BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA Preview

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

BoomStick Engineering has recently released a low profile deck, MTL RDA designed for flavour junkies – the BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA!

MTL vaping has made a resurgence lately with people looking for flavour based tanks and RDAs. The MTL style of vaping gives a tighter draw and a more concentrated flavour, so if you aren’t too concerned about big clouds, MTL is the way to go! If you do not know the difference between MTL & DTL, check out my article on the differences here.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA Design

The Boomstick Reaper MTL RDA is a low profile deck, single or dual coil RDA. It features a two post design with large slotted screws to tighten down your wire. It is 18mm in diameter, made of premium 304 stainless steel and is marketed as a “Squonk RDA” although I am sure it works great on a regular mod.

You also receive a beauty ring to take the RDA to 22mm, that also acts as a heat dissipation ring to avoid the RDA getting too hot.

Colour Options

Designed in Italy, you can tell the Boomstick Reaper RDA had class and style in mind. The Italians are famous for design afterall! It comes in 3 different colour options, stainless steel, blasted stainless steel and my personal favourite the blasted bronze!

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

The deck & chamber allow for multiple different coil configurations, such as single coil diagonal airflow, single coil direct airflow and dual coil direct airflow giving you different options to suit your style

The outside chamber allows you to close off different air holes to achieve these airflow configuartions.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDAThis RDA advertises that it is best used on a squonk mod and therefore comes with the optional squonk pin to replace the solid centre pin. Both pins are gold plated for optimum conductivity and can be changed out very easily with a small screwdriver.

What sets this apart from other RDAs?

MTL vaping has made a comeback in recent times, but it tends to be only tanks that are adoption the more restrictive airflow. The Boomstick Reaper MTL RDA is one of the few MTL RDAs on the market and is unique in the way the top cap works.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

Vapour Production

The internals have been studied to product the best airflow direction and chamber capacity, giving rich , deep flavoursome vaping.

Heat Dissipation

The machined design and airflow direction gives an ingenious heat dissipation that allows for more agressive and complex builds on an MTL RDA. vap

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA First Impression

I am yet to use the Boomstick Reaper MTL RDA , but it makes some big claims in terms of vapour quality. I will be sure to test this thoroughly when I get my hands on it and let everyone know if it lives up to the claims.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA Video

Where to Buy and Competition

If you want to get your hands on the brand new Boomstick Reaper RDA, you can purchase it from Heaven Gifts. Also I will be running a competition over on my twitter to win one of these RDAs. Head over to my twitter page and find out how to enter! Good luck!

Mike Strong

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