Desire RAGE Squonk Mod Review

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod Introduction 

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod is a dual 18650-battery regulated squonk mod, that can take up to 25mm-diameter atomizers. It is designed by Ohm Boy and manufactured by Desire DesignIt is metal  (243gr empty, 336gr batteries included). Although big (for smaller palms), it’s the smallest dual 18650-battery regulated squonk mod (with TC) until now. This is due to its unique form factor.

Desire RAGE Squonk ModYou can also choose from five colors:

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod Packaging List 


  • A six months warranty card.
  • An informative manual (in English and Chinese).
  • A micro-USB cable (for firmware updating and battery charging inside).
  • A protective plastic washer-disk (for avoiding scratches on the mod’s top surface when screwing the atomizer).
  • A 7ml liquid-capacity silicone squonk bottle.

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod Features

It excels with its ergonomic form-factor (compact, sculptural, unique shape design) and the suitable position of the squonking “window”, ensuring a surprisingly comfortable grip for right-handed, thump-firing users or for left-handed, trigger-firing users.

Desire RAGE Squonk ModIt also excels with its unique dedicated squonk bottle, ensuring a leakage proof use.

Desire RAGE Squonk ModIts zinc alloy body makes it durable (also minimizing the weight of such a metallic dual-battery regulated squonk mod). It also acts as a heatsink for your bf RDAs, when using very low-Ω coils.Its build quality is excellent. Its metal color-painted mat finish is immaculate.

It hosts a small 0.69” B+W bright OLED screen, clearly visible under sunlight. Its software interface is simplified (very easy to use).

Desire RAGE Squonk ModThe screen can be flipped over. It can’t be turned off or dimmed for battery saving. Note that it displays only one battery’s charge-capacity in total and not the two included separately (to know if they are balanced while discharging or charging inside).

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod Features Continued

The mod’s back side (opposite side of the squonking “window”) is the cover of the batteries compartment, held in place with two pairs of powerful magnets (strongly “sucking” the battery door, permitting no rattle at all). Removing the batteries is easy  (just with your fingers).

Desire RAGE Squonk ModIts 510 pole-connector is spring-loaded and its whole construction, along with its “dedicated” squonk bottle, is leakage proof.

The photo below also shows the protective plastic washer-disk for avoiding scratches on the mod’s top surface, when screwing the atomizer on.

Desire RAGE Squonk ModIt can take up to 25mm-diameter atomizers, but a 26mm-diameter one can also be mounted up with no actual overhang.

The bottom side of the mod carries two sets of 5 battery-venting holes (each set under each battery). There is also an aluminum cover-base of the squonk bottle, with a half-ring to grip for pulling the squonk bottle out to refill it.

Desire RAGE Squonk ModFlip the half-ring out with your fingernail and a left-and-right quarter-turn pull releases the bottle out easily.

Desire RAGE Squonk ModDo not top-fill the bottle. With a left-and-right quarter-turn push, insert it into its place to seal the bottle’s top onto the bottom-side of mod’s 510-pole (with its oring).

RAGE is firmware upgradeable and it charges the batteries inside with 1A.

Desire RAGE Squonk Mod Functionality

It is equipped with the essential operation modes: VW, ByPass and TC (with Ni200/SS316/Ti selection and adjustable TCR along with its maximum power locking).

With its two 18650 batteries in series, it can “drive” coils down to 0.08Ωmin, with up to 40Amax (claimed) and up to approximately 8.3Vmax in Bypass mode (with “fresh” fully-charged batteries).

Wattage range is 5–155W (adjusted in 1W increments) and its TC mode’s temperature range is 200-600oF/100-300oC (round robin changing from oF to oC and back), adjusted in 10o/5o increments.

Its ramp-up time is fast (simply realized when quick pressing the fire button 5 times to turn the mod off and see that the mod fires-up the coil, if you’re not quick enough).

Menu’s software is easy, requiring just the common minimal clicks for selecting the available functions:

  • 5 fire-button clicks turn on/off the mod.
  • Left/Right buttons adjust wattage/temperature settings.
  • 3 fire-button clicks to present the “Work Mode Setting” secondary menu and accept with a fire-button click. One more fire-button click enters the menu. Then, Right/Left toggles between the secondary menu’s options, choosing Power/VW mode, TC mode (Ni/SS/Ti/TCR), Bypass mode. You can also choose the “Hands Mode” (Right/Left mode) to flip the screen, but not the +/- buttons.
  • Always one fire-button click to confirm/accept/exit.


Short Circuit Protection/Over Charging Protection/Auto Lock Protection/Low Voltage Protection/Over Vaping Protection.

Displays the following warning messages on the screen (actions needed):

  • Overcurrent (check if the coil’s resistance is too low).
  • Device too hot (let it cool down for a while).
  • Weak battery (check battery contacts or replace with more powerful or freshly charged batteries or lower the output power).
  • Low battery (charge batteries or replaced them with fully charged ones).
  • Check atomizer (check atomizer’s connection to the mod or check the coil’s contact to the atomizer’s posts).
  • High atomizer (coil’s resistance higher than 3Ω, so change it).
  • Low atomizer (coil’s resistance lower than 0.08Ω, so change it).
  • Short atomizer (short circuit in the atomizer, so check it).
  • Temp protection (reaches the set temperature limit in TC mode. First check if there is adequate liquid feeding your wick).
  • Check battery (check battery orientation).
  • New+0.00Ω/Same+0.00Ω (press “left” for the new coil and Auto-Wattage regulation, useful for inexperienced power-mode users, or press “right” to maintain old coil’s wattage adjustment).


The coil’s resistance is measured higher than it actually is. In combination with the fact that the indicated value of the selected wattage is lower than the power actually provided to the coil (e.g. it is over-powering the coil), it sometimes gives… an “unpleasant” result. Either you should use a 10-15W lower power adjustment or you should try firmware updating, which also provides better battery power management.

Firmware updating

Download the compressed file from the Support page of the manufacturer’s website. Connect the USB cable to the computer. Run the decompressed “.exe” file. The updating software “opens”, but its “START” button is inactive (grey). Remove batteries from RAGE. Hold down both +/- buttons simultaneously and insert the micro-USB cable’s end to the RAGE. The mod is recognized and the START button of the updating software is now active (black). Click it to start the updating process. As soon as the software’s updating progress bar is lighted, release both +/- buttons. When update is completed, the Desire Design logo will be displayed on the screen.


I am not in the vaping business. I found vaping as the escape door from my 25 years of smoker’s imprisonment. It just took me four days of attempting to totally get out of it, thanks to the appropriate –for me- “equipment” (includes e-liquids). Now, vaping “equipment” has become another one of my fields of interest, for helping others to discover, on their own, their personally appropriate “equipment”.
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