DIY E-Juice Crash Course for Beginners

DIY E-Juice Crash Course for Beginners

E-Cigarette forums across the internet fill up with questions about vapers wanting to make their own DIY E-Juice at home. Answers from community members are sometimes helpful and sometimes not. This results in people turning to google or perhaps giving up the journey altogether.

Knowing the pure basics of DIY E-Juice will pave the way towards exciting moments of self-creation and satisfaction. Here are the basics of DIY E-Juice making.

DIY E-Juice Basic Ingredients

The most basic ingredients require are Vegetable Glycerine, Propelyne Glycol,Nicotine and Flavoring.

DIY E-Juice Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable glycerine is the ingredient that will be used the most. The Higher the VG percentage will result in more vapor production therefor this is one ingredient that you should purchase a good amount of as it will be used the most.

DIY E-Juice Propelyne Glycol

Propelyne GlycolPG is the flavor carrier of the mix as well as the ingredient responsible for providing the throat hit similar to a cigarette. Mouth to lung vapers or high nicotine concentration vapers will use more of this than Vegetable Glycerine if they are using small pod systems or low wattage box mods.

DIY E-Juice Nicotine

DIY Ejuice Nicotine
DIY Ejuice Nicotine

Nicotine is self-explanatory because it is what most all vapers crave and if nicotine is what you desire, you cannot mix without it. The nicotine options available to DIYers are plenty, depending on how you would like to mix it comes in different strengths from 48mg/ml to 100mg/ml and the higher the nicotine base strength, the less nicotine you will place into a mix.

An entire article could be written on nicotine alone to cover good nicotine vs bad nicotine and perhaps in the future you can find it here.

DIY E-Juice Flavoring

This is the most difficult part of beginning DIY E-Juice making and usually leaves people with their head spinning. Flavoring companies such as Capella,The Flavor Apprentice,Flavor West,Flavor Art,Flavorah and dozens more offer hundreds of options for people to choose from.

It is important to remember that in the beginning stage of DIY to not buy flavoring on a whim or idea but rather start mixing clone or community recipes, such as some of the top-rated recipes from E-Liquid Recipes website.

Mixing other peoples recipes will familiarize a person with the different flavoring concentrates and better learn their reactions and what to expect from them so, sticking to a limited few flavors to start out is the best way to begin. Having too many flavors available at the beginning stage often turns people away due to frustration.

Basic DIY E-Juice Tools

Some basic tools are needed for making your own ejuice at home. One we recommend highly is a mixing scale. This is the simplest way to begin and results in accurate mixes. American Weigh Scales makes an LB-501 scale that is widely accepted as the best scale for mixing juice.

DIY E-Juice Crash Course for BeginnersSyringes are helpful depending on the different types of storage you have for bases and flavoring. They may not get used a lot but it is nice to have them around and having a good selection of capacity is also great. Most people will have 1ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml.

Bottles are an obvious tool that is required for mixing. These can be purchased all over the internet from various sources. Depending on preference, bottles can range anywhere from 15 cents per bottle to 1 dollar a bottle. Having a mix of bottle sizes is essential, 10ml for mixing personal creations so that you do not waste ingredients,30ml for clones/community recipes as well as your own finished recipes. Optionally 60,100,240,500ml bottles can be purchased for large batches of recipes.

DIY E-Juice Tips and Tricks

More tips than tricks. Nicotine needs to be stored correctly so that it does not go “bad” or oxidize. If it is left to oxidize it will turn very hash and not enjoyable. It is best stored in dark bottles in a dark space that is not overly warm. Larger portions can be stored in the freezer indefinitely but smaller lots should be cared for properly.

When developing personal recipes, it is highly recommended to first mix each individual flavor concentrate so that you have experience with how it tastes. Simply throwing together a random recipe will always result in disappointment. If it does not turn out well it is near impossible to figure out which parts of the recipe to eliminate.

To start out developing personal recipes, only use a few flavors at a time and build from that. Allow each test recipe to fully steep so that it can be tested and adjusted accordingly based on finished results. Trying to adjust a recipe based on a mix that is only a few days old is not allowing for full flavor development of the recipe.

Good Luck!

Now the basics have been covered, good luck on the journey. It is exciting and frustrating at the same time.Challenges will present themselves frequently, it is your job to overcome them and be the best mixer that you can be. Developing original recipes is a long and painstaking process that will pay off in pride when people are astonished by the quality and flavor of something special.

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