Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod Review

Desire Cut Sqounk 108W TC Box Mod

Desire Cut Squonk Introduction

The Desire Cut Squonk Mod is the latest mod from longtime vape manufacturer Desire Designs. Mostly known for their RDAs like the Yuri, Mad dog, and Rabies, Desire has begun making mods this year and with the cut, they aimed to fill a need in the squonk market.

The Cut is a single battery squonk mod that can take a 21700, 20700, and 18650 (with included adapter) wrapped up in a solid package with a unique design. It’s available in 7 colors: Purple, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, White, and Green.

Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box ModDesire Cut Squonk Specs:

  • Size: 86mm x 45mm x 33mm
  • Battery: Single 21700/20700/18650 battery (Not included)
  • Power range: 5-108W
  • Output current: 35A
  • Output voltage: 0.5-8V
  • Resistance range: 0.08ohm-3.0ohm
  • Temperature limit: 200-600℉
  • Screen: 0.96-inch
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • New CUT 108W-Chip
  • State display lamp
  • 0.96-inch screen display
  • 7ml large juice squonk bottle
  • Maximum output of 108W

Desire Cut Sqounk 108W TC Box Mod

Desire Cut Squonk Packaging List:

  • Desire Cut Squonk MOD
  • USB Cable
  • 18650 battery adapter
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card

Desire Cut Squonk First Impressions & Features

When I first got this mod, I was pretty impressed with the build quality. It’s quite heavy and a solid metal mod that’s night and day from the normal 3D printed box style mods or even the thinner metal ones like the VTinbox. This mod has some heft to it for sure. It’s also a different shape and size from many single battery squonk mods who all use a similar layout.

Desire Cut Sqounk 108W TC Box ModI expected it to be bigger since it can handle a 21700 battery but it’s not bulky. It’s just a taller and thinner shape with 5 sides to it instead of the normal 4 sides of a mod that are rectangular-ish. It’s a very comfy design that feels nice in the hand and has a good size screen on it. One of the largest I’ve seen from a squonk mod.

Overall I was pretty happy with it from the start.

Watt Mode Performance

Watt Mode PerformanceNow let’s get into some data. I ran my normal testing. I used the iJoy 5 leg 20700 batteries for the testing. Testing resistances were done at .12, .15, .2, and .65 ohms. Wattage points were max (108), 80, 60, 40, and 20. At 0.12 ohms it maxed out at 94 watts and 28 amps.

For the rest of the testing, it was a pretty accurate 2-3 watts weak at 60 or less and 8 watts weak at 80. Pretty normal for single battery mods to hit a little weak at this resistance At .15 it maxed out at 107 watts. The rest was pretty good again hitting high 1-5 watts. For the .2 test, it maxed out at 112 watts. Again pretty accurate but a little on the high side 2-4 watts. For the .65 testing, it maxed out at 101 watts and 8.1 volts. For the rest of the testing 1-8 watts high. The volts shows there is a boost circuit like most single battery mods.

Watt Mode Performance Summary

Desire Cut Sqounk 108W TC Box ModOverall I felt the performance of this mod was good. It’s mostly just a few watts high never more than 5 or 6 really but usually, just a couple watts high and in with the really low .12 ohm build a few watts low. Pretty damn accurate when compared with other sqounk mods and right on par with the VT inbox and pulse 80w mods I tested and a little better than the RSQ.

I was able to get 112 watts max, so I consider it to be accurately rated at 108 watts. The 8.1-volt limit shows there is a boost circuit. Their site lists the max volts at 8V which is an accurate rating. They list an amp limit of 35 on their site, the max I got is 28 which makes it a little overrated but right on par with most single battery mods, where the amp limit is between 25-30 on average so no complaints there. The watt curve mode also works very well and is a nice feature only found in 1 other squonker with the pulse 80w.

Temperature Control Performance

Using SS316 wire and both SS mode and TCR mode, I tested 6 builds. 1 simple round spaced, 1 simple round dual, 2 medium to large fancy single coils build, and 2 medium to large fancy dual coil builds. The default mode is way too anemic. Even turning it all the way up was a poor vape. So I went to TCR mode and played around with the TCR values to find what felt correct. I found 130 to be the best TCR for SS316 on this mod instead of the technically correct values of 88-92.

With a TCR set at 130, I was able to get a good vape consistently. 460F provides a warm vape as it should and most vapers will find their preferred temp in the 400-480F range. Dry hit protection is great on this mod and the throttle is nice and smooth. No non-DNA squonk mods have been good at TC really and not many that can take a 21700 battery so I do have to grade it on a curve a bit and consider the temp control to be good enough provided you use TCR mode and the 130 value for the SS316 wire.

