Daniel Mods – Modder of the Week

Daniel Mods - Modder of the Week

Daniel Mods – Modder of the Week

Welcome back vapers to our famous weekly column. In this column we will interview vape modders from all over the world and share their vape stories. Plus, I will also give a review of one of their products. Today we will talk about Daniel Mods, a new modder who’s created a fantastic tube mod that looks great.

So have you ever heard of Daniel Mods?  If not, please read this article and I am sure you will be impressed!

Daniel Mods - Modder of the WeekInterview with Daniel Mods

-What’s your name?

-My name is Daniel Moreno.

-How did you get into the world of vaping?

-I always wanted to stop smoking and a dear friend of mine introduced me to this fantastic world.

-Who is a modder for you?

-For me, a modder is someone who creates and develops new vaping products.

-How did you become a modder and what is the history of your brand?

-First of all, I own a company that works with metals and does every type of welding, so I have a lot of machines that can help. So I tried to create my first mechanical tube. It went really well so I started showing it around and some people asked me where I got it from.

-How is your brand now?

-Now I have all the type of machines to make the best quality tubes.

Daniel Mods - Modder of the Week

Interview Continued 

-Which type of materials do you use for the creation of your tubes?

-I create my tubes with 100% Spanish, high-quality materials. I mostly use brass-plated chrome with copper for the battery connector.

-Which the product that represents you better?

-I think each of my products represents me perfectly.

-Do you like this work?

-Yes, I love it, I really do like creating mechanical tubes and I really like thinking that my work can help people to stop smoking.

-Do you have a hilarious story that happened in your time as a vaper?

-Yes sure, when I started vaping I bought a classic starter kit but I didn’t like it so I instantly bought a mech mod. After I tried some hits I think I coughed for 3 weeks.

-What do you think is missing from the vaping world to overcome the cigarettes?

-To overcome cigarettes I do not think that there is much missing but what is really missing in this world is more pleasant people, less envy and more support among everyone.

Daniel Mods - Modder of the WeekT’36 Mechanical Tube Overview

Technical Sheet

  • Materials: Brass, Chrome, Copper
  • Tube Type: Mech tube with Hybrid Attach
  • Dimensions: 95 mm x 25 mm
  • Weight: 188 g without battery
  • Maximum Atomizer Dimensions: 25 mm
  • Supported Battery: 1x 20700 / 1x 18650
  • Price: 170 €

Daniel Mods - Modder of the WeekOverview  

This tube is gorgeous. The look and the aesthetic of it are amazing as the quality of the materials. It stays fantastic in the hand and is really compact and solid. It is built in Spain with only Spanish materials. The quality of the machining and refining are impressive.

The switch is placed on the bottom as all the mech tube and it is made with a strong spring that brings to 0 the possibility of auto-fire; it is also regulable as you prefer giving you also the possibility of blocking it. It is made for 20700 batteries but arrives with a plastic adaptor for 18650 batteries. The current supply is perfect, making it a very good and professional tube. It has a hybrid connection coming with an aesthetic ring made to cover the thread in case you use 20700.

T’36 Mech Tube Video

I hope you enjoyed the article and want to thank you for the big support that this column is receiving. Also, I want to thank Daniel for sending me the mod his time at the interview. Also, let me say sorry if I didn’t publish an article in this column last week.



I am Lorenzo from Italy, a writer of The Vaping Times and the owner of Blog LorenzotheVaper. If you want to know more about me, you can check my personal blog.