E-pipe – Stick This In Your E-Pipe And Vape It!

VapeOnly vPipe 3

My Pipe History

I remember the first time I sat with my grandfather and out came his pipe. I was memorised. How did this contraption work, how did he get so much smoke out of it, I wanted answers! So I took a real interest and became somewhat of an enthusiast. Since then I have to say I love smoking this way and find little to rival the sublime experience of sitting, smoking and thinking. It’s true for centuries pipes and thoughtful contemplation have been good companions and I did not want this to stop just because I gave up tobacco. Luckily the vape companies heard my prayers and launched the e-pipe!

What Is An E-Pipe?

An e-pipe is an electronic pipe. It’s designed and functions like any other vape device, except it looks and feels like a pipe (brilliant!) There are some many variations ranging from realistic to modern – but they’re basically made to imitate the experience of smoking a tobacco pipe. Which is perfect for me, I get the same feeling and experience just with vapour instead of smoke. So now you know a little bit more I’ll share with you my two favourite e-pipes (you’re welcome!)

E-pipe – Joyetech Elitar Pipe 75W Kit for Starters

Although launched nearly a year ago this is still my favourite pipe starter kit, the Joyetech Elitar Pipe 75W. This kit has a classic design that will never go out of style. The Joyetech Elitar Pipe is cool, sophisticated and elegant in its appearance. It brings you back to the good old days with its timeless classic design and premium finish. Powered by a single 18650 battery with 75W maximum output – not bad. The Elitar presents a 0.66-inch OLED Screen, having TC/VW/BYPASS/ TCR modes available too. Featuring an upgradeable firmware, the Elitar can satisfy your piping needs on a daily basis.

Joyetech Elitar Pipe

Joyetech Elitar Pipe

Joyetech Elitar Pipe

Joyetech Elitar Pipe Video Review

E-Pipe – VapeOnly vPipe 3

With more of an old school look the VapeOnly vPipe 3 e-Pipe 18350 Starter Kit 1300mAh has double thumbs up from me. It hasn’t been out long but I love it – it is by far the best e-pipe I have tried, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Firstly, I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of this. It’s sleek, stylish and sexy, giving you the real feel of an old fashioned pipe. It is made from rosewood and the design is just to die for. It is not the cheapest but you pay for quality. Its a high end e-pipe that combines the traditional pipe functions with new innovation.

VapeOnly vPipe 3 e-pipeThe vPipe body has a LED light indicator and blinks up to down when using. The included BVC atomizer has a 1.2ml tank capacity and 0.7ohm resistance, which can be filled easily with the all detachable structure. The vPipe 3 is a real starter kit – vPipe body, vPipe tank, vPipe coil, li-ion battery and li-ion battery charger are all included. This luxurious design and superior technology makes the vPipe III a serious piece of e-pipe delight.

VapeOnly vPipe 3 E-pipe video Review

Pipe Down

To sum up, I think you get the picture I love pipes. Thankfully vape companies are ever-evolving and continue to surprise me with what they can produce. Vaping an e-pipe is really close to the real deal with much less harmful chemicals in and around your body. The companies, like VapeOnly, have even got the design spot on and so close to the old fashioned tobacco pipes you really can’t complain. Like I said I love the vPipe but there are plenty out there from all your favourite brands to try – let me know if you have any recommendations! So I guess there’s not much left to say other than: stick that up your e-pipe and vape it!

Rowena Minney

Hey guys, I am a 24yr old business/marketing graduate. After seeing loads of my friends use the magic of vaping to quit smoking I took a real interest in the industry and went to China to work for an e-cig company and see how it compared to the UK. I am really interested to see what 2018 has to offer to vapers and tell you guys all about it!