You can get a good vape with some tweaking but it’s inconsistent, and as of now that’s the best we have on the market in non-DNA squonkers. You can also adjust the power in TC mode as well to change ramp up which works well and has no power limit in TC mode. It’s not something I’d recommend for temp control, however.

Other Usage Notes

The mod uses a 5 click to turn on and off. The menu system is a bit old and outdated and similar to the popular Wismec RX series mods. There isn’t a dedicated menu, you use 3 clicks to enter menu mode where it highlights things on the screen you can adjust. Use up to cycle modes or down to highlight things on the screen you can change then use up to adjust them after and fire to exit.

It’s really a poor outdated system and for a mod released in 2018, it should have a simple real menu system that is intuitive. I mean it works but should be much better. Click fire 4 times to turn the LED light which is a white desire logo under the screen. It toggles between always on and only on when firing. No true off and no color customization. I would have lied to see more options for the LED as well as an always off. If you include one, might as well go all out.

Setting the TCR memories (3 total) is annoying. You need to turn the mod off then hold right and fire to enter the TCR settings. With the mod on, down and fire rests the puff counter and right and firelocks resistance. The mod features VW watt mode but no preheat options, however, has a full watt curve mode which is nice. Temperature control mode for Ni200, SS, and Ti as well as TCR mode (2 memory slots).  The mod adjusts by .1 watt increments. I would have preferred full watt personally.

Other Usage Notes Continued

The mod itself is built solid with no rattle on the buttons and has a solid feel and nice weight to it. The battery door is a standard magnetic backplate. It fits nicely with no play on it. The battery door is solid metal as well.  It’s easy to get batteries in and out without damaging wraps and takes a single battery with options of a 21700, 20700, or 18650 with the included adapter.

Desire Cut Sqounk 108W TC Box ModReally nice battery tray, however, some 21700 batteries can be a little bit of a tight squeeze to get in. The paint looks nice and doesn’t scratch off, and I have no visible wear. The fire button is nice and clicky but a little on the small side. The 510 pin gave me no issues and every atomizer I used on it worked great with no gaps but is off center.

The mod can handle a  25 mm atomizer easily without overhang but not a 30mm which is more than enough as I can’t imagine using a 30mm RDA on a single battery mod. The screen is a good size .96 inch square screen that is nice and bright and easy to see but only black and white. They don’t list an amp rate for the charging but it’s recommended you don’t charge internally on mods anyway.

Squonk System

The Desire Cut Squonk box mod comes with a 7ml capacity bottle which is a nice size. It’s a nice clear silicone bottle with an excellent firmness to it. Just the way you want the bottle to be. The threading on the cap is nice and smooth as well and it’s easy to take out and put in the mod. It worked great for me with no leaking issues. They don’t include a spare which I wish they would have. But it is a standard squonk system so many bottles will fit into it you can find online and I’m sure they will offer them sold separately as well. No complaints with the squonk system outside of the lack of a spare bottle being included.

Desire Cut Squonk Pros and Cons 


  • build quality
  • color options
  • nice paint job
  • nice unique design
  • very ergonomic and comfy to hold
  • no button rattle
  • power mode performance
  • watt curve mode
  • nice fire button
  • accurately rated for watts
  • accurately rated for volts
  • batteries are mostly easy to get in and out without damaging wraps
  • 510 pin
  • 0.96” bright screen
  • battery tray and magnetic backplate
  • good squonk system and bottle
  • takes 2170, 20700, and 18650 batteries
  • good enough TC mode in a thin market


  • TC is only good when tweaked enough but inconsistent. Use TCR 130 for SS
  • overrated amp limit (but still average for a single battery mod)
  • no spare bottle included
  • some 21700 batteries are a tight squeeze to get in
  • the outdated, not intuitive menu system
  • lack of LED options

Desire Cut Squonk Final Thoughts 

So with all that said, do I recommend  Desire Cut Squonk Mod or not? I don’t like to do the yes or no, but for this, I’m going to have to lean towards the yes for sure. Not many single battery squonkers on the market that can take a 21700 battery and in the slim market this is one of the best options if not the best.

I do have my fair share of cons, but most can be overlooked due to the lack of options for an affordable well build 21700 squonk mod. I would love to see an updated V2 someday with the cons fixed however but for now, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

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