Burnt Taste Vape and How to Fix It

Burnt Taste Vape and How to Fix It


Every single vaper, builder or non-builder experiences some common issues when vaping. Issues such as leaking, resistance fluctuations and many others plague vapers every day. There is a wealth of information available for these problems across the internet and that is because these issues have been popping up since the very start of vaping. Today, we will look at one of the most common, least enjoyable issues related to vaping. The issue we speak of is none other than the dreaded, awful tasting burn coil taste. Few things taste worse than taking a nice long haul off your vape only to be greeted by an awful burnt taste. We will take a look at the causes of burnt taste vape and what you can do to minimize it as well as fix it.

The Reasons of Burnt Taste Vape 


Ok, so you have found that your atomizer is giving off an awful,disgusting burnt taste. Obviously, this is not normal. There are several factors at play when determining why the flavor has diminished to nothing but burnt nothingness.

One of the most overlooked issues that cause burnt coils is simply the selection of eliquid used for vaping. Larger, more commercial brands tend to use more additives in their eliquid.

These additives cause buildup on the coils and in turn will degrade the performance fairly quickly. The most frequently used additive that will cause this break down is added, sweetener.

Sweeteners are essentially just sugar. Sweetener comes in many forms such as Ethyl Maltol and sucralose. The latter is least common as it is not very suitable or safe for vaping

When these sweeteners are added to a juice blend the temperatures involved with vaping cause the sugars to caramelize and build upon the coils. Once the buildup reaches a certain point the coils can no longer effectively vaporize the liquids and push out the flavor that you are looking for.

This issue is avoidable if the user does their best to select e-liquids with lower amounts of sweetener. Eliquid that has low sweetener or is completely sweetener free will expand the lifespan of the coils significantly. Juice with a very high amount of sweetener could wear down the coils in just a day or two.

Burnt Cotton

Another issue that is fairly common among vapers. This rule applies to both RDAs (rebuildable atomizers) as well as disposable coil atomizers. From time to time the cotton in the coil can become burn for a few reasons.

Burnt Taste Vape and How to Fix ItPerhaps a misfire while the device is in a pocket or bag, causing the cotton to burn or completely melt. While the coils will still fire, it will be accompanied by a burnt taste that is much worse than that of burnt sugars.

The taste of the melted cotton will be present as well as any liquid that was burnt and fused into the coil at the same time.

Avoiding this issue is as simple as making sure to lock the device when not in use.

Mistaking Dry Burn for Burnt Coils

Dry burning cotton is a very unpleasant experience. This happens when there is no liquid left on the cotton or coils. The coils heat up and cause the cotton to dry burn but not necessarily melt or actually burn the cotton.

The effect of this mistake is awful. The dry burning cotton reaches the back of the throat of the unsuspecting victim and the burn that is felt is terrible. Depending on how long the device was firing with the cotton dry, the pain felt in the throat from this mishap can be really unpleasant.

Darker Colored Eliquid means faster coil break down

Forget about the sugars, cotton and coils for a minute. Another contributing aspect to burnt tasting coils is related to the darkness of the juice. E-liquids such as chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and other dark colors generally have stuff added into them which are going to have an effect on the life of the coils.

Ok, so you really love chocolate flavored ejuice? We would reccomend that you have a special atomizer set aside for these dark colored liquids to ensure that you have one atomizer still free for eliquid that is much ligher.


While there are some other issues that may arise to cause burnt taste vape, these are by far the ones that are the cause 99% of the time. Simply be more aware of the eliquids that you are using, become familiar with the ones that use more sweeteners than others. Sometimes reviews will indicate the level of sugars present but that is not always the case.

Always monitor the appearance of the cotton as well, this will avoid the possibility of any dry burns of the cotton and eliminate the possibility of melting the cotton entirely.

Burnt taste vape is and will be a common issue across vaping and over time users will be able to avoid this much easier.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.