Carrys T4-R Tank Review


Today we are looking at a new resin Carrys T4-R Tank. The  T4-R Tank colours I received were red, green and yellow mix. In the last few months 24mm tanks seem to be the new default size. This one is slightly larger being 25mm however it is still a smallish tank being only 50mm tall. It comes with 2 different coils with the difference not only in ohmage but also in function. The first coil is a 1.5Ω for MTL which has a recommended wattage of 10-25w, the spare coil being a 0.6Ω for DL with a recommended wattage of 15-50w. 

Carrys T4-R Tank Features and Specifications

Cost:                 £22.80~
Tank Capacity:    5ml
Available coils:    1.5Ω & 0.6Ω
Vaping styles:     MTL (Mouth to Lung) & DL (Direct Lung)
Size:                  25mm

Carrys T4-R First Impression

Carrys T4-R Tank ReviewMy first impression of the coils was “Holy sh*t, that’s a lot of cotton”. As you can see from the picture bellow (MTL coil), these coils are not short in the cotton department. The 1.5Ω achieves a restrictive airflow necessary for a MTL vape by having a micro coil with a small middle gap. The 0.6Ω is very similar however the coil diameter is slightly larger allowing more air through it, then in turn allowing for a DL vape.   

Carrys T4-R First ImpressionSo far this is shaping up to be a decent sub-ohm tank. It has the unique look that stabilised wood lovers will like. It has two different style coils to suit all kinds of vapers and it has low enough powered coils that any mod can run this tank. However it’s not all positives. The looks while nice can be hard to match with a mod and I found mine looked like it used different acrylic parts so the airflow ring colours didn’t match the rest of the tank. The coils are what makes the tank for me, both coils work great and produce a satisfying amount of flavour.

The only negative being with the amount of cotton used, chain vaping isn’t possible as you need to let the cotton re-saturate. The last negative I found is a tiny bit of liquid that seems to leak from the bottom. The amount is so small it’s not enough to worry but there doesn’t seem to be a solution to prevent or stop it.

I’ve very much enjoyed using this tank and believe if you decided to buy it after reading this review, you won’t be disappointed. The main vapers that will benefit from this tank will be those who like unique products and regularly vape between the MTL and DL styles. If you are simply looking for a sub-ohm tank, then I would keep looking. There are alot of good tanks out there and I have reviewed alot of them on my channel but this isn’t up there with the greats.         

Carrys T4-R Tank Packaging

Carrys T4-R Tank PackagingThe packaging is simple in looks with a description sleeve that’s hiding by a blue box. In the box you will receive 2 coils, 1 spare glass, spare o-rings, a manual and your T4-R tank. Carrys unboxing experience isn’t impressive however it delivered all the contents unharmed and what else do you really need?  

Review by UK Vapester


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