Dovpo Vee Variable Voltage Box Mod Review – Retro Vaping Style in a Modern Device Design

Dovpo Vee Variable Voltage Box Mod Review

Designed by and Dovpo, Dovpo looks to be reigniting the variable voltage vaping trend with the very well built, but simple to use box mod. Let’s take a closer look at the Dovpo Vee to see what makes this device so intriguing. The Dovpo Vee comes in 6 different colors, so there is a good chance you will find one to fit your personality perfectly.

Dovpo Vee Variable Voltage Box Mod Specs

Size: 87.0 x 47.5 x 29.5mm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Battery: 2 x 18650 Battery (NOT included)
Resistance Range: 0.05ohm – 3.5ohm
Working Voltage: 6.4V – 8.4V
Output Voltage Range: 1.0V – 8.0V
Working Mode: Voltage Mode
Thread: Spring-loaded 510 thread

Dovpo Vee Variable Voltage Box Mod Packaging List

1x VEE Box MOD

1x User Manual

1x Warranty Card

1x Battery Safety Card

Dovpo Vee Variable Voltage Box Mod ReviewDovpo Vee Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Upon receiving the package, I immediately loved the simple packaging and presentation. The box is simplistic and stylish while providing exactly what you would expect. A picture of the device on the front of the box and not much else. I slid the sleeve off to be met with a hinged box with the Dovpo Vee logo in silver. After removing the warranty card, owner’s manual and battery safety card, the mod was in a plastic bag resting in a foam insert. There is no way for the mod to be damaged in transit.

This mod just feels rugged. The military/ industrial design will suit users who tend to be rougher on their gear. The device does have some refinement in design though that we will explore in more detail. The fire button is a clicky design with VEE adorning it. Moving down the device the venting on either side reminds me of a vehicle grill, metal mesh behind the black bars of the device. It is very aggressively styled. The back of the device has a rubberized grip. The pattern is fun to hold and prevents slippage of the mod. For those of you in colder climates using this mod with gloves will be an easy affair. The dual 18650 batteries are behind a sliding hinged door and are very easy to change. I have not had any issues with the door coming loose or batteries falling out from regular use.

Dovpo Vee Variable Voltage Box Mod ReviewThere are three buttons total on this mod and a power switch. No 5 click here, just flip the switch, set your voltage and hit the fire button. The screen is vibrant and easy to read. You do not get much information here though. The device reads the voltage when activated and the resistance once the fire button is pressed. That is it. There is a led light to indicate battery level, Green: fully charged, Yellow: think about finding another set of batteries, and Red: change the batteries now.

But how does Dovpo Vee vape?

A little bit of math is required to get a certain vape experience. Don’t think of this as a normal box mod. The vape experience is more of a feelings device rather than a precision device. Set the voltage at a certain setting and try it out. If it is too rowdy turn it down. Not enough vapor, turn it up. Once you fine-tune the settings it is a fantastic experience. The battery life is excellent. I have gone almost 1 day on a set of Sony VTC5A batteries. ( and I vape a lot ) The rugged feel and ease of use make this mod perfect for the beginner and veteran alike.

Dovpo Vee Video Review 

Dovpo Vee Final Thoughts

This mod is excellent. Simplicity and function are at the forefront with this offering from Dovpo. The ease of use and rock-solid design make this a winner for those looking for an amazing vape experience without having to fumble through menus and settings. There are essentially only three things to do when you use this device. Turn it on, set your desired voltage, and vape. The mod will accept up to a 30mm atomizer without overhang so your options are endless for the type of atty you decide to use.

Dovpo has been known for making solid, easy to use accessible devices for years. This only adds to their reputation as a leader in the vaping industry. I am very impressed with this device and look forward to what Dovpo has in the future.

Jess Hawkins

My name is Jess Hawkins, a YouTube reviewer (Coyote Vapor Works) and an advocate for vaping. I have been smoke-free since 2014 and love educating people on the advantages of vaping over smoking. I have a passion for converting smokers to vaping and educating them on the health benefits of switching. Thanks for reading and keep chasing those clouds!

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