Guide to DIY Battery Wrapping

Guide to DIY Battery Wrapping

After vaping for a decent amount of time, you’re bound to need to re-wrap your battery. This is common due to everyday wear and tear on the plastic wrapping that surrounds your battery cell. I hope this guide to DIY battery wrapping will be helpful to you!

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingIt is important to understand that the plastic coating on your battery is not just for looks and information purposes, but is also a fundamental part of the battery. From a safety point of view, this protects the battery from shorting out when it comes in contact with the battery compartment on your mod.

Guide to DIY Battery Wrapping

Once you have identified that your battery wrapping is compromised, you will need to order a replacement wrap. They come in all shapes and sizes and in different patterns and colours too. For both 18650 and 20700/21700.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingThe damaged coating wrap can simply be removed, by pealing it back.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingMake sure you do not misplace the white circular insulation ring which is located at the positive end of the battery.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingYou can then gently open up the new wrap, and slide it over the end of the naked battery cell.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingGuide to DIY Battery Wrapping

When you slide the new wrapping all the way up, you should have about 3 – 4mm overhang at each end.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingThen starting at the negative end, gently heat up the shrink wrap with a hairdryer. Wait until it starts to warm up and begins to shrink around the battery, curling around the base, to create a seal.

Stand the battery on its end so you can drop the insulator ring in the top around the positive end. Repeat the heating process, sealing off the top section, which holds the ring in place.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingThen run a gentle heat over the surface of the battery, to ensure that it holds firmly in place.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingAnd there you have it.

Guide to DIY Battery WrappingIt is really important to keep your batteries in good condition, to avoid any shorting issues.

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