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Blitz Intrepid RTA Review

Hi guys, I’m Rob the UK Vapester and today we are looking at the Blitz Intrepid RTA. This company is new to me but has a whole catalogue of different tanks and mods. This tank caught my eye to review due to its unique deck, large capacity and resin drip tip.

Blitz Intrepid RTA Unboxing

1x Intrepid RTA
1x Accessory pack (o-rings, screws, 1x ceramic single coil airflow block, 1x screw driver)
2x Spare drip tip (1x 18mm Ultem, 1x 17mm Delrin)
1x Spare glass

Blitz Intrepid RTA UnboxingBlitz Intrepid RTA Features and Specs

Blitz Intrepid RTA has a number of unique and interesting features. We will start with the drip tips, that’s right this tank comes with multiple tips. You have the option of the pre-installed resin drip tip or a standard plastic black and finally an ultem, I personally only like the resin and will stick to that.

Blitz Intrepid RTA Features and SpecsThis tank also has a capacity feature which can change how much it can hold from 3.5ml to 5ml! The 5ml option is the bubble tank seen in the pictures and the 3.5ml is the straight spare glass that comes in the packaging. Unfortunately both capacities are over TPD limits and so if you’re in the EU this wont be the tank for you. However if you do manage to get your hand on this bad boy then how much it can hold is a very big positive.

Moving on to the deck, it has 2 air flow filter options. These air flow options are to accommodate both single coil builds and also duel coil builds. This is a fantastic idea in theory and in practise it does work but I do wonder if it would be possible to have a universal airflow deck that still supports both quantities of coils. Have 2 ceramic adaptors which are required to be switch out for using single coils or duel coils can be a bit of a chore.Blitz Intrepid RTA Features and SpecsLastly I wanted to talk about the airflow. There is a lot of it! It has a triple adjustable airflow at the bottom of the tank which allows for plenty of air, which is enough to satisfy all users. I don’t think good airflow gets enough praise in this industry and the Intrepid does a great job in offering a huge amount of airflow but still keeping a smooth vaping experience.

Blitz Intrepid RTA Video Review

Blitz Intrepid RTA Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are this tank is great. It doesn’t blow me away or impress me massively but it ticks all the right boxes and produces a great vape. Now lets talk about cons with this device. The main and only one that isn’t personal preferences is the filling top cap hinge. The top filling cap that you need to open to fill the tank is… bad. Its not smooth at all, it gets stuck and I have no faith that it will hold in place. This might be an issue just with mine however other reviews have said something similar. My video goes into a little more detail and reviews some of my personal preferences with this device, so make sure to check that out over at the UKVapester YouTube page.


I’m Rob, I’m 26 and have been vaping since 2013. I created my YouTube review channel ‘UKVAPESTER’ in 2015 and have been reviewing ever since.

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