What are the differences between RDA RTA and RDTA?

What are the differences between RDA RTA and RDTA?

When you first make the switch over to vaping, you may well find the terminology a little confusing and intimidating. But luckily the vaping world is full of extremely helpful guys and girls, both on line and in your local bricks and mortar, vape shop. We’ve put together a quick, and hopefully easy to understand, guide to the different types of rebuildable atomisers – RDA RTA and RDTA.

What’s the meaning of RDA RTA and RDTA?

RDA – Rebuidlable Dripping Atomiser

An Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser or RDA for short , is one of the most simple forms of vaping. With the fewest component parts, RDA tends to be the one that people start off with when stepping into the Rebuildable Arena.

An RDA is simple made up of a base/build deck, with a small juice capacity, and a top cap or chamber that fits over the top. This very simple design reduces the distance that the vapor has to travel from coil to lips.

What are the differences between RDA RTA and RDTA?Over the last few years the size and diameter, of the RDA’s on the market has increase, as the manufactures have sort to provide large build decks which are easier to build on, with larger, thicker coils.

The larger decks are usually combined with wider more open airflow options. Becoming the favourite amongst more hardened Sub-Ohm Cloud Chasers. Every search for the ultimate Atomiser.

Don’t get me wrong, RDA’s are also becoming the favourite choice of Flavour chasers, with Manufactures specifically designing RDA’s with directional Air-Flow and reduced, shaped chambers, produced to intensify the flavour production.

As the name suggests the RDA is feed with juice, by continually Dripping ejuice, in through the Drip Tip, onto the cotton and coils below. Most Drippers will only hold about 1 to 2 ml of juice, in the juice well, and cottom. So can be a little inconvenient for some people, having to continually carry and drip juice.

Best Selling RDA’s Include the Digiflavour DROP, Hellvape Dead Rabbit and the Geekvape Tsunami with its funcky little viewing window.

RDTA – Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

Following on from the design features of the RDA, Vapors and designers found that they wanted to maintain the flavour , vapour production and experience of the RDA, but combine it with a the convenience of a tank sitting below the build deck. And the RDTA design was born. Essentially an RDA style build deck, with cut outs in the deck section, allowing the cotton wicking tails to hang down into the tank section of the Atomiser. With the vaping action continually moving the juice around and soaking the cotton, allowing the juice to capillary up the cotton to the coils.

What are the differences between RDA RTA and RDTARDTA’s seem to come in and out of fashion, with companies such as Limitless promoting this style of vaping. And taking the idea to the next level with the addition of interchangeable build decks and top caps.

RDTA tend to be easier to build on, and wick than a full tank. As the build deck and cotton, sits above the tank, and so it is easy to go in and adjust your build or cotton, should it have a wicking issues. Were as a tank will require disassembly to gain access to the deck. Best Selling RDTA’s – Limitless RDTA | Geekvape Avocado.

RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomiser

A Rebuildable Tank Atomiser, or RTA for short, is comprised of a build deck with channels to feed liquid to your build, which is enclosed by a chamber and has a chimney which funnels vapour up to a drip tip.

The RTA set up,has a bit more science behind it, And gravity as well as pressure feed the liquid from the tank itself through the juice channels to your wick. Due to this mechanism of Juice delivery you do need to be more precise with your builds and wick set up, and I find at first it will normally take a couple of attempts to get the wicking right. In saying that some of the latest tanks such as the Vandy Vape Kylin Mini, seems to have a fairly fool proof deck design that folds and aligns you wicks for you, as you screw the chamber in place.

What are the differences between RDA RTA and RDTA?The other big improvement that we have seen on RTA’s of the last few years is the addition of the top fill, meaning that you don’t have to keep taking the tank apart to fill it, simply just unscrew the top cap, and pour your juice in. although so tanks will require you to shut off the juice flow control, to prevent flooding, as the vacuum is realised as you open the tank. Best Selling RTA’s Geekvape Zeus RTA | Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA.

RDA RTA and RDTA Final Thoughts

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the differences between RDA RTA and RDTA on the market. So if you fancy trying your hand at a rebuildable, you can choose with confidence your next RDA RTA and RDTA.

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