Digiflavor Edge Kit Review | The First Mod with Wireless Charging Capability

Digiflavor Edge Kit

Digiflavor Edge Kit Review

Hey there guys. Today we’re taking a look at the Digiflavor Edge kit. Along with it for this review, I was sent the wireless charger. Yes, you read that properly. This mod takes 2 18650 batteries and you can charge it wirelessly just like your mobile phone. Now I’ve always loved Digiflavor products just like their sister company Geekvape so I had very high hopes for this kit. Let’s see if I was disappointed.

Digiflavor Edge Kit
Digiflavor Edge Kit

Digiflavor Edge Kit Packing List

In the box, you get the mod itself, the Spectre tank with a coil pre-installed and a spare, a spare glass for the tank, an array of seals and o-rings and a USB-C charger. The wireless charger is for purchase separately and it comes with another USB-C charging cable.

Initial Impressions on the Digiflavor Edge Kit

The box mod itself is really attractive with a textured diamond pattern down each side which gives a really good grip while looking awesome. The screen is huge at a whopping 1.54 inches and is a gorgeous color LED display. The mod can accommodate up to a 28 mm atomizer while still feeling very small in the hand for a dual 18650 device.

Under the screen, there’s a USB-C port for charging. This is the first mod I’ve had that features one which as most mobile phones have moved this way I think is very forward thinking by Digiflavor.

Digiflavor Edge Kit
Digiflavor Edge Kit

The full backplate comes away with the press of a button to change your batteries and as much as I prefer a trapdoor, I like the little button. It makes everything feel really secure. The mod fires up to 200W and has the full array of TC features you’d expect in 2018, but does anyone really use them anymore? While the screen looks amazing and is perfectly readable even in bright light. One feature that lets it down is that you can’t change the color. It’s always blue, and while that suits my colorway well, I’d like the option to change it like you can on the Aegis Legend which uses the same chipset.

Initial Impressions Continued

The Spectre tank is 24 mm at the base and with the 5.5 ml bubble glass installed is 28 mm at it’s widest point. Both coils it comes with are a 0.2 ohm Kanthal mesh and have performed amazingly under testing. I’ve been running all kinds of e-liquid through this tank and the flavor changes really well in just a few puffs and it handles very sweet juice no problem at all.

Digiflavor Edge Kit
Spectre Tank

I absolutely love the airflow and flavor of this tank. I get huge flavorful clouds of vapor and it’s just brilliant. My only issue with the tank is the top fill, instead of being hinged like a lot of new sub-ohm tanks, you give the top cap a quarter turn and take it off completely. While this isn’t a massive issue, I often find myself trying to find somewhere to place it when I’m filling up while walking around.

Now to the wireless charger. This is nothing new because mobiles have been able to be wirelessly charged for a few years now, but the cradle is very attractive with a little indentation for the mod to sit comfortably and within a few seconds of it being sat there it will start charging.

Digiflavor Edge Kit
Digiflavor Edge Kit

I used the included USB-C cable for the dock, but it also has a micro USB port, so you can use either cable to operate it, which is very clever! In the e-cig world this is something a little special, as far as I’m aware this is the first mod with wireless charging capabilities and while I’d always recommend you charge your batteries in a dedicated charger, it’s a great little feature and the dock also works for your phone.

Digiflavor Edge Kit Pros & Cons 

Now to the pros and cons for everything:


  • Great looks and performance
  • Wireless charging is an awesome feature even if un-needed
  • Amazing flavour from the tank


  • Charging dock doesn’t come in kit
  • Slightly irritating top fill method

Digiflavor Edge Kit Video Review 


I receive new mods every week from several different companies to review and yet Digiflavor Edge Kit is the one I’ve taken to work every day to use. And I’ve also set up the dock on my desk to keep my batteries topped up. When I’m done reviewing a mod and send off my review, I usually give the device away to someone else to find out their thoughts, but this one is a firm favorite and I’m afraid I’ll be keeping it all to myself. I have to give Digiflavor a huge pat on the back for this one. They’ve done an amazing job, yes!  There’s a couple of minor things I’d change, but on the whole, this might be my favorite mod of the year.

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