Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

Today we will review a delightful little RDA the Blitz Ghoul BF RDA. After Looking on Blitz website I see they make many great products from RDAs to box mods. Everything they make is remarkable in their own way. The Ghoul RDA is no different.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Boxing

  • 1x Ghoul 22mm RDA
  • 1x bottom-feeding 510 pin
  • 1x 510 drip tip adapter
  • Flathead key tool
  • 1x 810 snakeskin drip tip
  • 1x 810 knurled acrylic drip tip (pre-installed)
  • 1x replacement ceramic clamp with screw
  • Extra ‘O’ rings

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Features & Specs

Let’s talk about the Ghoul RDA. The ghoul RDA by Blitz is a lovely and ingenious RDA being 22mm in diameter and single coil. It embraces a ceramic clamp system making single coil building straightforward and unique.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA ReviewThe deck is built so you can fit nice beefy coils inside. the Ghoul RDA with its unique body cap share and flavor orientated airflow design, bringing a great deal of flavor. Having a preinstalled 510 pin and a BF pin included for those regular vapors and them squonkers out there. The Ghoul RDA has adjustable airflow on each side. The air flow design only opens on one side fully the other side has a fascinating controlled airflow design. Where it has two air holes on each side of an indentation giving you a limited controlled airflow. I believe this is what gives you them even and flavorful clouds of vapor.

  • Ceramic clamp construction
  • Single Coil
  • Slightly restrictive and even airflow
  • Deep juice well
  • Low air holes
  • Peek insulator
  • Gold plated positive pin
  • Comes with bottom feeding pin
  • 510 threading connection
  • Environmental stainless steel
  • Height 37 mm
  • 22 mm in diameter
  • Comes in many colors

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA ReviewBlitz Ghoul BF RDA Review

After a week of using the ghoul, I have to say at first I did not think I was going to like it. I being a dual coil user. Till I saw the deck design I was definitely intrigued. The build deck was the simplest decks to build on, it literately took me seconds to put my coil in. The well is very deep which is something I can appreciate being I and an over dipper and squonker. Though I did not understand why they would make the air flow so low being a squonking RDA. I love the bulgy style to the body of the RDA it intrigues me. I am certain the style of this cap has a lot to do with the favor the RDA produces. The vape experience from this RDA is outstanding. It is a little restrictive but not by much. I thought because of the airflow style you would have a turbulent or uneven vape. That is not the case at all it gives you a very dense saturated warm vape. I love that it comes with two beautiful drip tips and extra parts. Though, giving us an extra ceramic clamp makes me wonder how long the original clamp is going to last. Either way, I am appreciative. I could live without the engraving on the RDA, it is a bit tacky kind of reminds me of the dead rabbit. there is a few other cons I have with the RDA but not much. I wish there was a top cap that came off the body cap so I could watch my squonking or paint my coils which I enjoy. That being said I do like that I can see my coil through the drip tip and I can dribble my juice and know it’s getting on my coil. The coil being right under the drip tip you would think you would get spit back, but I have not had any spit back issues. I only get massive intense flavorful clouds. I also would have liked a way to grip the cap so it would be easier to remove. I think the air flow is very low for being a BF RDA there are times when wicking the cotton covers the squonk hole making it so the e-liquid stays in the well and not back in the bottle causing leaking after a few squonks because the airflow is too low.

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Video Review

Blitz Ghoul BF RDA Final Thoughts

In the end, the Ghoul RDA has been added to my everyday collection of RDA’s and mods I use. the Pro’s for this RDA outweigh the cons by far. The flavor is absolutely amazing while it gives you this smooth type airflow that is just so enjoyable. Though I could live without the engraving I just love the shape of this RDA making it one unique RDA in my collection. As long as you keep an eye on how you squonk and drip in this RDA, it looks just fantastic on every squonk and mod I have. You will not find an RDA that is as user-friendly as this one. You could not do a wrong build on this deck it is just too simple.


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