Desire MAD Mod 108W TC Kit Review

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC Kit

Today we’re going to take a look at the Desire Mad Mod 108W TC Kit. This MAD Mod Kit made by Desire Design can actually be considered as a semi-compact mid-range starter kit device that fits comfortably in a small palm.

It includes:

  • the regulated MAD Mod, powered by a single 21700 or a 18650 battery (with the included adaptor), firing up to 108W maximum output and supporting VW, TC, TCR and PMG (Power Multiple Graphs) operation modes,
  • the 25mm-diameter M-Tank sub-Ohm clearomizer of 3ml-liquid capacity, operating with the included 0.4Ω and 0.15Ω coil-heads.

The Desire MAD Mod Kit is available in 5 colours:
Desire Mad Mod 108W TC Kit Review

Desire MAD Mod 108W Packaging List


  • the MAD Mod
  • the M-Tank
  • a spare 0.2ohm Regular Coil
  • a micro-USB Cable
  • an 18650-battery adaptor
  • a Manual
  • a spare Glass Tube
  • an accessory Pack

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC Kit ReviewSpecifications

Desire MAD Mod

  • Size: 96.2mm x 37mm x 25mm
  • Battery: Single-21700 or single-18650 battery (with an adaptor)
  • Operation modes: VW/TC-NI/TC-TI/TC-SS/TCR/PMG (Power Multiple Graph)
  • Power adjustment range: 5W-108W
  • Resistance range: 0.08ohm-3.0ohm
  • Output voltage: 0-8V
  • Output current: 35Amax
  • Screen: 0.96-inch OLED

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC KitM-Tank

  • Size: 25mm x 53.5mm
  • Liquid capacity: 3.0ml

Design Features

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC KitThe MAD mod

It’s a metal Lego-like block-shaped mod of a minimalistic design, with its four longer edges slightly rounded. Its body is made of aluminum alloy (aviation quality, claimed).

Its top base carries a quality-made spring-loaded 510 connector. Its bottom base doesn’t carry venting holes.

Only its four lateral sides are quality coat-finish painted (paint’s durability remains to be proved over time, though).

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC KitIts two bases, however, are not dyed. It’s a good design’s choice for avoiding scratches on paint in the long run, when screwing the clearomizer on top (since all spring-loaded 510-connectors allow atomizers to sit flash on the top of the mods). But, it’s not a good choice from an aesthetic point of view for some vapers, at first glance. However, this is the first approach’s fact, implying that its design is targeting to utilization more.

The MAD mod is actually lightweight, held comfortably in a small palm (with just a 37mm-depth and a 25mm-width), although its height is substantial, reaching at 96.2mm.

The Desire Design’s regulating chipset used is more than adequate for a mid-range starter kit, providing all the usual operation functions (selected with 3 fire-button clicks, as usually). But, it also provides an additional power-curve manual configuration option (named Power Multiple Graph), for a personal adjustment of the wattage per second of the puff. Just select PMG after the usual consecutive 3 fire-button clicks (for entering mode selection) and, while PMG flashes, activate power adjustment with the – button. Then, use +/- buttons to adjust power for each second, always accepting adjustments with the fire button, as usually.

It also provides 3 three storable TCR-settings on TC mode, besides the usual specific factory-preset TC modes for Ti, Ni and SS, ensuring that the Mad mod can be easily used on TC mode with every type of rebuildable atomizers and coils.

The software is simple and usual for its basic functions (with just 5 consecutive fire-button clicks it turns on/off, while pressing both +/- buttons locks it). However, there is no manual available on the support page of the manufacturer’s website for checking how it fully operates/functions, prior to your possible decision of purchasing it. For a starter kit, it hosts so many functions for making use easier, that they should be revealed online, for attracting attention on the easiness of its usability.

It is firmware upgradable. Instructions on how to upgrade will probably be included with the first available upgrade release.

It is worth to be mentioned that the MAD mod presents a noticeable fast firing operation and a good battery management for the provided power levels.
The clear and bright 0.96inch B+W OLED screen has the appropriate display layout form factor for being easily readable, providing indicators for power/temperature and operation modes, coil resistance, output voltage/amperage and battery’s capacity.

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC Kit Review

One of MAD mod’s greatest assets (for such a thin regulated box mod) is that it operates with a single 21700 battery, providing up to 108W (to coils down to 0.08Ω) and a noticeably good autonomy. There is also an 18650 battery adapter, with no venting holes though (so put the battery’s negative pole inside). It also charges the battery inside with 1A. It provides a “pass-through” charging operation, also (vaping while charging).

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC KitIt has a spring-loaded rebound battery’s cover door (at its bottom base), which securely locks:


Short circuit, low voltage, no load, over-temperature, over-time, low power and over charging.

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC Kit ReviewThe M-Tank

It’s a sub-ohm 25mm-diameter clearomizer, featuring a 3ml-capacity tank, a bottom airflow control system and a top-refilling system.

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC KitM-tank’s design suits the MAD mod aesthetically.

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC KitIt’s made of stainless steel, although the protective sleeve of the glass tank is made of aluminum alloy (the sleeve allows checking the liquid’s quantity inside the tank through Desire’s logo shaped “windows”).

Its base hosts the airflow ring, which is easily adjusted (also equipped with a stopper), steadily maintaining its adjustment.

The M-tank is functioning flawlessly. Its design has equipped it with an easy liquid-refilling system, since the top cap carries a sliding driptip-insertion part (without needing to first remove the driptip to open it) for opening the tank’s liquid replenishing hole.

The 0.4Ω or 0.15Ω BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) coil-heads included must be tightly screwed on the M-Tank’s base. The top cap is also tightly screwed on the coil-head. But, it is risky to change the coil-head (turning the tank upside down after securing its top cap’s sliding top part) with liquid inside the tank (the glass tube is held in position with just orings). Coil-heads feature 4 teardrop-shaped liquid inputs.

Desire Mad Mod 108W TC KitThe operation of its airflow system (while vaping) is relatively quiet, while the M-Tank produces rich vapour, also providing a very smooth puff. Its flavour/taste performance is adequate enough, without being outstanding.

Desire MAD Mod 108W TC Kit Video Review


The Desire MAD Mod Kit is more than a decent mid-range starter kit for all who especially love minimalism and ease of usage.

The MAD mod itself steals the show from the M-Tank clearomizer (in my opinion) and it deserves to also be solely sold by the manufacturer (though not yet). Note that it can take up to 26mm-diameter atomizers (with no overhang).

The MAD mod’s positive characteristics are: its good build quality, its minimalistic design, its easiness of functionality (easy menu), its light weight, its fast and able power delivery, its good autonomy with a 21700 battery, its bright screen and easily readable display. Only its height might be considered “difficult” to get used to. And perhaps, for some vapers, its unpainted bases.

The M-tank’s positive characteristics are: its quietness and smoothness of the offered puff and its easy liquid-refilling system. Only its flavour might be considered, for some vapers, a little lacking behind the whole “picture” of the Kit.


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