Custom Vape Coils and Why You Should Buy Them

Custom Coils and Why You Should Buy Them

Custom Vape Coils Introduction

Coil building can be simple or difficult depending on the desired design. Simple coils made with one single strand of wire wrapped around a round item such as a drill bit or screwdriver are very simple and effective, but custom vape coils require much more skill.

More complex coils such as fused claptons, framed staples or staggered variations are time-consuming and difficult to make.

Custom Coils and Why You Should Buy ThemIn recent years a group of individuals armed with the skills to create complex coils with ease began to offer their skills. They offer handmade custom coils and these vendors are appearing everywhere, allowing people to gain access to beautiful, high performance builds.

The cost of these products is a bit on the pricier side of things but there is a very good reason for that. These people have spent countless hours perfecting their skill. The time required to make complex coils can range between 30 minutes to several hours and the price for that is fitting. So let’s break down why you should be considering these works of art for your future purchases.

Custom Vape Coils Wire Quality

More often than not custom coils builders source the best quality wires possible. Believe it or not, there are variations in the quality of wire you can purchase and several large-scale manufacturers wires are not as good as others.

Custom Vape Coils and Why You Should Buy ThemDifference in quality has an impact in several ways but the most important factors are flavor production and the overall lifespan of the coil. With lower grade wires the flavor and lifespan experienced in either the RTA, RDA or RDTA is often not as good as higher grade.

Previous experiences have shown that a quality set of handmade coils can last several weeks to months. Proper maintenance of these coils also produces a longer lifespan.

Custom Vape Coil Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your custom coils is very important to ensure you achieve a high level of quality every time you re-wick your atomizer. These steps only require a few extra minutes of time and make the investment more worthwhile, think of it like washing your car. It needs to be done and if you keep up with it, it will last longer.

The first step is a nice cold wash of the coils. This happens right after you dry burn them red hot. Simply get the coils glowing nice and red and place them under a running tap. This will wash away a good amount of buildup. This can be repeated as many times as possible and each time after soaking the coils, heat them up again and the steam created also loosens and soften things up.

Once you have cold washed your coils, inspect them for any leftover buildup. If the buildup is still present on the coils then grab either a toothbrush or a small steel brush and gently run the brush across the coils. This will remove a significant amount of buildup and should bring those coils back looking almost new.

Where To Buy Custom Vape Coils?

This is equally as important as anything else. In the vaping industry there are hundreds of large scale manufactures producing e-juice, hardware and accessories. Sure, you can buy a pack of demon killers coils but who are you really supporting making that purchase? Also see Wire Quality. These large scale producers are not as interested in the quality of the end product but rather the cheapest way of making it at the highest profit.

Custom Vape Coils and Why You Should Buy ThemCustom Coil makers are often individuals who still work a day job or perhaps just making enough at their business to get by. When you purchase from these people you are placing food on their tables, showing them recognition for their hard work and enabling them to develop their craft even further. So when choosing your next coil selection, head on over to facebook or Instagram and look for people selling their works of art, you will not be disappointed and you will be astonished at what you have been missing.

John Pietersma

I am John Pietersma, a 30-year-old husband and father of three children who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. Having vaped and built coils for four years, I am very passionate about vaping and writing product reviews for everyone to read.