Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA Review | A Super Small MTL RDA

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA Review

The Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA is the latest RDA from popular manufacturer Digiflavor. They have been a bit of a down year this year for me but usually a solid company. They made the Drop and both Pharaoh RTA and Pharaoh mini RTA in 2017 which were great. However, for 2018 they made the Themis and Drop Solo which weren’t very good so maybe the ETNA can rebound them? The ETNA RDA was designed in Italy by Guiseppe Pappalardo and Salvatore Agrosi. It’s single coil 22mm MTL RDA with an included squonk pin. It’s available in 6 colors, Black, Blue, Gold, Rainbow, Gunmetal and SS.

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA Specs

  • Size: 22mm(D) x 35.5mm
  • Coil: Single Coil
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Best for tobacco juice and nic salts
  • 3 changeable modules for various airflow
  • Standard 510 pin and BF squonk pin attached
  • 22mm diameter for easy single coil building
  • Top cap with locking system
  • Unscrewable hexagonal profile for module installation

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA Packing List:

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
  • 1 x Etna RDA
  • 1 x Spare parts pack
  • 3 x Airflow modules (3×0.8mm/1×1.2mm/2×0.8mm)
  • 1 x Removable lip protector
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Drip tip
  • 1 x Hex wrench
  • 1 x Feather cotton
  • 1 x User manual
  • 6 x Coils
  • 1 x BF squonk pin

Initial Impressions on Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

When I first got this RDA, I was happy to see more MTL rebuildables for the MTL vapers out there. They’ve been ignored for a while but 2018 has been great with close to about 10 good MTL rebuildable atomizers so far that I’ve used personally. I do have to say though I wasn’t very impressed from the start. It didn’t really make any sense that you can’t adjust the air at all from the outside and it can only be adjusted from the inside. You need to remove your coil to adjust the air and you need a tool to do it.

Build Deck and Wicking 

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

Let’s talk about the build deck now. It’s a pretty easy deck to build on. It’s a 2 post deck where your leads will go the same way but they are the same height and it would have been nice if they were staggered but not a big deal. Outside of that you have 1 hole per post since it’s single coil and the posts are open on top without the screws in. They aren’t very wide but since it’s MTL, there shouldn’t be any issue as most will be using round wire or smaller superfine fused claptons.

I had no issue fitting 24G round wire in it personally. You just unscrew the screws and slide in your coil leads then screw down. You don’t need to pre-cut leads. You can easily cut the excess after installing the coil as well. They also have notches on the deck to align your coils with the air which is nice. The screws come top down so won’t twist flat wire leads. The screws are good quality flat head grub screws and I would have liked to see some hex screws but no complaints here from me.

Overall, it works well and is easy to build, so no major complaints but staggering the posts would have been nice. Wicking on it is quite easy. It’s an RDA so nothing fancy just drop your leads to the bottom.

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA Performance

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

Performance wise. I used it as a Single Coil RDA only as intended. I ran 4 builds in this, all round wire using 24g and 28g SS wire and all between 2-3mm ID. Really not an RDA made for large builds obviously since it’s MTL.

Flavorwise. It’s got good flavor for a MTL RDA and worked well with all sizes of builds I put in it. Nothing impressive but no complaints either and it’s on par with many of the better MTL rebuildables I’ve used flavorwise.

Overall, Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA is a good flavor RDA for MTL vaping.

Overall Impressions, Details and Extras

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

Let’s talk about the airflow now. It’s an odd choice and I’m not a fan of. Air comes in on one side only which is fine via a huge hex screw that is hollowed out like a squonk pin.

There is no way to adjust the air from the outside at all nor can it be adjusted with a build in it. You need to remove the build to adjust the air. The adjustment comes from air inserts. It comes with 3 inserts. 1 is a single 1.2mm hole, 1 is a dual .8mm holes and 1 is a triple .8mm holes. There are some optional sizes that can be purchased separately as well.

To adjust the air you need to have no build in the RDA and then remove the hollow hex screw and slide the insert off vertically. Then slide the new insert you want onto the railing and screw the screw back in. Not very intuitive at all. As far as the options go none are a tight MTL but it’s a solid MTL vape with the lowest and a loose MTL vape with the other 2. The top cap does lock into place which makes it very easy to screw on and off your mod. The top cap o-rings are good and it’s easy to pop off and on.

It comes with 2 standard 510 o-ringed fit clear drip tips. One is slightly taller and less opaque than the other. The drip tip fits very nice and other o-ring 510 tips fit well though that I tried. The quality on the Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA is overall good.

The o-rings for the top cap onto the base feel right and the top cap is snug but not tight. Very easy to take apart with no issues. The post are good quality and 3 spare screws are included (all flat head grub screws). It comes with a standard 510 pin and a BF 510 pin like most RDAs these days as well.

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA
Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

The juice well on this RDA is good. More than ample space to drip down the center and not leak. The over squonk protection is great as well. I used it as a dripper and squonker and had no issues either way. It’s a 22mm diameter so should not overhang on most mods on the market today.

Accessory wise. There is plenty of spare o-rings and 3 spare post screws, 1 allen wrench, 1 tri tool, 1 extra 510 tip, 6 coils (2 fancy contact, 4 round spaced) and 4 strips of cotton, and 3 total air inserts, everything a RDA should include, so well done there.

My only complaint is the coils are not labeled with specs or materials, so I’ll ding them there. Included coils should always be labeled. Branding is almost non existent. Very plain outside a small ETNA logo engraved in a matching color on the bottom opposite side of the air hole.

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA Pros & Cons 


  • 2 Standard 510 o-ring drip tips (both clear)
  • Standard 510 pin and squonk pin included
  • Plenty of spare o-rings
  • Post screw quality is good.
  • Good over squonk protection
  • Outstanding flavor for MTL
  • Good sized juice well
  • Great build quality
  • Nice looks, not overly branded
  • Price point (around 30 USD)
  • Lots of included coils and cotton
  • Color options (6 total)
  • Good as a dripper too
  • Good build deck


  • Airflow is too hard to adjust. Need to remove build and use a tool.
  • Lack of airflow options (only 3 included)
  • Included coils not labeled

Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA Video Review


So with all that said, do I recommend this Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA? I don’t like to do a hard yes or no, but this one leans a little towards the no. It’s not a bad MTL RDA flavorwise by any means but having lots of air options is key for a MTL atomizer to dial in your vape and with this one if you don’t like the air you picked, you need to rebuild to adjust it. It makes no sense from an ease of use standpoint. Your better off buying an RDA you can adjust the air on the fly.

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