There are more search terms that can be used, just search for whatever you like.

4. Instagram

Not really a forum but a massive social space nontheless. Instagram is massive in the vaping world. Tricksters, promoters and influences flaunt their vape gear on their feeds daily while thousands interact and converse within the comments.

4 Best Vape Communities On the Internet

The depth of a true “forums” enviroment is quite limited but there is still lots of information on there.


These are the best vape communities and biggest vaping social hot spots on the Internet, without question. There are probably more out there, perhaps region specific but these will contain all the information you will ever need, along with thousands of users.

Pick one, try them all. Some places will not suit some so exploring them all is the best way to pick the community you want to be a part of.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.