Digiflavor Liip Review – A Disposable Pod System

Digiflavor Liip

Introduction to the Digiflavor Liip

Digiflavor, a company that I hold in high regards due to their previous products. I have been a fan of the Pharoah RDTA and their various RDAs including the; Aura, Drop & Drop Solo. Now Digiflavor have branched into something new for them, a disposable pod type system called Digiflavor Liip. This is both new to Digiflavor and also to me. It’s the first disposable mod I have tried so for that reason I have nothing to compare it with.

In the Box

3 x Liip Devices or 2 x e-liquids in the case of the Reddy flavour

That’s it!

Digiflavor Liip Specs

Size: 73.3 x 20 x 12.9mm
Battery: Built-in 240mAh battery
Nicotine Volume: 48% for Tobacco, 36% for Berry and Orange, Non-nic for Reddy
Quantity: 3pcs/pack (Tobacco, Berry, Orange); 2pcs/pack(Reddy)

Digiflavor LiipFirst Impressions of the Digiflavor Liip

Straight out of the box you will find your 3 disposable Liip devices packaged individually in sealed foil/plastic packets. Looking like a USB memory stick these are definitely pocket-sized, discreet and perfect for that sneaky stealth vape.

The Liip itself comes in 4 colours; Black, Orange, Purple, and Red. The colours themselves represent each flavour available. Black being Tobacco, Purple is Berry, Orange is Orange funnily enough and of course Red is Reddy. I will look more at the flavors shortly.

Digiflavor LiipAt the top of the Liip when you unwrap it you will see a silicone plug protecting the MTL style mouthpiece. Running down the body of the Liip is a ribbed design assisting your grip and admittedly it does feel good to hold.

Of course being a disposable device it does feel very light and a little cheap. But then again, it’s made to be thrown away so I did not expect much better. For what it is, I would say it is a well made and designed device. At the base of the Digiflavor Liip you will find two holes, one is an airflow hole and the other houses a small LED indicator light.

Digiflavor LiipInternally there is a small 240mah battery which is rated for 200-300 puffs, which should be adequate to use most if not all of the liquid inside. It goes without saying due to the internal battery to take care when disposing of and dispose of the device safely. The quantity of liquid sits at 1.2ml.

The Digiflavor Liip Flavours

As I covered above, the Liip comes in four flavors. I will let you know about each one.

Digiflavor LiipBerry, coming in at a strength of 36% gives a satisfying mixed berry flavor with an after burst of cooling. I was immediately impressed with the amount of flavor given its a small device. The mixture of berries and cooling worked really well and this is my favorite flavor of the range.

Digiflavor LiipOrange, again coming in 36% there is not much to say about this one of than that it gives a nice fresh orange taste. Orange is not really a flavor I would go for normally but there is nothing bad with the flavor here either.

Digiflavor LiipTobacco, this time coming in 48% the strongest of the 4 flavors. Gives a decent tobacco flavor. Not for me at all, I do not like tobacco flavors but it will suit someone just quitting smoking perfectly. Especially given the higher strength liquid in this one.

The fourth flavour Reddy, I will be honest I did not try, I will get onto this below.

Overall out of the three flavors I tried. I was impressed with the quality of flavor and also the overall vape experience. Despite being much higher than the 0.3% nic that I vape, there was no unpleasant taste or hit. A little nicotine head rush at first was about it!

Reddy – An Explanation

Digiflavor LiipAs a reviewer I would generally review everything that I received and give my thoughts but in this case I could not do this. Various advisory notes reading along the lines of :

“After you use the Liip Pod Reddy Flavor, the temperature on your ear and face will get higher and may be florid for a short term, your throat feel tightened and your heart beat will get faster, which is normal phenomenon and will disappear in about 10 seconds, you will feel extremely relaxed after that”.

“For Reddy Flavor, adults are recommended not to use more than one piece a day per capita”.

“For Reddy Flavor, recommended for non-working and non-driving period”.

“Expectant mother should not use this product”.

On the packaging Arecoline is listed as the alternative to nicotine. Reading a post at EcigClick pretty much gave a break down of the experience and it was not one I was prepared to go for!

Digiflavor LiipLike the writer in the article I am not saying that it is particularly dangerous but it is not something personally I would want to recommend as being good.

As vapers and former smokers the big part of everything we do is limiting the damage that we do to our bodies. By dropping the 1000s of chemicals in a cigarette to using a product that is now known to be 95% safer than cigarettes I am happy with that remaining 5%, who knows that 5% in time may disappear too.

Arecoline for me is just a no no, there is no research on it being used in liquids and the feelings described would be rather scary for me ( being an anxiety sufferer ). Do I want my heart to speed up? No… that’s what happens in a panic attack and it is not pleasant.

Until such time that I see more in depth analysis on Arecoline in eliquids I am personally steering clear.

Digiflavor Liip Video Review

Final Thoughts on Digiflavor Liip

While Digiflavor have certainly made a decent product here, I am not sure of their inclusion of the Reddy flavor. Whilst I may of hit out at the Reddy flavor a little hard, I am only expressing my personal opinion of this and you are free to make your own choice.

My opinion is just that, neither a recommendation nor a warning to avoid. The 3 flavors I reviewed are perfect for those quitting or those that want a higher strength liquid for out and about or a little boost from time to time. I would continue using these myself as I have really enjoyed using them.


I am Jay (VapingWithJay) and I am a passionate vaper from the UK. Not only an avid vaper but I love nothing more than to share my thoughts on the latest products in the industry and helping others on their vaping journeys. Happy reading and vape on!