Blitz Hermetic RDA Review

Blitz Hermetic RDA

Hello everyone, Chris Sisson back writing another review. Today we’re going to take a look at a new single coil RDA from Blitz Enterprises: the Blitz Hermetic RDA.

Blitz Enterprises (if you’ve never heard of them), has been making some interesting products for the past few years. One of their most notable might be the Hannya postless RDA that got a lot of attention when it was released for its unique style and innovative postless deck. This latest release directly addresses the industries love for single coil atomizers.

Here are my honest thoughts on the Hermetic from Blitz Enterprises.

Blitz Hermetic RDA Package Contains

  • Hermetic RDA
  • 510 drip tip adapter
  • Beauty ring
  • Spare parts bag (Ceramic clamp, Squonk pin, O-rings)

Blitz Hermetic RDABlitz Hermetic RDA Listed Features

  • Size: 31 x 22mm/24mm (with a decorative ring)
  • Drip Tip: 810 drip tip
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Powerful and exquisite single coil RDA
  • Unique ceramic clamp system build deck
  • Highly compatible with various heating coils
  • Bottom bridge airflow design without leaking
  • Bottom feeder pin included
  • Compatible 810 and 510 drip tips

The Blitz Hermetic RDA

The Blitz Hermetic RDA is pretty simple looking from the outside. It’s a 22mm diameter RDA that’s made of stainless steel and stands at 31mm tall.

Blitz Hermetic RDAIt comes equipped with a short wide bore delrin 810 drip tip that I found to be a bit on the short side. However, it does come with a 510 drip tip adapter so you can swap the included tip for one of your own if you prefer. It has a single air hole on the side of the cap which lines up with a single channel on the side of the deck that feeds the coil from underneath. You can turn the cap to adjust the airflow which, when fully open, provides a slightly restricted direct lung hit. However, with the included drip tip and airflow options, this isn’t really meant for the mouth to lung vaping.

On the side opposite the airflow hole, it bears a stylized Blitz enterprises logo. Basically a circle, inside of a square, inside of a triangle, that is inside of a circle. It’s a nice looking logo and besides it, there isn’t any other branding or styling on the outer cap. Down below it’s got a removable gold plated center pin that does protrude a little bit and will likely be fine to use on a hybrid device. You can also swap the default pin with one that is squonk ready.

The Deck

The deck on this thing is the real standout feature of this RDA. It’s an offset single coil deck that uses a ceramic clamp to hold your leads in place.

Blitz Hermetic RDAAn interesting design configuration is the two post slots that are separated by an insulator which is a bit difficult to see and the non-conductive ceramic clamp ensures nothing will short out or transfer electricity between them.

The kit comes with a spare clamp screw which has a regular flat head slot on it but the one that comes installed is more like a Philips’ head. I was a bit leery at first since the clamp locks down into a sort of groove, that if I were to over-tighten, might snap. However, in the weeks that I’ve been using it I’ve changed coils several times and made sure to really crank it down and so far it’s been holding up like a champ.

Airflow to the deck as I mentioned above comes in from the side but is fed to the coil from the underneath thanks to a perforated grill that sits just below the coil. It’s slightly angled and curved which really helps the air to hit your coil at just the right angle/s but another interesting feature of this bottom airflow is that it’s drilled through all the way to the bottom of the deck. So any liquid dripped from the top that ends up in the airflow will actually run through the airflow and all the way down to the juice well and wicks.

When using it as a squonker juice it is fed up the same channels to feed to the wicks. It basically ensures that any excess liquid will be able to travel back down to the juice well where it belongs. It’s a great little innovation that I haven’t seen implemented like this before.

Build, Wick and Performance

Building on the Hermetic is a breeze. Unscrew the clamp and slide your leads in one either side of the T shaped clamp. Tighten down the clamp with the included tool or use a flat head screwdriver. Trim the excess leads from the opposite sides and you’re ready to fire it up and work out any hotspots.

Blitz Hermetic RDAThere’s even a little bit of space behind the clamps to help trim off the excess leads. Once you’ve worked out all of the hotspots you can wick it up like pretty much any standard RDA out there. I run my cotton through my coil and trim them just long enough to reach the bottom of the well and them tuck them in on either side into the rather deep wick channels.

The performance will always depend on one’s ability to build but I found the Hermetic to be quite a decent performer with a pretty simple fused Clapton build in it. I also tried a framed staple and a couple other things in it but found a lot of the bigger builds wound up too hot to comfortably vape from it so I’ve been sticking with a small fused Clapton for the most part. Airflow and flavor are good and despite its small size, I was able to get some really decent clouds out of it.

Blitz Hermetic RDA Pros and Cons


  • Looks
  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Flavor and vapor with a good build
  • 22mm to fit my older gear but includes 24mm beauty ring
  • Easy to use clamp system
  • Deep juice well
  • Juice channels through the airflow
  • Great for squonking


  •  Can run a bit hot with bigger builds

Blitz Hermetic RDA Video Review


I had almost nothing at all to complain about with the Blitz Hermetic RDA. It’s a very well designed and constructed RDA and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it since it arrived. It matches up with all of my older 22mm gear and looks great to boot. The channels that run through the airflow to redirect juice back down to the well is brilliant which makes it work really well as both a squonker and a regular dripper. So hats off to Blitz Enterprises on this one for producing an absolutely stellar little RDA!!!

Chris Sisson

After 26 years of smoking I made the switch to vaping and never looked back. Now with over 5 years of vaping experience and 4 years of reviews under my belt I’m a passionate and experienced vaper who loves to give back to the community.